AGORA Membership Manager

A multi-module management system designed by BGE Enterprises for associations companies.

About AGORA Membership Manager

KairosCorp understands that associations and member-based organizations have specific needs. That’s why we developed AGORA Membership Manager.

AGORA Membership Manager enables associations and member-based organizations to effectively manage member information, committees, enrollment processes, renewals, dues, resources, meetings, training activities and financial related information. By leveraging AGORA Membership Manager, you can increase revenues, membership enrollment, member retention, participation on committees, attendance at events and other critical metrics you use to manage and grow your business.

Financial Management & Reporting

From entering orders to generating invoices … all of your financial processes can be streamlined using AGORA and Microsoft Great Plains Business Solutions. All front office activities are managed by AGORA and all back office accounting information is stored directly within your Microsoft Great Plains Business Solution.

Within the Accounts Payable portion of Microsoft Great Plains, you can link expenses to specific activities or events. Using the budgeting feature you can easily track estimated vs. actual expenses to track the cost of each and every event or activity within the system.

AGORA generates invoices and processes them on the fly using Microsoft Great Plains’ Sales Order Processing (SOP) engine. Once a SOP invoice is posted within Microsoft Great Plains the amount is automatically transferred to the appropriate account. Payments are entered directly into Microsoft Great Plains’ Cash Entry Window at enrollment or as checks are received. Deposits can be entered as cash receipts, marked as a liability and then tagged to a specific customer.

AGORA also manages deferred and recognized revenue and produces detailed Profit and Loss Reports by period for each membership entered in the system.

To ensure you have the information you need to make quick business decisions, AGORA Membership Manager comes with several management and financial reports. In addition to the standard reports, you can create custom reports to meet specific needs you may have using popular applications such as FRx and Crystal Reports.

Enrollment Automation & Management

Because AGORA Membership Manager integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Great Plains the entire process of enrolling members, sending renewal notices, taking payments and processing invoices has been automated. All enrollment and renewal information can be captured and processed on-line (using the AGORA eTransaction Module) or within the system itself. When an existing member calls in to attend another meeting or event you just type their name into AGORA and their contact and historical registration information will populate automatically on the screen. When a prospective member calls in to request information or to enroll as a new member, just enter the contact information into AGORA and the data will automatically synchronize with Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics or eEnterprise. AGORA has been designed to handle individual and group registration rates and packages.

Meetings, Events, & Training Management

Member-based organizations and associations frequently conduct internal meetings, recruitment events, attend tradeshows, etc. AGORA helps you plan, manage and execute successful events by organizing, tracking and managing detailed activity, attendee, vendor, resource, personnel, marketing and financial related information.

Whether you are going to a tradeshow, organizing a committee meeting or conducting your annual membership event, AGORA can assist you with scheduling resources, compiling minutes, organizing agendas, filling training classes and more.

Member & Committee Management

The process of managing and maintaining member profile and committee information can be difficult. AGORA takes the pain out of this entire process by enabling organizations to leverage a single system to organize, track and store critical information ranging from demographic data to transaction history on a member by member basis. With AGORA you can identify those members that are the most active by instantly accessing the information necessary to determine how much a member has spent on memberships, products, and other services.

To help you manage committees, AGORA tracks individual meeting schedules, goals and accomplishments for different committees. You can also track nominees, active and in-active members, the term for each member along with individual roles and responsibilities. The system also automates the process by which organizations communicate with existing members, committees and prospective members. This enables you to more effectively retain and recruit members on a proactive and consistent basis.

Renewals & Dues Management

Increase member enrollment and retention, attendance at meetings, committee participation and more by proactively managing and executing marketing campaigns via eMail, direct mail and fax directly within the system. You can also instantly create invoices and send them out on the fly to renew all existing members using AGORA and Microsoft Great Plains. On-Line Transactions Made Easy with the AGORA eTransaction Module

More and more associations and member-based organizations are using the Internet to communicate and conduct transactions with employees, members, prospects and partners on-line. With the AGORA eTransaction Module you can easily capture and process a variety of transactions on-line (monetary and non-monetary) such as member applications, meeting reservations, membership dues, resources, renewal payments, etc. Because the eTransaction Module integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Great Plains, the entire process of collecting on-line data, entering payments and processing invoices has been completely automated.

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