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To maintain a competitive advantage in today’s economy your business must keep pace with change. Sophisticated, yet straightforward, Re-Formatter effortlessly modifies the account format of Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains data, allowing users to easily change the only decision their Microsoft Business Solutions system forced them to make during implementation. Re-Formatter ensures the integrity of your financial systems is maintained during periods of organizational restructuring and growth. Re-Formatter seamlessly reformats the Chart of Accounts and Account Framework, instantaneously altering the format of all data, including maximum account length, size of segments, number of segments and sorting options. With Re-Formatter, all historical data is modified as the old account format is mapped to the new account format.

Use Re-Formatter to reformat your chart of accounts and account structure, as well as transform existing data from its current account format to a new account format. Re-Formatter can be performed using one server or two servers depending on the changes you want to make to your account format. Re-Formatter is a simple process, which transforms the existing ýold formatý data from eEnterprise/Dynamics into a new account format. It is a straightforward process to transform ‘old account format data’ into a ‘new account format data’. In three simple steps, Great Plains customers can easily reclaim control of their Chart of Accounts and insure the ongoing integrity of their financial system.

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