A small business accounting and invoicing software.

About CloudBooks

CloudBooks is an online invoicing software and online billing software for small business and freelancers. CloudBooks is a easy to use tool that allows for the creation of an unlimited number of invoices. CloudBooks also offers time tracking, invoicing and business expense management tools.

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  • Invoicing - CloudBooks helps you create professional online invoices quickly and efficiently. It also helps manage the whole invoicing process better. This helps you monetize your business to its fullest.
  • Projects Management - With CloudBooks it’s used to manage your staff or team. CloudBooks online project management software gives you every advantage to stay on track and deliver on time. features include task management, time tracking, project status, conversion and more.
  • Time Tracking - With CloudBooks, you can keep track of your spending to help control your overheads. Make sure you are spending for the right reasons.


  • Free version available (limited to 1 client and 5 invoices)
  • Team version starts at $10/month (unlimited clients and invoices, up to 5 users)
  • Agency version starts at $20/month (Unlimited clients, users, and invoices)

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User Reviews of CloudBooks

Submitted on June 21st, 2019 by an anonymous CloudBooks user.

CloudBooks is easy to access from all around the world. It’s very fast and has good support. You get all the reports you need in a second.

I like that it’s web based, very easy to quickly do invoices. I like that I can quickly get reports and a quick overview of my invoices.