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About EventsPro

EventsPro is the event management system of choice for professional event managers. The sophisticated yet user friendly system offers unrivaled functionality in the management of events, conferences and meetings held around the world. Developed and supported by industry experienced professionals, it has provided the benchmark for technology in the meetings industry for over twenty years.

Comprising a suite of comprehensive tools designed to accommodate even the most demanding event requirements, EventsPro® has the potential to manage all aspects of your event including: project management, budgeting & accounting, registration, accommodation, travel, transportation, accreditation, speakers’ abstract submissions, sales & sponsorship management, financials, surveys and exhibitor requirements.

The power and flexibility offered by EventsPro® has been proven throughout its history of managing an extensive array of conferences and events across many industries. The supreme capabilities of the system resulted in EventsPro® being chosen for recent global events such as CHOGM 2011, Rugby World Cup 2011 and recent Olympics Games. In 2012 alone, EventsPro® was used to manage over 5,000 events across over 30 countries.

The licensed software system can be deployed as a cloud hosted solution or an onsite implementation. Regardless of your company’s technical expertise, level of functionality required and technology infrastructure available, there is an EventsPro® solution available to specifically suit your needs. You choose the tools necessary to meet your immediate requirements with the knowledge that you can add functionality at any time if the need arises. There are no charges based on number of events, number of attendees or email campaigns

You can be assured of Centium’s commitment to clients. Combined, their team of professionals boast over 223 years of experience of delivering technology to the events industry and are dedicated to providing superior support and the on-going development of EventsPro®.

Accommodation and Travel

Accommodation handles all facets of hotel bookings and streamlines this often complex area of event management. Multiple hotels and room blocks can be created with the ability to set up room availability per hotel and per room type. Sub blocks can be created for allocation to groups.

The tool allows for multiple accommodation bookings per attendee and you are able to manage special requirements, room sharing, airport transfers, credit card authorization and much more.

Comprehensive change management reports for hotels can be generated and sent via email directly from the system. Statistics on rooms booked against availability are automatically updated along with commissions payable.


The Travel tool provides a complete environment to manage every aspect of attendee travel including dates, times, mode of transport, details of transport and special requirements, frequent flyer number and corresponding transfer arrangements. A transfer management feature calculates the optimal time for attendee collection and drop off.

Unlimited travel sectors and transfers are possible for each attendee and the system incorporates sophisticated group travel management facilities along with inventory management for flights and transport.


Designed to manage the logistics and booking process for ground transportation for larger events, the Transportation tool facilitates both group and individual movements.

Multiple routes can be created between defined locations, with ETA and ETD for each movement calculated based on pre-defined route timings (e.g. peak / off peak). Multiple modes of transport can be created along with specific vehicles. Drivers can be assigned to multiple vehicles or dedicated to a specific vehicle in line with their availability.

Transportation bookings are tracked from the initial request to confirmation. A user friendly management screen is used for a total view of transportation operation and allows for rapid manipulation for changing requirements. Detailed reports can be generated including daily schedules.

Accounting and Report Writer

Event managers need to be able to meet the high audit standards required in the events industry and the Accounting tool is a powerful back-end accounting system that provides the information required.

A full journal account system, Accounting allows event organizers to set and monitor budgets and report on profit and loss of each event. The tool is able to record income, expenses, assets and liabilities and it supports multiple currency and multiple taxes for each event.

Accounting is used to process attendee payments as well as automate invoice and credit note creation. There is a full financial transaction history of each attendee with amounts automatically itemized within the budget category.

Accounting can also be used to manage supplier purchase orders and invoices and to process payments from miscellaneous debtors (i.e. not event attendee items). The system allows for flexible forecasting and job costing and a variety of analytical reports can be produced.

Some interfaces to standard external account interfaces are available and you are easily able to export data to Microsoft Excel.

Report Writer

The powerful and easy to use Report Writer makes creating accurate, meaningful and professional lists and reports a breeze. Comprehensive, meaningful standard reports are provided with the system and are ready for use once information is available. An easy to use report generator allows you to apply complex filters using almost any of the data categories created in the system as selection criteria.

If necessary, you can develop your own library of reports by easily customizing the standard reports with a few clicks using a simple drag and drop report designer. Reports can incorporate information from any of the data fields in the event database and you can easily add logos, change fonts, lines, colors, etc.

For power users, access to industry standard SQL is available and multiple levels of subtotaling and data grouping are possible.

Real time database optimization is used for high speed results ensuring all of your reports contain the latest information available.

All reports can be printed or output to PDF or Excel and there are simple utilities available to export data.


The Accreditation tool simplifies the complex task of managing attendee accreditation for major or secure events. Using the tool you are able to apply and track accreditation requirements. “Trusted agents” who would be responsible for submitting specific information or analyzing information submitted by individuals can be created. A privileges matrix can be customized to manage access rights for individuals attending events based on their category/type, status, dates, or special needs.

Multiple types of passes can be created and the Accreditation tool is used to generate and track pass production to help ensure the highest level of data integrity and security.

Attendee Marketing

Unlimited marketing data in a variety of formats can be tracked using the Attendee Marketing tool which is designed for targeted marketing campaigns to maximize the potential of your events. You can create specific flags to identify attendee categories of participation, preferences, specific information, and more. Attendee Marketing contributes to powerful reporting using comprehensive search criteria and includes automatic de-duplication across multiple selections.

The marketing categories are fully customizable using multiple formats (text, number, date, sub-categories) and allow for changes at any time throughout the life of the event.

Attendee Registration

The Attendee Registration tool streamlines the time consuming task of event registration by automating and simplifying the process. You are able to create and manage unlimited registration types and fee structures, even using multiple currencies. Along with registration payment processing, you are able to produce comprehensive attendance and financial statistics.

Based on registration categories (as well as other criteria where applicable) you are able to produce fully customized attendee materials including name badges, merge letters/emails, tickets and certificates. Attendee photographs can be submitted and used on name badges for security purposes or included on an attendee list.

Activities, Sessions and Social Program

The Activities tool manages seminars, sessions, social functions, golf tournaments, tours or any type of function at your event. Using Activities you are able to control ticket availability and inventories. You can create a table plan for a formal dinner or a seating plan for a theater night and manage the table/seat allocation in bulk, individually or, for example, according to specific category or number of tickets held.

Details of Activities can be incorporated into comprehensive merge letters/emails and you are able to record additional guest names as well as generate name badges and personalized or generic tickets. You are able to manage wait lists, payments and cancellations and manage bulk changes easily (for example if the date or time of a tour is changed).

Client Information Center

The Client Information Center is a powerful, time saving tool that provides easy to use web access to the vast array of data in your event database. Access can be provided to your client, agencies, committees or your team members to access real time event statistics and information via the Internet.

Data accessible can be configured for each user and based on access rights provided a user may be able to (for example): register attendees, produce specific event reports in PDF format; export specific event data to Excel; monitor Key Performance Indicators set for the event; view inventory; and view web site hit statistics.

Contact Management

As the single point of access to manage all contacts related to the event, the Contact Management area of EventsPro® comprises a database that can be customized to suit your specific requirements supported by a powerful search engine. Details of prospects, attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers along with a summary of their status, requirements and registration details are easily accessible. You can also manage group bookings, generate comprehensive merge letters and broadcast emails.

As well as standard, commonly used contact details, you are able to easily define over 100 customized fields to store additional information to meet whatever specific requirement you may have. These additional fields are easily incorporated into reports, merge letters or emails or any output generated by the system.

A master file facility allows you to easily copy records from one event to another and to maintain a history of attendance across events. There is also an automatic duplicate detector, KPI tracking feature and a simple utility available to import data.

Contact Management also has the ability to store and send text messages to contacts who supply mobile phone details - individually, all inclusively or based on specific selection criteria.


Easily keep track of all communication with event participants using the Notes tool which provides one central reference point. Notes can be classified by type and user and the date and time a note was created is automatically recorded. You can track telephone calls and the system can automatically track correspondence such as letters, emails and invoices as they are generated.

The Notes tool may also be used for submission of detailed special requirements, or to include personalized notes in merge letters. You can also store and link to documents submitted by the participant (e.g. letter of assignment, C.V. etc.).


Build a further defined profile on your participants with the Profile tool which allows you to create multiple user-defined fields in up to 6 additional categories to record specific additional information in contacts in your database (e.g. passport details, visa requirements, educational history, work experience, etc.). The Profile tool is easily customizable offering multiple field types for input including text, data, drop-down list, check box, HTML text, date, number and amount. Historical changes can be viewed in a change log whether they are updated by your team members or online.

Continuing Education

Designed to streamline the management and laborious processing of course registration and credits, Continuing Education includes powerful course classification with functionality to aid analytical reports along with the ability to manage rooms, instructors and resources including conflict checking. You are able to record class attendance, grades and results as well as track payments, fee credits and course transfers.

Sign-in rosters, certificates, confirmations and management reports can all be easily created.

Exhibition & Sponsorship

The Exhibition tool is a sophisticated integrated management system that tracks every aspect of your exhibition – large or small. It is designed to manage booth bookings, space allocation and exhibitor registration. There is an exhibition stand inventory management system and a customizable exhibitor checklist to track requirements.

Exhibition stand details are stored including dimensions and fascia name. A separate name badge file can be used to distinguish exhibitors from other participants. Comprehensive exhibitor invoices can be generated with options to pay by installments based on a defined payment schedule.

Detailed exhibitor lists can be generated including product types, booth numbers and more. Information can be easily extracted for production of exhibitor lists and catalogs.

Sponsorship Sales

To manage any event that involves sponsorship or exhibitions or any other sales activities outside of registration fees, an event manager also requires a flexible sales management tool that is easily adapted to be fit for purpose. Sponsorship Sales provides this functionality within your event management system and simplifies the task of tracking sales opportunities and progress. During the sales process you are able to use flexible sponsorship packages with the ability to customize packages as necessary and even include “contra” items. You are able to create an unlimited number of exhibition packages, sponsorship packages, and even advertising and tour options.

User-friendly delivery and client checklists automatically activate according to the status of your sales and an intuitive management screen helps you track and manage all of the sales opportunities in your pipeline. You are also able to link documents such as contracts and attachments to a sales or sponsorship entry for easy reference and access.

Online Registration Site Builder

The Registration Site Builder includes an easy to use wizard that enables you to create dynamic, stylish and functional online registration forms quickly and easily. Powerful, user defined conditional logic can be built into forms to simplify data entry required from participants and to ensure they follow a cohesive, straight and simple registration process based on information they have entered. Information is instantaneously updated within the event management area so you can be assured that statistical information and reports are always completely up to date.

All inventory levels are checked and updated automatically during the registration process so if a room in a hotel or a ticket to a function is not available at the time of registration, the attendee will know.

The registration process provides a seamless integration with PCI compliant e-commerce gateways. Detailed confirmation documents may be instantly sent to attendees with an option to include a PDF invoices.

You are not restricted to using any of the template registration forms provided with EventsPro®. You can easily design the look and feel of your registration site using the Registration Site Builder style sheet editor.

Online Surveys

Online Attendee Surveys enables you to create, distribute, collate and analyse online surveys and questionnaires with ease. Use Online Attendee Surveys to profile potential attendees, pose questions to attendees at an event, or to attendees who have already attended an event.

Personalized links may be sent to existing contacts with replies stored against individual demographic records. Alternatively if the survey is ‘anonymous’ the data is simply stored in a statistical report.

New respondents to a survey are added to your database as new records so it can help you to build a potential audience for your event well in advance. Automatic duplicate checking can be enabled to prevent multiple entries of the same person. There are reports available in EventsPro® that provide an overview of results and the responses can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel for graphical representation of statistics.

Project Manager

The Project Manager enables you to track all the tasks and ´to-do´ items relating to your events, create running sheets and to create a complete event timeline for critical path management. It is designed to control large and complex projects efficiently.

Multiple projects can be managed in a multi-user environment where tasks can be assigned, completed or flagged as work in progress within team members’ daily task lists. Items are easy to read as they are color coded according to status/flag. Features such as bulk task re-assignment make an event manager’s life easier when managing multiple events and staff members.

Projects can be viewed as a Gantt chart, as a running sheet or in simple project mode.


The Speakers tool manages the logistics and information collection from, and dissemination to, speakers, authors, reviewers and the organizer with flexibility and ease.

Using the Speakers tool you can create simple conference programs or complex programs with multiple streams. Details of chairpersons, reviewers, speakers and authors are recorded in the event and communications with each can be managed and tracked. You can manage abstract and paper submissions, the review process and session allocations. AV requirements, presenter biographies and co-author details can be tracked and stored in the system.

Multiple papers can be submitted by the same individual and multiple authors can be stored for one paper. A fully customizable speaker’s checklist can be created to track requirements.

A session allocation utility allows for quick and efficient allocation of speakers to sessions based on status of paper, topic, stream and other relevant data. A conflict checking mechanism prevents speakers and chairpersons with multiple entries from being allocated to more than one session at the same time. Detailed lists can be generated based on multiple selection criteria including program items, audio visual and room setup, speaker details, session lists and more.

Abstracts can be submitted by individuals and reviewed by committee via the Internet.

Website Content Manager

Use the Website Content Manager tool to construct, manage and dynamically update your event website with little or no understanding of web development, removing the need for advanced programming skills.

The easy to use tool displays what you have created as you are creating it. For those with a little knowledge of HTML, you may like to switch to the View Source mode to add a few flourishes. Content changes are instantly updated online once you have save any changes made.

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