An accounting software system designed by Business Manager Software.

About ABM

Using the latest technology and Microsoft Office integration facilities, ABM becomes a flexible and advanced business management tool.

Cash Book

Features Include:

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Multi-Currency
  • Generate cheques
  • Make partial payments
  • Process receipts
  • Monitor bank accounts
  • One click records customer payment of any monetary type
  • Send electronic payments to bank
  • Fast data entry screens
  • Recurring Payments
  • Foreign bank accounts
  • Payments by electronic transfer, cheque, cash, credit card or Internet banking
  • Supports multiple foreign currencies
  • Bank to bank transfers

General Ledger

The General/Nominal Ledger is the hub of your accounting system, and ABM provides you with accurate and up to date information at your fingertips. Each general ledger account can be analyzed in one or two dimensions, using sub-accounts to control your finances by department, cost centre, and so on.

Features Include:

  • Budget Wizard
  • Up-to-Date Information
  • Multi-Currency
  • Flexible Accounting Periods
  • 16 character account codes (alphanumeric) - may be split into any combination of department, activity and account codes.
  • 35 character account description
  • 40 character transaction detail
  • Create Cost Centres or Departments when needed.
  • Cashbook entry and reporting
  • Handles accruals
  • Produces Profit & Loss statements and Balance Sheets.
  • Automatic posting of variance due to currency fluctuations.
  • Fully customizable…store up to 48 extra pieces of special information in each ledger account.
  • Tracking of committed funds - keeps track of overheads already committed, although not yet spent.
  • Standing Journals
  • Reconciliation reports for each subsidiary ledger
  • Cheque printing and electronic payments
  • Set up business expenses once, and process automatically when due.
  • BAS / GST / VAT Return

Job Costing

Features Include:

  • Optional charging using markups
  • The Financial section of the job gives an overview of costs and charges, showing profitability at a glance.
  • Fully customizable…store up to 48 extra pieces of special information in each job record.
  • Multi-choice graphical views
  • Multiple estimates per job
  • Costs and charges automatically calculated, posted and compared to estimates
  • Assign jobs to Job Manager
  • Produce estimates or quotations for customers
  • Print job cards
  • Visual warning when projects or jobs are overdue or have exceeded estimated costs
  • Control retentions

Purchase (Creditors) Ledger

Important Purchase/Creditors Ledger Features:

  • Foreign currency suppliers
  • Fully customizable…store up to 48 extra pieces of special information in each supplier account.
  • Place orders based on previous requisitions
  • Create Purchase Document forms in MS Word or Seagate Crystal Report Writer.
  • E-mail or print Purchase Orders
  • ýSuggest Orderý function examines previous products purchased.
  • Set up default settings for Trading Terms and Prompt Payment Discount within the Supplier Group, and change on a Supplier-by-Supplier basis.
  • Remarks field is 30 characters long in Supplier accounts.
  • Central Billing supported
  • Integrated with Microsoft® Outlook®
  • Active/Inactive Prospects
  • Central Billing Accounts
  • Standard purchasing accounts per Supplier
  • Order Tracking

Sales (Debtors) Ledger

ABM’s Sales/Debtors Ledger allows to you to manage the entire sales process, from the initial enquiry to the completed order. The workflow supported includes Quotations, Orders, Deliveries, Invoicing, Returns, Credits, Customer Statements, and detailed analysis and Reporting. The Sales Ledger in ABM is at the very heart of your marketing efforts.

Other Important Sales/Debtors Ledger Features:

  • Comprehensive reporting facilities. Easy to follow up slow payers and minimise bad debts.
  • Fully customizable…store up to 48 extra pieces of special information in each customer account.
  • One mouse click to view quotes, track orders, look at recent purchases or view graphs.
  • Negotiate special prices with customers, enter those prices, and they are automatically used during sales.
  • Visual warnings when customers exceed their credit limits.
  • Sales analysis reports to track employee performance and profits/losses.
  • Tax automatically calculated.
  • Flexible credit terms.
  • Effortlessly reproduce invoices.
  • Full drill-down on invoices.
  • Sort transactions by field.
  • Recurring Invoices.
  • E-mail documents in customer accounts.
  • Customizable forms using Word or Crystal.
  • Multiple Contacts through ABM’s integration with Microsoft® Outlook®.
  • Receipts, Credit Notes.
  • Consolidate multiple orders with Invoices and Deliveries.
  • Flexible Discount.
  • Assign and manage customers by Account Manager.
  • Customer Aged Balance.
  • Active/Inactive prospective customers.
  • Quick look at recent product sales.
  • Customer sales graphs.
  • ‘Suggest Order’ based on previous transactions by that customer.
  • One click e-mailing of promotional sales information, product pictures and links to related websites.
  • Send orders, delivery advice and invoices directly by e-mail.
  • Foreign currency customers.
  • Forward dated invoices.

Stock Control

Features Include:

  • Stock Take
  • Set Unique Prices
  • View Stock Movement
  • E-mail Product Sales Information
  • Produce Reports
  • Kit Sales
  • Serial Number or Batch Lot Tracking
  • Automatic Price List Update
  • Multiple Price Levels/ Maximum Flexibility
  • 25 character Product Codes
  • Up to 35 character Description field
  • Handles non-diminishing stock
  • Multi-location stock with minimums and bin numbers per location
  • Gives alternate part numbers
  • Handles Bin Locations
  • Weighted average, FIFO or standard costing
  • Product Groups
  • Handles maximum and minimum quantity levels
  • Handles Re-order and Lead times
  • Last in unit cost automatically updated through purchasing
  • One click e-mailing of promotional sales information, product pictures and links to related web sites.
  • Decimal quantities
  • Stock Takes
  • Sales and purchase units of measure can differ
  • Automatically suggests reordering and stock ageing analysis
  • Visual warning of stock shortages
  • Assign an alternate product if out of stock
  • Transfer products from one stock location to another
  • Set unique prices
  • Tax Inclusive/Exclusive prices
  • Stock Ageing

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User Reviews of ABM

Submitted on November 9th, 2021 by Warren Welsh

There are so many issues these days which need to be addresses and ABM is not doing that. its antiquated and Frankly the issies i have running a multi million dollar business are very sub par. Avoid this software at all costs.

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The Bad…

I dont know if they can.