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A multi-module management system designed by Big Business.

About Big Business

Big Business is the award-winning business management solution that integrates four critical business functions–sales, purchasing, inventory, and accounting. Big Business eliminates the need for separate company database, contact management, inventory, and accounting programs. It automates workflow and increases productivity by centralizing important data in a single system that can grow as companies expand.

With its innovative Internet technology, Big Business gets small businesses on the Worldwide Web by making online catalogs of products in inventory. Users don’t need to learn HTML, format pages, or manage links between pages–Big Business does that automatically.

Big Business is available in single-user and multi-user, client/server versions. Business owners can start with the single-user version and then move to the multi-user version and add users as their companies grow. They can also implement the Big Business Web Server add-on to give local and remote users access to Big Business through a standard Web browser.


The Accounting application of Big Business will manage your cash and automate many accounting processes within your business. With this application you will be able to painlessly maintain a general journal and reconcile accounts. With over 90 industry-specific chart of accounts, and use of GAAP, this product guarantees accuracy in your accounting. All bank account information can be tracked, and the transferring of funds can be done within the system. Additionally, this product can generate: checks, deposit slips, and customized financial reports. You can review all transactions and drill down to see the smallest details behind invoices, purchase orders, or anything else posted as a transaction.

Accounts Payable

Included in the Accounting application of big business is an Accounts Payable file. This application will automate the posting of all payables.

Accounts Receivable

Included in the Accounting application of big business is an Accounts Receivable file. This application will automate the posting of all receivables.


Maximizing inventory turnover is the goal of any business, and Big Business knows that. This product will maximize turnovers by assuring you constantly have items you need in stock. To this end, you are able to automate the reordering process by setting up absolute minimums. The histories included in Big Business allow you to manage inventory levels and diagnose problems before they occur. Every item can have five pricing levels, allowing for discrimination of prices to consumers. Furthermore you can create and build bundles for bills of materials; and even charge international tax rates on foreign sales.


The purchasing application of Big Business will give you the ability to store massive amounts of vendor information, and automate much of the purchasing process. All vendor information and transaction history can be stored with attachments notes, tags, and twelve additional custom fields. The system will print and distribute vendor purchase orders for you; as well as track backordering and store receiving history. Within this application your staff can easily setup a payment schedule, allowing for the automatic dispersal of payments. This product features full 1099 and tax id number tracking; along with the ability to maintain a secure audit trail.


This product can help you increase sales and overall performance. With implementation of Big Business, you will be able to quickly and easily convert quotes into orders; with many options for the automatic population of many fields. This product will also track credit limits and payment due dates, ensuring you never over-extend credit to a client and a client never places orders when a payment is past-due. This product will provide you with many features, such as the ability to:

  • Store complete customer information with multiple ship-to and bill-to addresses; and store customer transaction history with notes, tags, and attachments.
  • Track commissions and royalties
  • Memorize and automate common transactions
  • Calculate profitability and change profit margins
  • Create and place sales orders, with automatic quote to order conversion
  • Create invoices rapidly and automate the conversion of sales orders to invoices.
  • Invoice customers with an included history of transactions
  • Track backorders and shipments
  • Manage sales taxes
  • Drill down to view the smallest detail of every invoice or sales order

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