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A full ERP system designed by Basic Software Systems.

About Basic System

Basic Software Systems is a PC-based business system software provider for various business owners, including agricultural, industrial, construction, motorcycle, water sports, RV’s, hardware, and more. We network using Windows '98, NT, Unix, and more.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module provides all the information and tools necessary to help with tight cash flow control. It’s flexibility and totally integrated design provides THE package to use in a variety of businesses.

The Accounts Payable module allows several methods for paying invoices. Invoices may be paid early, after automatically deducting discounts, one at a time, or for a selected group of vendors. The program also provides a listing of all outstanding invoices any time during the accounting period and allows easy determination of which invoices have been due the longest. Evaluation is easy and all or selected invoices can be paid. Specific invoices can also be selected not to be paid during this check run.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module provides your company with the software to control the heart of your business. You will easily keep close tabs on all receivables (parts, equipment, etc.). All accounts receivables activity is available on one screen for any given customer.

The continual review of your receivables and billing decides the livelihood of your business. The Accounts Receivable module provides the added advantage of having your customer’s outstanding balance.

Equipment Inventory

The Equipment Inventory module is loaded with features that combine to make an excellent management tool. The module completely integrates with our accounting modules and will eliminate double entries forever. This means that when an accounting entry is made that affects a piece of equipment, the Equipment Master File is immediately affected by the entry.

The Equipment Inventory module maintains complete information for each piece of equipment including category, manufacturer, model number, inventory value, warranty dates, memos / specifications, descriptions, serial number, date purchased, selling price, floor plan information, purchase information, and profit after sale. And, after the sale, the system continues to track the equipment, including service, warranty, and more. All of this information is easily accessed in multiple ways. The versatility of this module allows you to keep up to date records on all equipment you service, regardless if you sold it or not, literally at your fingertips.

Fixed Assets

The Fixed Assets module contains a set of programs that were designed to be useful in all types of businesses. These programs are particularly useful at the end of a tax or fiscal year. All Fixed Assets programs follow current IRS guidelines.

Amortization Schedule - Calculates amortization (payments as applied to balance and interest) for tax or loan purposes based on purchase amount, annual interest rate and number of payments. Suggested payments are calculated for a given interest rate and term but may be manually overridden with the desired payment amount before the amortization schedule is generated.

Depreciation Schedule - Calculates monthly depreciation on qualifying assets based on purchase amount, salvage value, estimated life, and investment credits.

General Ledger

The General Ledger module provides a complete general ledger with financial reporting capabilities. It fully integrates with many of the business system modules from Basic Software Systems. This feature-rich design totally eliminates double posting and simplifies the month-end ordeal of balancing the general ledger with accounts receivable.

Parts Inventory

The Parts Inventory module is designed to assist in all phases of parts management. This module features user friendly pull-down menus and pop-up selection screens. These characteristics allow the user to easily navigate between program options and dramatically reduce employee training time.

The Parts Inventory module adds to the total efficiency of your business providing valuable timesaving tools. These include multiple ways to find parts information and both mouse and function keys for easy data access.


The Payroll module meets the payroll preparation needs of a variety of businesses. It’s flexible design provides user friendly applications while maintaining tight controls on employee files.

The order of options on the Payroll menu is the order of events for a normal pay period. This characteristic is one of the many ingredients that combine to enhance the user-friendliness of this module. Additionally, it’s smart design makes it easy-to-use and dramatically cuts weekly payroll preparation compared to a manual system.


Point-of-Sale invoicing is the focal point for tracking the day to day sales transactions of your business. This module provides the ability to handle parts and service sales receipts, service adjustment requests (SARs), create quotes for jobs, and much more.

Basic Software Systems originally designed the POS module for over-the-counter use, but it is now very popular as an accounting office tool. Like all the feature-rich modules from Basic Software Systems, the POS module fully integrates with our entire line of business system software modules, totally eliminating double entries.

Rental Manager

Your equipment rental business demands a tool to track ýmake or breaký line figures. Your profitability is at stake, and there is no time to take a risk on an unproven business system.

The Equipment Rental Management System from Basic Software provides the controls you need to operate a successful rental business today - delivering the critical information you need - accurately and automatically.

Shop Management

The Service Shop Management module is loaded with features that combine to make an excellent management tool. It gives business owners and parts managers the ability to track parts department and service shop productivity. It also allows customer, internal, and warranty information to be easily entered on the same work order. It effortlessly maintains permanent information for hassle-free reference, tracks billable time against actual hours worked and allows you to post work in process for open work orders at the end of the month.

The Service Shop Management module gives managers the ability to track the productivity of their mechanics. All billable time is easily tracked - even to company overhead. Additionally, it gives Parts Managers the ability to show a profit, since they will have the ability to track their parts as they are sent to the shop. This package will provide access to this information - plus much more - all at your fingertips.

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