WinLedge Accounting Series

A full ERP system designed by Classic Software.

About WinLedge Accounting Series

We would like to introduce you to the WinLedge Series of accounting software. This package has taken more than three years to write but over 12 years to develop. We must thank our customers for the final design of this product, it is only through the relationship with them that we have been able to create an accounting product that meets the needs of a variety of users.

Accounts Payable

The WinLedge Accounts Payable module will give you the information you need to stay on top of your payables. Whether its taking advantage of a discount, or avoiding a late charge or making sure a bill does not get paid twice, WinLedge will be there to assist you.

Take a look at some of the keys points, or better yet order a demo copy and see for yourself:

  • WinLedge A/P can run stand-alone or be part of an integrated system.
  • No limit to the number of companies you can setup.
  • Password controll system allows granular access to all functions in the software.
  • Allows audit tracking of activity by user. Also allows posting by user.
  • Automatic calculation of due date and discount dates based on user defined terms.
  • Supports an unlimited number of currencies, with user-defined exchange rates.
  • Twelve character alpla-numeric vendor numbers with large address fields.
  • E-mail address with one click access to your e-mail program. Allows you to quickly send an e-mail to your vendor.
  • Default GL allocation accounts can be defined in each vendor to speed purchase entry.
  • Option to hold a vendor, or any vendor invoice.
  • Five user defined aging periods.
  • Full history tracked for an unimited number of years.
  • Last payment details include: last payment date, amount, cheque number
  • Date and amount of last purchase.
  • Seven user-defined fields to track any other information you find useful.
  • Tag file allows unlimited comments for a vendor. Can be used to record conversations with a vendor. Each tag entry can also be given a code to identify the type of entry. Later these codes can be recalled.
  • Powerful SQL browse window makes finding a vendor in a large database easy. User defined browse window allows you to add columns to the window, change the sort order and execute SQL queries. (eg. Only show vendors in Ohio)

Cheque Processing Options…

  • Complete cheque processing system allows batch run cheque’s, manual cheque’s, selected vendor/invoice cheque’s and lump sum cheque’s.
  • Options to take an expired discount, force invoices to be paid, hold invocies.
  • Option to select bank account to use for the cheque run and GL account Set.
  • Ability to set a maximum payment amount so that partial payments can be made with the cheque run.
  • Can print cheque’s. to laser printer, dot matrix or a custom form.

Reports Available…

  • Aged Accounts Payable. Summarized and detailed version with option to choose from to vendor and GL account set.
  • Vendor Account analysis. Purchase Journal, Disbursements Journal, Adjustments Journal.
  • Batch Edit Reports
  • Vendor Comparative report. Compares this years purchases to last years.
  • Descending purchases by vendor.
  • History account analysis. This will let you look at vendor payment details even after the account has been purged.
  • Listings Include:
    • Vendors, different styles and sequences also by region.
    • Vendor Details
    • Vendor Tag File
    • Regions, Terms, Ship Via
    • Audit File
    • Chart of Accounts
    • Type of Accounts
    • Batch Listing, posted, unposted, all, range
  • Graphs include top ten purchases and vendor buying trend.
  • Labels, both dot matrix and laser. Custom labels can be created with Crystal Reports.
  • Rolodex Cards
  • GL Transaction Summary
  • Tax Reporting
  • Company Profile

Accounts Receivable

At one time an Accounts Receivable module simply would show you who was late on paying their bill, while this was and is still important, a good A/R must now provide a lot more. With the WinLedge A/R you have a complete system for customer and Receivables management. Designed for high volume and multiple users, the Winledge A/R is a powerful management tool.

Please read over the following screen and look at some of the key point of this exciting module:

  • System can run stand-alone or be fully integrated.
  • No limit to the number of companies you can setup
  • Handles an unlimted number of currencies with user defined exchange factors.
  • Detailed help system makes learning the system easy.
  • Password control system allows you to control each and evry function that a user can access.
  • System will automatically calculate due dates based on user defined terms codes.
  • Customers can be allocated to Regions, Salespeople and categories to provide detailed reporting.
  • Salesperson file allows you to define a name and commission type for your salesforce. You can pay commission by customer, by product or by a fixed rate. During invoicing you can specify the commission on a line-by-line basis.
  • A/R module includes a basic pricing module, or it can be fully integrated with the Inventory module.
  • Allocations can be made to a GL file even if the system is not integrated to the G/L module. Later a GL summary report can be produced to show the activity through each account.
  • System supports multiple AR control accounts, which allows for Multiple Receivables (eg. Can/US).
  • Transactions include invoices, manual invoices, payments, cash sales, credit notes and adjustments.
  • Full open fiscal year allows you to enter transactions to any period.
  • Option to override base amount for discount. E.g. Only allow discount on part of invoice.
  • Automatic calculation of service charges at user-defined rate, option for automatic reversal.

Customer Data…

  • 12 digit alpha-numeric customer number, with large address lines.
  • 3 phone numbers on main account.
  • Contact management system allows you to setup an unlimted number of contacts for each customer.
  • Each contact can have their own email, phone numbers etc.
  • E-mail address with one click access to send the customer an e-mail
  • Bill to customer can be assigned. Allows you to maintain hundreds of ship-to addresses for one bill-to.
  • Terms code, Region, GL Set, Salesperson, Price Level
  • 3 tax codes with 3 exempt options and 3 exemption numbers. Invoices printed will only show the taxes applicable to that customer.
  • Default warehouse
  • Default shipping method
  • Option to require PO number on all orders.
  • Option to exempt from service charges, option to suppress statement
  • Option to place customer on hold. Allows you to take orders for the customer but not process them.
  • User defined aging periods.
  • Can access customer transaction details for customer file. Can be viewed in Grid or report format or can be printed.
  • Date, amount and cheque number of last payment maintained.
  • Date, amount of last invoice maintained.
  • On screen display of sales history for an unlimited number of months, years.
  • Credit Limit and Average days to pay.
  • Seven user-defined fields allow you to maintain any other information you deem important.
  • Large Comment field.
  • Tag file allows you to record an unlimited amount of free form information. Tags can be assigned codes so that you can report on tag entries of a particular type. Tag file could be used to record collection information such as dates and persons spoken to.
  • POP-UP SQL browse window allows you to search for customers. Contents of browse window is user definable along with sort order. This allows you to look for a customer by phone number, postal code, bill to number, whatever you decide.
  • QUERY option allows you to limit browse window to a user-specified criteria. E.g. Only display customers in PEI or WA.

Includes Full Invoicing Module:

  • Pick up ship to address or simply type in one-time ship to
  • Can search for an invoice by order number, invoice number, bill-to number or custom search.
  • Can view tag file and account details at time of invoicing.
  • System can be set to hold orders if customer is over credit limit.
  • On screen display of terms and credit limit.
  • System can be set to require a PO# to be entered on an order by customer.
  • Ship via, salesperson, FOB retained.
  • Four dates including: Order date, required date, shipped date and date invoiced.
  • Automatic calculation of all taxes.
  • Can place an invoice on hold manually or have it auto-hold based on customer credit limit/balance.
  • Commission by line item
  • Discount by line item or by invoice, by percentage or dollar.
  • Can print single invoice, a range of invoices or the entire batch of unprinted invoices.
  • Allows for multiple copies of an invoice
  • Can print to a dot matrix form, a laser form, a plain paper form or a custom form.
  • Can print comments on the invoice and retain same for re-use.

Product/Pricing Module (Not Required if Inventory Is Used) Includes:

  • 20 digit product number
  • 40 character description
  • 255 character long description
  • Three tax codes, cost price, commission rate and Sales GL account
  • Product groups can be defined and assigned to products
  • Infinite number of product price levels. Need 100 different prices for one product. no problem!
  • Tax code file allows you to define the tax codes to use for your province or state. Three levels of tax are available on a customer by customer basis.
  • Tax system allows for tax on tax conditions

Prospect Module Allows You to Track Potential Customers Includes:

  • Option to transfer a prospect to the active customer file
  • Tag file to record events, dates and conversations with the prospect
  • Date stamp to let you know when you last modified a prospect
  • Full address, three phone numbers, e-mail, region, salesperson, comments for each one.
  • Reports and Labels for mass mailings

Quotation System Included:

  • Has features similar to invoicing but includes option to transfer quote to an invoice.
  • Draws from same inventory file and customer file as invoicing.
  • Allows full print and edit options.

Reports Include:

  • All reports can be produced on paper, screen, email or exported to many popular formats such as PDF or XLS.
  • All reports can be modified using Crystal Reports.
  • Aged account Receivable - Summarized and Detailed - Can be run for a selected salesperson, region, GL set or range of customers.
  • Customer Account Analysis - quick on screen display of account activity.
  • Sales Journal, Receipts Journal, Cash Sales Journal, Adjustment Journal
  • Batch Edit Reports
  • Customer Statements - Many print options and formats available. Plain paper, dot matrix, laser form, custom format. Multiple copies.
  • Collection Letters
  • Customer comparative report. Compares current year to prior year sales.
  • History report. Maintains file of purged invoices for inquiries.
  • Salesperson Commission report
  • Inactive Customer Listing
  • Top Ten Graph for customers, products, salesperson, regions, and groups.
  • Full sales analysis reporting. By customer, by region, by salesperson, by product, by group and combinations thereof.
  • Customer and Prospect Labels on dot matrix or laser printers.
  • Rolodex Cards
  • GL Transaction Summary
  • Sales Tax Report
  • Company Profile listing

Listings Include:

  • Customer
  • Customer Details
  • Customer Tag File
  • Terms, Regions, Ship Via, Salesperson
  • Product/Services, Price Lists, Price Levels
  • Prospects
  • Audit file, Chart of Accounts, Type of Accounts, Batches

Bill of Materials

The WinLedge Inventory module is a complete system for tracking the goods in your company, however if you are in the manufacturing business you might want a more detailed system for tracking the building of goods. That’s where the WinLedge Bill of Materials comes in. This module is designed to augment the existing Inventory system and therefore the Inventory is required for use.

The Bill of Materials actually consists of two modules. The first is the Bill of Materials and the second is the Production Module. Both are included in the base price.

The Bill of Materials portion is where you define the structure of the finished good. Here you specify the components that make up the finished good, the yield values etc. Next you move to the actual production of the goods where you print off a production ticket to send back to the warehouse for building. You can then transfer all of this information over and bill in the usual manner. Of course, along the way there are lots of reports available to monitor the process.

  • Unlimited number of components to make a finished good.
  • Components can also be finished goods (nested components)
  • Yield values and Date of Bill of Material definition retained.
  • Unit of measure on finished goods.
  • Can draw components from multiple warehouses.
  • Extended notes file on every Bill of Material. Can record build instructions or any other information deemed pertinent to the build.
  • Bill of Materials report, with or without pricing information.
  • Systems updates cost of finished component.
  • Can edit BOM structure at any time and re-calculate costs instantly.
  • Productions can be assigned to a warehouse and optionally to a customer number.
  • 4 dates maintained on any production. Start Date, Estimated Finish Date, Revised Finish Date, Actual Finish Date.
  • Unique production numbers can be automatically generated by the system.
  • Can specify number of units to produce and system will generate build list.
  • Build list can be edited to add additional items or revise existing build.
  • Can record serial numbers on finished goods during/after production.
  • Notes available in production to specify build instructions. Can differ from BOM notes.
  • When production is complete, system will update on-hand quantity of finished goods and components.
  • Production reports can be printed for single or multiple productions.
  • Variance from original BOM cost is calculated and printed.
  • Once updated, finished goods can be billed in normal manner.
  • System also allows sale of component products.
  • Reports can be printed to screen, printer or sent to more than 20 different file formats.
  • All reports created in the award winning Crystal Reports.

General Ledger

No limit to the number of companies you can setup. The system will also allow you to combine companies to produce consolidated financials.

User defined accounting periods. With Winledge you are not locked into using monthly accounting periods. Need 28 day periods instead… no problem… you define the period ranges.

Password controlled access to every function in the module. You can also install GL only on the machines that need it which will help to further safeguard your sensitive data. Activity can be tracked by user and all users can be assigned specific access rights.

Up to six digits can be used in the GL number along with up to six digits in the sub account. The sub account can be used to produce income statements by cost centre.

Vendors and Customer can be maintained in the GL if system is used stand-alone or you can pull them from other modules such as WinLedge A/R or WinLedge A/P

A simple capital asset management function is included to track the company assets.

Cheques can be printed directly from the General Ledger, which is handy for non-payable items like GST and Source Deductions.

System allows you to setup recurring journal entries. You can also copy or reverse existing batches which is handy for dealing with accruals.

Detailed GL entries allow you to record up to 3 reference numbers, a comment and optionally a vendor or a customer.

All reports in the system can be edited with Crystal reports, making it easy to get the “look” you want.

There are more than sixty reports available in the WinLedge General Ledger. To name a few…

  • Account Analysis
  • Trial Balance - summarized/detailed
  • Six different income statements. Current, budget, prior year and year to date combinations.
  • Summarized or detailed balance sheet.
  • General Journal report with selectable journal codes.
  • Trial Balance worksheet to record manual adjustments.
  • GL Account comparative report.
  • Bank Deposit and withdrawal reports.
  • Vendor and Customer Labels Graphs include top ten accounts and net change bar chart
  • G.S.T report, Audit report, Standard Journal Entry listing, Chart of accounts listing and many others…

Inventory With Purchase Orders

With the WinLedge Inventory module, you will have no problem keeping a tight control on your products and services. The module can run stand-alone, but the real power comes when integrated into the Receivables or Order Entry modules. Need multiple warehouses, serialization, unlimted price levels, landed cost calculations, then read on, or better yet download a demo and have a look.

Below you will find some of the features of our Inventory module:

  • Full Integration with WinLedge Accounts Receivable module.
  • Full integration with WinLedge Order Entry Module. Password control system can restrict access to a individual functions.
  • Inventory supports unlimited number of warehouses.
  • Unlimited price levels. Price level matrix can be tied to customer file.
  • Suppliers and Customers can be stored in the inventory module if the system is used stand-alone. Customers and Vendors can be drawn from the A/R or A/P modules if system is integrated.
  • Standard terms and ship via codes can be defined for use on purchase orders.
  • Flexible tax system allows exemptions to be set for any tax code. Also allows exemption of PST protion of HST.
  • 20 character alpha/numeric product numbers.
  • 3 description fields. One standard, one alternate (eg. French) and one long description for catalogue.)
  • Default warehouse code for each product.
  • UPC Codes, with ability to scan using bar code.
  • Commission rate, weight per unit, bin location.
  • Sort Field
  • Unlimited units of measure with conversion factors.
  • Substitute part numbers.
  • Decimal Inventory: up to 4 in price and 4 in qty.
  • Product pictures/photos
  • Unlimited selling prices per product.
  • Full purchase and sales history, to answer questions like: What did we pay last time?, or what was the selling price to Smith & Sons in January?
  • Purchase and Sales History Files.
  • Unit and Dollar Sales for an unlimited number of years.
  • On hand, On Order, On Back Order, On order from Vendor, Physical Count by warehouse or for all.
  • Landed Cost Module (Freight, Duty, Exchange, Other by percent or dollar.)
  • Min QTY, Max QTY, EOQ.
  • Serial/LOT/Batch/Heat number control.
  • Tag file allows unlimited additional information per product to be stored.
  • Fully customizable browse window with ability to change columns and sort order makes finding a product easy.
  • Full batch control on receipts.
  • Can record PO#s, dates vendors, comments and all goods received.
  • If serial number is active then SN#s can be recorded during receipt.
  • Full editing of transactions prior to posting.
  • Vendors drawn from Inventory or A/P module.
  • All reports can be printed, displayed or sent to a disk file. Disk option has more than 15 different file types including Word, Excel and HTML.
  • All reports created with award winning Crystal Reports.
  • Most reports have three or more print sequences and almost all have from/to product number/group and or warehouse.
  • Option to allow or disallow negative on hand quantities.
  • Can record physical count then print/display discrepancies, can then transfer to active.
  • Mass price change module. Allows you to create new price levels or adjust existing price levels across multiple products based or markup, markdown or margin.
  • Backup and Restore functions using PKZIP (tm.) technology.

System Includes Complete Purchase Order Module.

  • Automatic PO number with optional override.
  • Vendor Number and Address with override.
  • Option to “drop ship” to a customer address.
  • Terms, Ship Via, Buyer, Confirming to, FOB, Remarks, Collect/Prepaid
  • Order Date, Required Date, Promise Date, Fill Date
  • Can receive items directly from PO screen.
  • PO’s can be held and released later.
  • PO’s can be printed on demand or batched and printed later.
  • Printed PO can be modified using Crystal Reports.
  • Unlimited comments on a PO.

Reports Include:

  • Valuation Report
  • Stock requirements Report
  • Transaction Listing
  • Inventory Trial Balance
  • Batch Edit Report
  • Unlimited number of price lists can be printed in “published” quality.
  • Inventory Count Worksheet
  • Physical Inventory Variance Report
  • Slow moving Stock Report
  • Product Status
  • Labels
  • Variety of Listings including:
  • Products
  • Warehouses, Groups
  • Units of Measure
  • Substitutions
  • Price Levels
  • Product Tag Entries
  • Batches
  • Supplier Listing
  • Customers Listing
  • Inventory Catalog with option to print pictures/photos
  • Purchase Order Listing
  • Outstanding Purchase Orders
  • Vendor performance report
  • Anticipated deliveries.
  • Serial/Lot number inquiry screen.

Job Costing

In the WinLedge General Ledger module we have a flexible chart that allows you to allocate revenue and expenses to different accounts. However, there may be times when you need to break-down these even further. This is where the Job Costing Modules comes in.

Initially designed for the construction industry, this flexible module can suit a wide range of companies. Printing companies, software developers or any other business that works on “projects” will find this module invaluable.

The core of the system is the Job Master file. An unlimited number of jobs can be tracked at one time and the data can be retained indefinitely.

The Job Costing (at the current time), is Not a stand-alone system, but is designed to be an add-on to other WinLedge Modules. In particular, you must also purchase the WinLedge Accounts Receivable and Inventory modules to use this function.

Here Is a Quick Look at Some of the Key Features:

  • Every Job can be assigned a 12 digit job number, each job can be assigned any number of phase codes (Phase Codes are up to 6 alpha-numeric characters)
  • The following information is tracked in every phase of every job, you can display the Estimated, Actual and Variance Figures for:
    • Quantity, Hours
    • Materials, Labour, Equipment, Subcontract, Other
    • Payments, Revenue and Profit and Loss
  • You can record Start Date, Last Invoice Date, Estimated Finish Date, Actual Finish Date, Customer Number, Contract Number, Description of Job.
  • Pop-up display of transaction detail through any phase of any job.
  • Transactions can be created from the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable or the General ledger of the WinLedge accounting system.
  • Payroll transactions can be entered direct or imported from the WinLedge Payroll system.
  • Jobs can be moved to history file and/or re-instated.
  • Reports can be printed for active jobs, completed jobs or both.
  • Reports can be printed to screen, printer or sent to more than 20 different file formats.


  • Batch Edit Report.
  • Cost Variance Report that will show you how your actual costs will compare to your estimated costs.
  • Transaction Analysis that answers questions like: Give me all the labour costs for June on Job 14 or how much did we spend on Sub-Contractors this quarter?
  • Job Profit and Loss Statement, which will give you a clear picture of the Job Profitability for active or completed Jobs.
  • Cost Analysis - Phase by Job. Look at one phase across all jobs. How much time do we spend on Framing?
  • Job Listing, Phase code Listing, Tag Listing and Audit Listing. How many Jobs do we have on the go?
  • All reports created in the award winning Crystal Reports.

Order Entry

Although the WinLedge Accounts Receivable module comes with a complete invoicing system, you might have a need for a more detailed order tracking system. The WinLedge order entry might just be the module that fits the bill. This system is designed to be used in an environment where there is a delay in the time an order is placed and the point it is billed to the customer. The system will let you keep an eye on things during this cycle. For example, at any time you can view outstanding orders by customer, or product. Or track back orders or examine order performance. Here are a few of the key elements:

  • Requires and integrates fully with Inventory and Accounts Receivable.
  • Unlimited number of ship to addresses per customer.
  • Can key in one-time ship to address at time of order.
  • Option to view customer notes during order entry.
  • Can see customer’s aging and account details before order is processed.
  • Can set option to automatically place orders on hold if customer exceeds credit limit.
  • Option to put customer on hold or individual order.
  • Hold status will keep order from being processed but will allow entry.
  • Terms and ship via picked up automatically from customer with option to override.
  • Can search for orders using a powerful SQL search utility.
  • Salesperson entry with commission tracking by salesperson, product or customer.
  • FOB, Order Date, Required Date, Ship Date, Invoice Date
  • Unlimited number of comments per order.
  • Can record inventory items, non-inventory items, miscellaneous charges.
  • Automatically fills in most fields based on setting in customer and product files. Tax codes, GL accounts, price levels all pre-filled.
  • Can draw products from multiple warehouses to fill order.
  • Can record partial shipments with option to transfer to back order file.
  • Printed orders can be customized using Crystal Reports.
  • Print Invoices, which can also be customized.
  • Order browse window can be user-modified. Can change columns and sort order and can perform ad-hoc queries using SQL.
  • Full back order module allows complete tracking and maintenance of back orders.
  • Back Orders can easily be transferred to active on a line by line or complete basis.
  • Can easily edit or delete items from a back order.


  • All reports can be printed, displayed, exported or emailed.
  • All reports can be customized using Crystal Reports.
  • Outstanding Orders by Product
  • Outstanding Orders by Customer
  • Outstanding Order by Salesperson by Customer
  • Outstanding Orders by Salesperson by Product
  • Outstanding Backorders by Product
  • Outstanding Backorders by Customer
  • Outstanding Backorders by Salesperson by Customer
  • Outstanding Backorders by Salesperson by Product
  • Order Performance Report
  • and many more…


Classic offers three different payrolls. For many companies the Winledge payroll standard edition is the perfect fit. Designed for companies with less than 50 employees the Standard editon is easy to use, fast and can handle all standard payroll requirements.

Here Are a Few of the Key Features:

  • Handles Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly pay periods
  • Tracks Employer EI Amounts with a User Defined Rate
  • Extra Tax can be taken off employee if desired
  • Six User defined Deductions per employee available with 5 different ways to calculate each.
  • Six User-defined Benefit Codes per employee.
  • Can set-up payroll mid-year and enter historical information.
  • Six digit User-Defined Employee Number/Code
  • Employee Name and Address, Telephone
  • You can store the employee’s photograph with their information record.
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • S.I.N Number with validation.
  • Handles both Salaried and Hourly Employees in same pay run.
  • Supports non-period Bonus Calculations.
  • Options to Eprint documents to send to employees.
  • Can handle different pay frequencies in same payroll.
  • Can exempt employees from E.I. / C.P.P. / Federal Tax / Provincial Tax / QPIP
  • Tracks QPIP with reporting.
  • Allows entry of commission amounts and stat hours and dollars.
  • EI rate can be set by employee, which allows you to track multiple EI rates within the same company.
  • Can handle all 10 Provinces, 3 Territories plus Outside Canada
  • 3 ways to handle vacation pay.
  • Can retain time sheets from a previous pay run to save time in processing current run.
  • Manual cheque’s can be entered and added into existing records.
  • History file keeps data on line for an entire year. Can view a time sheet or a pay run from any pay in the year.
  • Option to reprint payroll cheque(s) (security controlled)
  • Easy to setup payroll mid-year. YTD entry screens available, along with import tools that can save time.
  • Revenue Canada Summary
  • On-line help, backup and restore functions built-in to safeguard your valuable data.
  • Password control system. You can restrict access to individual functions within the payroll.
  • Option provided to post payroll directly to the WinLedge General Ledger. Can update GL by company, by department or by employee.


  • Time Sheet Edit Report
  • Time Sheet History Report
  • Current Pay Register
  • Year to Date Register
  • Payroll Cheque’s / Payroll Stubs (option to print without cheque’s) Cheques can be customized to your exact requirements.
  • Cheque Register
  • Departmental Analysis
  • Employee Data Sheet which make gather essential employee data easy.
  • Employee Listings, basic, detailed, by department
  • Department Listing
  • Tag File Listing (free form notes regarding employee)
  • Mailing Labels
  • Rolodex Cards
  • Revenue Canada Remittance Report
  • WSIB Remittance Report
  • Record of Employment
  • E. I. History Report
  • Employee History Report
  • Employee Pay Rate History Report
  • Year end T4’s, you can even do a plain paper version that has been pre-approved by the CRA
  • Year end Releve

Point of Sale

The basic function of a POS is record a customer sale quickly and WinLedge does this fine. Most full-blown POS systems also include a variety of hardware options. At Classic we do not sell hardware of any kind so this is also not our strength. So where does the strength lie then?

The “back-end”! Remember, Classic is first and foremost an accounting software developer. Our strength is and has always been our strong accounting controls. Yes there are lots of POS systems in the marketplace, but check them out and have a look at their back-end support. Do they have a full Accounts Receivable module?, with multi-currency, regions, sales analysis, invoicing, service charges, statements, user defined agings… etc. Or take a look at their GL module (if they have one). Can they handle the level of Detail of the WinLedge GL. Also be sure to check into their Inventory control system or is it just a system to retain product SKU’s to make entry easy.

In summary, if you are looking for a stand-alone Point of Sale, you might want to look elsewhere, but if you are looking for a fully integrated Accounting / Inventory / Point of Sale System, then grab a demo and have a look at WinLedge.

Here Is a Quick Look at Some of the Key Features:

  • Tightly integrated to WinLedge Accounting Modules.
  • Unlimited number of Clerks - Each one can be assigned a unique P.I.N. Number
  • Unlimited number of user defined payment types. Credit cards, Debit Cards, Cash, Gift Certificates, Coupons etc.
  • Each Payment type can be assigned to a GL Account in the Ledger.
  • Comment file to store comments that can be printed on the receipt.
  • Ability to customize the cash-register to enable or disable entry fields.
  • Entry can be as simple as product number (SKU) only, or detailed with up to 10 fields of information.
  • Option to enforce entry to a customer account.
  • Can set defaults in master file to speed data entry. (Eg. default payment type, default comment etc.)
  • Two different Receipt styles, one for Cash Sales and one for Charge Sales.
  • Receipts can be fully customized using Crystal reports, or if a dot matrix POS printer is used a special forms designer is included.
  • Full integration with WinLedge Accounts Receivable and Inventory.
  • Store Number ID.
  • Optional printing of Receipt.
  • Can print to any printer on the network.
  • Automatic posting to all GL accounts for sales, cash short, etc.
  • Quick Keyboard based data entry or Mouse based if preferred.
  • Flexible product search. Can search by any field in the database.
  • Easy to Void a line item.
  • Option to allow entry of non-inventory items and comments.
  • Payment Analysis Report - track by category for any time period.
  • Payment Analysis by Sales Clerk for any time period.
  • Summarized or detailed versions of above reports.
  • Can select range of Clerks prior to printing.
  • Listings include clerks, payment types and comments.
  • Sales analysis reporting included in WinLedge Accounts Receivable.
  • Close of Day Procedure with built in Backup routine.
  • Full on-line help system.
  • All reports created in the award winning Crystal Reports.

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