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A Practical Guide to Creating an Employee Ownership Culture.

An enthusiastic team working toward common goals and sharing the resulting success is both fun and incredibly rewarding. Most small business owners want it. Very few have it. Why?

We can’t blame a lack of successful examples. Open book management, profit sharing, and employee ownership have helped generate team success for over a century. What keeps them from being widely adopted by today’s small businesses?

At Cargas, we believe there are two reasons. First, you don’t have time to wade through the overwhelming possibilities to find solutions that are simple and practical enough for your small company. Second, if the added team enthusiasm means greater success for all, you are certainly willing to share more with your employees – information as well as financial results. But you have an uneasy feeling about making it really work in your company. Does this sound like your dilemma?

Chip Cargas, founder and president of Cargas Systems, was in your shoes. Over a 15 year period, a little at a time, he did the wading, the trial and error, and emerged with a comprehensive program for what was his company, and is now our employee-owned company. It builds on fundamental concepts that great people have developed over 100-plus years, but is tailored for a small, team-oriented company in today’s world of e-mail, mobile workers, short attention spans, and nimble business thinking.

After receiving publicity for our program in local business circles, Chip found he was repeatedly being asked the question, ýHow do you do it?ý To thoroughly answer the question, he developed the original version of the Cargas Plan Toolkit in 1999, and expanded it in 2003. It is based on the actual programs and documents that have been developed, refined, and proven successful at Cargas.

The toolkit is a binder and CD with over 100 pages of focused concepts, plan design details and alternatives, employee communications guidelines, and template documents. It is practical and simple – at least it’s about as simple as these things can get. All aspects of the plan work together to build employee involvement, teamwork, and shared success. It can help you to:

  • Clearly and simply explain your purpose, core values, and strategy to inspire your employees
  • Collaboratively establish simple and relevant qualitative and quantitative goals at the company, department, and individual levels
  • Communicate goals and results in a way that generates enthusiasm
  • Share profits in a way that is easy to understand, easy to administer, and really motivates
  • Get more employees thinking and acting like owners by letting them become owners
  • Allow major shareholders to cash out over time while participating in the continued growth in value of the company Employees, customers, and shareholders can all be winners. We have it at Cargas. We want you to have it too.

Why reinvent the wheel? Let the Cargas Plan" Toolkit help you, your company, and your employees achieve greater success.

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