An accounting software system designed by Boon Resources LLC for commercial & service and construction companies.

About JobBooks101

JobBooks101 is the next generation of our long-time construction accounting solution, Comet2012. The Comet software has been around since the early '80s. Much of the same solid functionality for the construction industry has been built into the JobBooks101® software. Whether you are a spec or custom home builder, light commercial contractor or remodeling contractor, the JobBooks101® software can handle all of your job cost accounting and bookkeeping needs.

Software Features:

  • Multi-company capability - up to 99 companies
  • Multi-user network support
  • Password security at function level
  • Export reports to PDF, Excel or Word documents
  • Reports may be directed to the screen or printer automatically
  • Detail and summary reports at the touch of a button
  • Drill-Down reports that allow you to see details behind the numbers
  • Laser check and report printing

Accounts Payable

The extensive vendor tracking system includes worker’s compensation insurance information and expiration dates, detailed and summary open item aging reports, year-to-date purchases, 1099s and detailed check history.

  • Fast, efficient invoice entry screen.
  • Multi-User invoice entry screen.
  • Automatic worker’s compensation expiration warning.
  • Automatic general liability insurance expiration warning.
  • Duplicate invoices rejected automatically.
  • Each invoice can have unlimited distributions.
  • Simple void check and void invoice routines.
  • Automatic warning for overcharges on committed contract costs.
  • Automatic warning when purchase exceeds your job cost estimate.
  • Automatic warning of missing 1099 and social security information.
  • Invoices can be entered and posted in real time or in batches.
  • Allows a variety of payment terms.
  • Automatically displays job-to-date costs and estimate variance (over or under).

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable (invoicing/billing) features of JobBooks101® allow easy tracking of invoices and payments for your customers. Simple invoice entry features are included that allow you to generate detailed cost-plus invoices or summary invoices on demand. The A/R features are fully integrated with the Job Cost and General Ledger functionality of the software. Invoices can be entered, printed and posted very quickly using the simple invoice entry screen. The detailed aging report can be printed by customer, dates, project or job. Reporting options include invoicing, summary and detail aging reports, billing reports by job, payments by job and detailed customer activity.

  • Invoices can be entered and printed on an as-needed basis, individually or in batches.
  • Invoicing categories can be set up to recall standard items and default unit prices.
  • Automatically calculates extensions for invoicing.
  • As invoices, payments and credits are entered, the software automatically posts appropriate G/L entries.
  • Free-format user-entry comments can be included and printed on any invoice.
  • Reports are included that allow you to easily track your open invoices, customer history and job billing history.

General Ledger

Provides summary financial information when needed, with detail information just a simple mouse-click away. Each company has a separate chart of accounts that can be built from a master chart of accounts or copied from another company. You can set up supporting schedules to provide more detailed information used in the analysis of Balance Sheet and Income Statement accounts. As needed, each job is tracked by work-in-process, earnest money received, loan draws made, and cost of construction. When a job is closed, click a single button and the related accounting entries are made for you automatically.

  • Security features allow controlled access to various functions.
  • Unlimited number of years can be retained.
  • Prior period entries allowed at any time during the fiscal year.
  • Ability to print financials for any prior period.
  • Default Chart of Accounts for construction included
  • NAHB recommended chart of accounts included (short version and long version).
  • Full year comparative or budgetary financials.
  • Maintains complete audit trails of all transactions and adjustments.
  • Financials include percentage variances of total sales and percent of change.
  • Supporting schedules can track detailed work-in-process costs and construction revenue by job.
  • When setting up or closing jobs in Job Cost, the general ledger is updated automatically.

Job Cost

Simplicity, flexibility and quickness of setting up new Jobs are key elements of the Job Cost software. G/L accounts for tracking Work-In-Process, Cost of Construction, Revenue, Earnest Money and Construction Loans are automatically created when new jobs are set up. A wide variety of detailed and summary Job Cost reports provide you with many decision-making tools for cost monitoring.

  • User-defined job cost categories.
  • Ability to maintain up to 100,000 jobs.
  • Ability to copy estimates or actual costs from one job to another.
  • Ability to import/export estimates to/from Excel.
  • Track change orders for each job by cost phase.
  • Setup and maintain custom construction loan draw schedules.
  • Generate lien waivers, draw requests and sworn statements with user-defined legal text and descriptions.
  • Historical cost estimating.
  • Track quantities of material and labor hours.
  • Special entry screen for lot closings, home closings, loan draws, cash receipts and equipment cost allocations.
  • Accounts payable automatically captures and transfers costs and units of material to the job cost database.
  • Over 100 Job Cost report options included!

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