dbTrigger Personal Edition

A software system designed by DB Trigger LLC.

About dbTrigger Personal Edition

The Personal Edition (PE) Is Our Single User Product for Individuals Who Are Exploring the Power of the dbTrigger Family of Products.

PE provides individuals with the flexibility to schedule, tailor, and alert customers, vendors, and associates to business critical events. Since dbTrigger pushes data to any device that can receive text messaging, email recipients are freed from monitoring websites and learning complicated application.

With the release of dbTrigger" Personal Edition, dbTrigger LLC brings the power of ýReal Time Data Miningý to the individual user. The small and midsize business user can easily create email alerts without programming or SQL knowledge. They can breath new life into old applications in less than one day.

dbTrigger" Personal Edition can serve as a foundation for changing the workflow of an organization and facilitate supply chain communication with its business partners. As long as a remote or internal database is SQL & ODBC compliant, dbTrigger Personal Edition can help users make quicker, more informed business decisions.

  • Limited to one ODBC profiles
  • Limited to 10 active triggers
  • One registered user
  • Workstation installation
  • Mail HTML documents
  • Import/Export triggers Yes
  • Trigger e-mails based upon addition of new records
  • Trigger e-mails based upon field changes
  • Send emails to addresses found in tables
  • Easy to use Trigger Wizard
  • Embed fields & text in email messages

The Personal Edition, contains a subset of our more powerfull Business and Enterprise Editions.

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