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About BlackLine

BlackLine is a cloud financial close solution that helps drive continuous improvement across your finance and accounting organization. The software provides an accurate and effective account reconciliation process that helps produce high-quality and accurate financial statements.

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BlackLine Solutions

  • Balance Sheet Integrity: Standardizes and automates reconciliations from the general ledger, balance sheet account, bank accounts, credit cards, cash, and inventory.
  • Close Process Management: Includes account reconciliations and task management tools that help standardize reconciliation and period-end close processes.
  • Accounting Process Automation: Improves the speed, acuracy, and reliability of the reconciliation to adjustment process through account reconciliations, journal entries, and transaction matching.
  • Intercompany Hub: Helps approve, review, and reconcile intercopmany transfers and balances across currencies and geographies.
  • Smart Close: A financial close tool directly integrated into SAP products.
  • Compliance: Helps teams stay proactive in indentifying and monitoring risk. Handles audit and control management.

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User Reviews of BlackLine

Submitted on June 3rd, 2018 by Andy Young

We’re an insurance company in the UK. I look over all the regulatory reporting. We used to have our own in-house software that we used for many years. It was no longer capable of holding the amount of data we needed any more. Blackline was our preferred option. The whole implementation was 4-5 weeks from signing the contract to going live.

Blackline had a big advantage as we could attach documents, store them, have different people check in on the reconciliations, roll the period and check in on other reconciliations if needed, identify errors, and make sure people worked them properly. It also gave a control framework to avoid issues during the reconciliation process.

From a manager’s point of view, they’ve seen a huge improvement. They used to have to work at home due to how involved the reconciliation was. Now, most work is done in the office in the day time. They are pleased to have their evenings back.