A full ERP system designed by Data Systems for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.


The Data System solution begins with PRO*ACCt suite of application modules. Simply select any combination of the available modules in order to build the foundation for your business solution.

In combination with PRO-IV, a highly efficient fourth generation language you’ll find unparalleled scalability and ease of use for you specific business needs.

Accounts Payable

PRO*ACCT Accounts Payable module includes features like these:

  • Quickly product cash requirements and payable reports with vendor discount information
  • Manage computer generated, void and manual checks
  • Select computer generated checks for vendors by type or individual vendor
  • Effortlessly reconcile checks by statement date and flag un-reconciled checks for added review
  • Multiple checks and balances ensure data integrity
  • Audit trails and activity report allow verfication prior to GL posting

Accounts Receivable

PRO*ACCT Accounts Receivable module provides many valuable features some of which include:

  • A/R Trade account associated with each customer
  • Age receivables and data buckets defined by you
  • Audit and activity reports prior to GL posting
  • Automatic finance charge calculation with editing if needed prior to posting
  • Automatic order hold processing based on customer credit limits
  • Batch cash receipts for custimers with multiple daily checks
  • Flexible aged receivable reporting with multiple selection options
  • Inquiry includes AR high balance, date, terms, limits, etc.
  • Non customer cash receipts
  • On demand statement and customer credit exposure
  • Open item inquiry with unlimited history inquiry
  • Receipts applied to specific invoices if desired
  • Statement message specific to each customer

Bill of Materials

PRO*ACCT Bill of materials features include:

  • BOM is the ýrecipieý file for creating products or subassemblies
  • Each BOM can contain up to 20 sub assembly levels
  • Production scheduling allows inventory to be committed and labor and finished goods charged in order to update GL
  • Print material required vs available report based on production work orders
  • Automatically transfer completed work orders to finished goods inventory, relieve raw materials and update labor and waste GL accounts

Equipment Leasing

Features include:

  • Transfer leased queipment between warehouse locations
  • Inspection reports based on each item’s scheduled inspection date
  • Maintain and report leased equipment inventory at each location

Fixed Assets

PRO*ACCT Fixed Assets features include:

  • Track serial number, location, vendor bonus depreciation and values for an unlimited number of assets
  • Book, tax and other depreciation values can be calculated and accumulated separately and simultaneously for each asset
  • Calculate depreciation using Straight line, declining balance, sum of years and ACRS methods
  • Maintain standard ACRS tables and add additional tables to meet specific needs
  • Calculates depreciation automatically for each asset

General Ledger

PRO*ACCT General Ledger features include:

  • Either multi-company or single entity processing
  • User defined calendar with monthly account totals for up to 4 years
  • 12 or 13 fiscal periods available
  • Daily, weekly or monthly reports on demand with detailed or summary listing of all activity in useful formats
  • Integrates with other Data Systems modules
  • Complete audit trails
  • Flexible financial Report Writer

Import/Export Tracking

Features include:

  • Connect vendor invoice numbers directly to shipments
  • Each item lin in a PO is tracked to ensure the PO line is not received twice
  • Automatically updated inventory upon shipping
  • Updates PO module with all new information of the received shipment
  • Creates shipment reference number which is added to the GL summary entries related to the shipment

Inventory Management

PRO*ACCT Inventory management includes features such as:

  • Flexible pricing strategies with up to five price levels, ten quantity breaks applied to individual items or item categories and discount date ranges
  • Quickly review critical items at or below reorder levels
  • Generate physical inventory count sheets and create inventory and GL adjustments automatically
  • Display product on order, invoiced, purchased, back-ordered, in transist, sales in units or dollar amounts with bin locations and quantities in real-time for each inventory item
  • Analyze inventory value, costs, sales and margins quickly and easily using powerful reports an inquiries.

Order/Invoice Processing

Order / Invoice Processing features include:

  • Allows message only or miscellaneous detail line items
  • Credit on hold processing
  • Inventory allocation at order entry or inventory receipts
  • Inventory updates and back order creation
  • User assigned order and invoice numbers
  • Commission split and multiple tax rates per order
  • Order history maintained
  • Credit hold popup message at order screen for customers on credit hold
  • Customer SKU cross reference with your inventory numbers
  • Customer SKU order inquiry
  • Customer specific messages displayed with customer code is entered
  • Flexible price class codes at both inventory and customer levels
  • Online customer inquiry for immediate credit checks

Payroll/Personnel Management

Payroll / Personnel Management application features include:

  • Track hourly, salaried, & commissioned employees - daily, weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
  • Hours can include: regular, overtime, vacation, holiday & sick leave plus bonuses.
  • Print all needed data on each payroll check stub
  • Automatically highlight exception conditions as related to tax tables and voluntary deductions
  • Secure unauthorized access to confidential information with user defined security controls
  • Calculates and compiles routine government reports at quarter or year end

Purchase Order

Purchase Order application features include:

  • Maintain comprehensive vendor information including multi-period activity history, alternate remit address, alternate ship from addresses and vendor notes
  • PO information includes date requested, date expected, date cancelled, ship via, shipping terms and remarks for each PO
  • PO details include item code, quantity ordered, unit cost, quantity received, balance due, expected ship date and notes
  • List printed or unprinted, holds, completed or all PO’s in vendor or PO sequence in detail or summary level
  • Automatically adjust inventory upon PO receipt

Sales Analysis

Sales Analysis features include:

  • Produce detail item activity report by vendor type, category discounts, commission, item code sequence
  • Product monthly sales trends for any six month period
  • Identify most product sales people
  • Analyze sales history including commissions earned, paid, total sales and cost of sales

Sales Quotation

Sales Quotation features include:

  • Automatic transfer prospective customer to current customer status when a quote becomes an order
  • Manage prospective customer contacts with the combination of the tickler and comment system
  • Flexible document merging enables you to print lables and form letters to prospects or product list of prospects by category

Vehicle Maintenance

Featues include:

  • Maintain complete historical and scheduled maintenance information for an unlimited number of vehicles
  • Create detailed preventative maintenance schedules including definition of each task, related inventory item and cost for each service / repair item
  • Maintain detailed state inspection and registration history for each vehicle

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