Stream V

A multi-module management system designed by Cove Systems.

About Stream V

Stream V - Integrated Business Software is suitable for small and mid-sized businesses who want a completely integrated system with extremely high functionality. With strong 24 hour world-wide support, direct from the authors, frequent updates and enhancements based on customer input, Stream is a software solution you won’t outgrow. Real-time, multi-user, multi currency, multi-time zone, imaging, and all the features you need; if you can’t find certain features your business needs, Stream experts can add them fast.

Visit our website for more information, complete documentation, the latest Cove news, and you will see why Cove customers have been using Stream for over 25 years at sites up to 500 users. You can download a free, fully functional, single user license of Stream V.

Since 1984

Ongoing enhancements and a wide range of Stream V modules will allow you to grow your business without changing software packages every few years. Cove customers have been using Stream software since 1984 and have transitioned from CPM, to MPM, to Unix and DOS, to Linux and Windows, and to the Web.

Go Green & Reduce Inventory Costs

Stream V provides increased productivity throughout your whole supply chain. Respond quickly to your customers and vendors with EDI and integrated eCommerce portals to reduce costs and service trading partners better. Use bar codes, RF devices and automation to increase your warehouse productivity and use the completely integrated imaging system to go green with a completely paperless system. Stream makes it easier for employees & management to sell and manage products and inventory; reduce inventory costs by spotting buyer trends and create lasting relationships with vendors.

Work Smarter

Stream V will enable your operations to run smoothly, reliably, and most importantly, employees will work more efficiently. Work smarter by utilizing Stream’s many integrated features for an increase in business efficiency, overall productivity, and ROI. Stream reduces the level of difficulty in managing complicated inventory by efficiently providing employees and management with intuitive and innovative ways of handling critical business information & processes.

Designed for Efficiency & Productivity

Companies increase their productivity and extend their reach with Stream V. Improve your competitive edge by taking advantage of the productive & integrated system features Stream V for wholesale and retail distribution, light manufacturing and many other businesses. Whether tracking inventory, assets, or multiple warehouses, Stream’s management tools are designed for efficiency and productivity. Cove Systems offers companies tracking warehouse inventory the most powerful program in the industry to track and manage warehouses & inventory efficiently and securely.

Software Compatibility:


  • Windows 95/98/Me
  • Windows NT 3.x
  • Windows NT 4.x
  • Windows 2000 Professional
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows Vista

Server OS

  • Windows 95/98
  • Windows NT 4.x
  • Windows 2000 Server
  • Windows 2000 Advanced Server
  • Windows 2000 Datacenter
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows (IA-64) Server 2003 32bit native mode
  • Windows (IA-64) Server 2008 32bit native mode
  • Citrix
  • Unix: AIX
  • Unix: HP-UX
  • Unix: Solaris
  • Unix: Linux
  • Unix: SunOS
  • Unix: SCO OpenServer
  • Unix: SCO UnixWare


  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • CTree
  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2
  • Pervasive SQL 2000

Accounts Payable

Real-Time Interface With G/L

The Accounts Payable module is one of the two pillars on which the General Ledger stands. This module feeds the General Ledger with subsidiary information needed to complete the liability and expense sections of the balance sheet and income statement, providing a complete financial of the company.

On-Line A/P Management

The Accounts Payable module will allow more efficient management of cash, better control of your expenses, more accurate information, and reduce the manpower required to process your accounts payable activity. Ease of entering Accounts Payable invoices is the hallmark of this module. Single or multiple partial payments and accruals are easily set up, including future payment and amortization dates.

Using the simplest and most efficient mechanism in the industry for choosing which invoices to select for payment, the A/P module increases the productivity of any accounts payable department. Based on easy-to-set parameters, payment dates may be automatically assigned, manually entered, or combinations of both, during A/P invoice entry. Payment and due dates may be automatically calculated based on the invoice date, payment terms, and vendor, as well as company policy.

  • 3 Way Matching of A/P Invoices
  • Multi-Divisional
  • Multi-Currency
  • Auto Pay Feature
  • Auto Discount Calculation
  • Project Enabled
  • Drill Down Inquiries in all modules
  • Recurring Distributions
  • Digital Document Support on all records
  • Real Time G/L Journal Posting
  • On-Line Inquiry
  • Manual Checks
  • Single or Multiple Partial Payments
  • Assignment of Invoices
  • Trade and Expense Vendors

Accounts Receivable

Control, Management and Integration

Designed to be highly functional, efficient, and easy to learn, the Accounts Receivable module provides the level of receivables control required for maximum cash management and better, more informed management decisions. Integrated with Sales Order Entry, Invoicing and Point of Sale, the Stream V Accounts Receivable module allows tight control of credit limits and tracks available credit on and on-line, real-time basis to assure that credit availability is controlled based on the company’s credit policies.

Transaction Driven Subsidiary Files

The Stream V" Accounts Receivable module is a real-time, transaction driven system that posts data on-line to the subsidiary files and the General Ledger. The automatic on-line, real-time posting to the General Ledger of payment entry and invoice adjustments assures that the company’s cash position, as well as the customer’s credit availability, is continuously available. As soon as activity is applied to a customer’s invoice, the customer’s available credit is updated to allow the processing of additional sales. Multiple cash and receivable accounts may be maintained and adjustments may be charged to any General Ledger account.

  • High-speed Cash Application
  • Multi-Divisional
  • Multi-Currency
  • Credit Control
  • Automated Customer Hold Process
  • Customer Invoice History Lookup
  • Drill Down Inquiries in all modules
  • Fast Invoice Adjustment Screen
  • Digital Document Support on all records
  • Real Time G/L Journal Posting
  • On-Line Inquiry
  • Multiple Cash Clearing and Bank Accounts
  • Credit Application available at cash application
  • Self Auditing Invoice Register
  • Auto-Process Sales Tax

General Ledger

The Financial Suite Backbone

The Stream V General Ledger module easily handles recurring and repetitive entries, as well as accruals for future application. Journal entries, as well as accruals for future periods are then applied individually or as a group. Predefined closing entries can be stored for repetitive use and can be automatically reversed in the next period. All subsidiary modules automatically feed the G/L for timely, on-line, and accurate financial reports. All activity modifying the General Ledger is stored in journals and identified by source, post date, and journal entry number. This allows extensive reporting capability and complete audit trails.

Fast, Extensive Processing

The General Ledger (G/L) serves as the company’s financial backbone and is the heart of the STREAM V" Accounting System. The STREAM V" General Ledger Module will automate all the ledger accounting functions of your company and provide flexible and timely financial reporting. The General Ledger produces profit and expense analysis quickly and accurately, as well as budgets and forecasts.

  • Financial Reporting
  • Multi-Divisional
  • Multi-Currency
  • Euro & Common Market
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Drill Down Inquiries in all modules
  • Recurring Entries
  • Digital Document Support on all records
  • Accrual Entries
  • Recurring Entries
  • Real-time JE Management
  • Flexible Periods
  • Extensive Audit Trail
  • Transaction Level Subsidiaries

Incidents & Actions

Implementation, Integration, Customization

The Cove Systems Stream V Incident and Actions system is a powerful and versatile tracking system that can be used for a variety of tasks within a support, service, and marketing organization.

The use of customized, user specific, multi-parameter browse technology allows the client to define exactly the functionality they would like for their system.

Create Custom Processes

All codes for Incidents, Stages, and Actions in the system are fully definable by the client company to allow the software to function by utilizing their workflow and processes.

The system allows the customer to be selected either Company centric or Contact centric, thereby allowing for the filtering of client support; either by the parent company or the specific company site utilizing your support services.

Incidents are free flowing and can either be predefined with stages and actions coming from the stages or as simple as a single action per incident.

  • Service & Support Tracking
  • Stages supported
  • Warranty
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration
  • Company or Contact Centric
  • Rep Dashboard
  • CRM Integration
  • RA Interface
  • Full Customization
  • Serial/Lot Numbers

Integrated eCommerce

Customer & Vendor-Side eCommerce

Stream V Integrated eCommerce provides secure access to your in-house accounting system via the Internet. Stream V uses your favorite web browser, to allow both customers and vendors to interact and perform ecommerce functions with the application.

Integration and Security

The Integrated eCommerce system employs a pair of Java server processes to perform real-time communication to and from your Stream V Business Software system which resides securely inside your firewall.

Real Integration

Stream V Integrated eCommerce is not an add-on product, but a completely integrated part of the main software application.

Your customers see all the same live data as your in-house staff is seeing (with limits of course, which you can setup in the eCommerce software management). Transactions performed by the customers/vendors are executed in real time and provide immediate feedback and appear in your live data.

  • Order Entry
  • Complete Integration with Stream V
  • Order Lookup
  • Product Search
  • Real-Time Data
  • Customer Catalogs
  • Direct Vendor Link
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Invoice Lookup
  • Account Status
  • Price and Availability
  • Special/Contract Pricing
  • Tech Support Tracking
  • Customer Service on the Web

Order Fulfillment & Customer Dropship Fulfillment

Differentiate Your Company From Your Customers Other Suppliers

To provide additional customer service, and differentiate your company from your customers other suppliers, Cove supports ‘Customer Drop Ship Fulfillment’. Customer Drop Ship Fulfillment is the process of your company accepting orders from your customer for direct shipment to your customer’s customer (the consumer).

Unlimited Shipping Addresses per Customer

Stream V has multiple shipping address (ShipTo) support in Order Entry. You may store an unlimited number of shipping addresses per customer. The shipping addresses can either be your customer’s facilities or names and consumer addresses.

Multiple Shipping Methods

Each ShipTo address can be defined to use specific shipping methods (UPS, FEDEX, etc.) and Shipment Terms (FOB,CIF,&).

Custom Shipping Labels

The system can use a special customer specific shipping label print routine whenever labels are printed for shipments made for a customer. This allows shipping labels to include graphics, and other information on shipping labels.

  • Multiple shipping addresses
  • Unlimited Shipto Addresses
  • Carrier Account
  • Returned to the Correct Address
  • Packing Lists
  • Sales Orders
  • Shipping Methods
  • Return Address Flag
  • Custom Shipping Labels
  • Customer Specific
  • LongCode
  • AIC

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