CRW Daycare System

A multi-module management system designed by CRW Systems for commercial & service companies.

About CRW Daycare System

Registration, Attendance and Subsidy Software for Child Care Centres.


Easy to use screens facilitate registration, attendance, and reporting. Subsidy calculations are done automatically, saving time and improving accuracy. Handles invoices, payments, prints cheques, and provides accounting statements.

Accounts Receivable Daycare Accounting

Subsidized and non-subsidized billing information is linked automatically to our Accounts Receivable module. The system-generated Parent Invoices - for the next period, as well as fines and other charges from the past period - as well as a combined invoice for the subsidizing agency are automatically created. Payment tracking rounds out the Accounts Receivable module, resulting in a General Ledger that is consistent and always up-to-date. Payment receipts can also be automatically generated by the system.

Children’s Registration and Wait List

The CRW Daycare System has a ýWait Listý that provides a place to keep track of children that are waiting to register. Upon registering, the child can be moved from the ýWait Listý to the ýAttendance Listý without having to re-enter the child’s personal information. The child’s name and parent / guardian names and contact information are stored by the system for future use. The child’s vital information is easily available on screen or in report form. The ýWait Listý is organized by date and children are removed from this list as a seat becomes available.

General Daycare Accounting

Accounts Payable, simple Payroll, Human Resources, Budgeting, and General Ledger modules are included in the system. All accounting related activities occuring in the day-care tracking front end flow automatically into the accounting and update your accounts as required in the General Ledger.

Preparing for Attendance

For each upcoming recording period, the system allows the day-care to set a calendar for the day-care and calendar for each feeder school. This automatically identifies the day-care’s open, closed, statutory holiday, and teacher development days (per school). In addition, the system handles flex-care children that have changing care needs by committing specific days each week. The attendance screen is highly automated and is supported by previously entered rates, categories, regular or flex-care day-care days and feeder school days (calendars).

Recording Attendance

Each child’s attendance is easily entered by exception and a report is available for checking and review. The attendance screen also accommodates fines and additional charges.


There are more than 20 reports included in the system. The General Ledger and Budgeting module provides monthly statements required by the daycare’s Board of Directors.

Subsidy Reporting

The system utilizes facility rates, children’s subsidy status, calendars and attendance by exception (including fines and additional charges). The subsidy report can be ran as needed, usually every 20 days. The complete subsidy form is generated and can then be sent electronically to the subsidizing agency. In addition, a subsidy totals report can be created as well as the daycare’s version of the attendance summary report.

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