General Accounting

A multi-module management system designed by Chilson’s Management Controls for agriculture/forestry/fishing/mining companies.

About General Accounting

C.M.C. software is flexible. It was designed with lots of options to meet your needs. It is proven software that has withstood the test of time. All systems are fully integrated (ERP ready) or can be operated stand alone. C.M.C. recommends and uses the following Microsoft products for office needs and communications: Word, Excel, Outlook Express and Internet Explorer. Other popular office products are also available. The following software systems have been developed for your industry by C.M.C.

Accounts Payable


  • Look-up is available by voucher, vendor invoice number, purchase order or check number.
  • On screen Vendor Look-up includes last check number, date, amount, aging, and fiscal period totals.
  • Invoice, entry, due, ship, release, discount and check date are stored for each voucher.
  • Vendor invoice number field is 12 characters, expandable to 30 characters.
  • Handles manual checks, partial payments, electronic transfers, and vendor prepays.
  • Vouchers may be distributed to multiple G/L accounts or centers by percent or dollar amounts.
  • Posted (to G/L) vouchers can be cancelled or modified - offset voucher reverses posting.
  • Vendors can be configured with default expense or inventory acctounts for frequently purchased items.
  • System checks for valid G/L accounts on vouchers, and in all input programs.
  • Standard invoice generation is available to simplify the entry of reoccurring invoices.
  • Invoices can be released for payment individually, by vendor, or by date.
  • Report available listing all vouchers released for payment includes dollar total to be paid.
  • Released items can be returned to hold and re-released at a later date.
  • During the check run, checks can be automatically dated based on their release date.
  • Allows for instant check print . Can be interfaced to accuprint laser check print software.
  • A cash requirement report is available to project future cash needs.
  • Transfers paid vouchers to history file. Can be re-transferred back to live database.
  • Vendor History Report can be printed for selected vendors or all vendors.
  • Automatically generates 1099’s and 1099 magnetic media filing.
  • Error message if amount entered for manual check is more than vendors outstanding balance.
  • Identifies out of balance vendors if aging and General Ledger distribution do not balance.
  • Allows checks to be printed for the current period without closing the prior period.

Fixed Assets Depreciation


  • Includes Federal, State, A.D.S. and Book Method.
  • Assets sold or disposed of remain in system until year is closed.
  • Allows you to update your Year-End balance, and zero out deprec. for the new year.
  • Allows you to calculate depreciation for a particular method and period.
  • Allows you to setup your class codes and their description.
  • Allows you to configure the A.C.R.S. Personal Property rate schedule.
  • Allows you to setup your A.C.R.S. Real Property schedule from the Federal Tax Guide.
  • Allows you to configure a code and corresponding description for each method of depreciation.
  • Company configuration allows for Leap Year.
  • Allows you to distributes assets to a maximum of 15 cost centers.
  • Allows you to key-in mid-month, mid-year, and mid-quarter tables from M.A.C.R.S. assets.
  • Interfaces with C.M.C. General Ledger.
  • Chart of Accounts are verified when interfacing with General Ledger.

General Ledger


  • All journal entries, manual or system generated, can be proofed before posting to the G/L.
  • Has a spreadsheet export program for trial balance, budgets, units & dollars for any time period.
  • Financial Statement Design report generator included, or export data to spreadsheets or O.D.B.C.
  • User configurable account structure. Allows up to ten digits.
  • User defined Chart of Accounts allows flexibility.
  • Allows 12 or 13 accounting periods plus an extra period for year-end closes.
  • Stores data by period until purged - does multi year period comparisons.
  • Journal entry expenses can be distributed to C.M.C. Flock Costing Systems.
  • Has standard entries for frequently used and re-occurring entries. Unposted entries can be included in all reports.
  • Account Numbers are validated in G/L and all systems that interface.
  • Comments can be included in both normal and reversing journal entries.
  • A journal entry must balance before the system will proceed to a new job.
  • The Journal Entry Proof Report flags entries that are outside the current period.
  • Allows Account activity entries to any period, subject to audit trails and warnings.
  • G/L Account activity detail drill down is available instantly on screen, or on reports.



  • Allows for single or batch processing to simplify timecard input.
  • Employee records include tax information, department, deductions, normal hours worked per period, etc.
  • Labor costs can be distributed to various cost centers, accounts, and job classes.
  • Payroll checks can be generated for any specific period of time.
  • Employee period, quarter and y-t-d figures can be viewed, printed and if necessary, corrected.
  • Has all standard deductions plus ten configurable deductions per employee.
  • Automatic accumulation and tracking of pension, sick, and vacation hours.
  • Operator configurable, Local, State, and Federal Tax Tables.
  • Provides Worker’s Comp. Report by Employee ID Number, Last Name, Cost Center, or Classification.
  • Interfaces with C.M.C. General Ledger for automatic posting.
  • Handles piece rates, multiple pay rates, shift differentials, over-time, housing allowances, etc.
  • Handles both industrial and agricultural payrolls.

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