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About e-Automate

e-Automate is a full featured software package designed to help you run all aspects of your business. This product can help you in your sales, purchasing, inventory, service dispatching, and accounting processes. This product will automate several tasks and subsequently provide you with the following features:

  • Contract Expiration Notification - automated e-mail notification of contracts about to expire allow your sales people to focus on renewing contracts before expiration
  • Warranty Expiration Notification - automated e-mails are sent to sales people, alerting them of warranties on equipment that is about to expire; hence allowing them to generate new contracts on that equipment, before it expires.
  • Invoice Collection Reminder - e-mails are automatically sent to your collections staff to ensure the most valuable invoices are paid on time
  • Customer hold status Notification - automatically place a hold on customers accounts if they have an excessive past due balance.
  • Inventory Level Notification - e-mails are automatically sent to your specified managers if inventory levels of certain items falls below a set stock level

Additionally, e-Automate features a powerful mapping system. This system will generate a map and driving directions for your service technicians, when they are dispatched on a service call.

Accounts Payable

The accounts payable application gives you advantages in many areas. You can easily look up, inactivate, or add vendors to your Vendor List. This program allows for an unlimited number of order from addresses; and also allows you to assign default terms and ship to methods for your vendors, enabling much faster data entry. Additionally adding vendors, purchasers, items, terms and ship methods can be done on the fly, whenever you need to. You can also apply vendor invoices to an unlimited number of general ledger accounts; and the existence of a full audit trail allows you to edit invoice amounts after the fact.

This application will also automatically calculate all due dates, discount dates, and discount amounts for you. With e-Automate you have the ability to process checks (both printed and handwritten), cash and credit card payments; the invoices you’re paying can then be manually or automatically selected for application to the payment. This system also allows for partial invoice payments. All payments made are automatically recorded on the general ledger.

Accounts Receivable

e-Automate features a incredibly powerful accounts receivable application. Customer accounts are set up; within these accounts you can categorize your customers by type, and set an unlimited number of ship to addresses (each with separate sales tax codes). These accounts allow you to easily track customer payments; and give you the ability to support an unlimited number of bank accounts.

This application allows you to easily lookup customers, and view a complete history including aging, balance, payments, invoices, and contracts. Additionally you may look up an invoice, view it, apply payments, edit, write it off, or add a credit to the invoice. The Accounts Receivable application also allows you to process cash, check, credit card, and wire transfer payments from customers. Applying payments to invoices can be done automatically or manually by you. Payments are automatically recorded to the general ledger, saving your staff hours over the long term. Statistics within the program allow you to view cash-flow and aging information.

Dispatch Management

When it comes to dispatching your service technicians it is of the utmost importance to be as organized as possible; that’s where e-Automate provides you with multiple benefits. An informed service technician is necessary to perform a satisfactory job, therefor e-Automate shows your staff the following information when they first log onto the call entry screen: Contract details, Service history, customer account history, equipment details, preventative maintenance, warranty expiration, and contact information. You can easily assign technicians to service calls through a simple drag and drop interface; and you are notified of all conflicts immediately. This program can also track mileage automatically from beginning and ending odometer readings. Labor for multiple technicians and multiple days per technician can all be included on a single call. This application also allows you to assign an unlimited number of problem and repair codes for each call. The dispatch management application gives you the ability to print several call management reports, such as:

  • Technician performance report
  • Equipment performance report
  • Service history report
  • Cancellation causes
  • Preventative maintenance reports
  • Technician car stock management report

General Ledger

The general ledger application of e-Automate allows for an unlimited number of accounts and recurring journal entry. Each account contains up to 15 alphanumeric characters in the account number. Every account can be renumbered, renamed or inactivated; and new accounts can be added instantaneously. Recurring journal entries can be set up, saving time on repeated data entry; and any entry can be voided or edited. You may assign your journal entry numbers, if you so desire; however to save time, the system can automatically apply the journal numbers for you. e-Automate also gives you the ability to set up to 13 user-defined accounting periods. All transactions are posted by date and period; additionally, posting to future periods can be done without closing the current period.


e-Automate features a powerful and versatile inventory management system. This system is designed to track, organize, and monitor an unlimited number of inventory items. Items within your inventory can be associated with accessories, parts, supplies and drill-down ability (to show sub-components of assemblies). Automation of transfers, restocks and purchasing can be set up; this will increase your inventory turnover and profit, by ensuring you are never out of stock of items because of poor inventory monitoring. Each inventory item can be quickly added (by using user-defined templates) and assigned to one of multiple inventory item classifications (for tracking purposes).

Additionally, you can decide whether you want barcodes assigned to inventory items manually or automatically. Since this application interacts with the other e-Automate applications, vendor item costs are automatically updated. You are also given the ability to designate unique vendor item numbers, and track multiple vendors for each item. Within the inventory application you can set item substitutions and replacements; allowing you to replenish your inventory of a particular item if your primary vendor is out of stock. You are also able to cross reference a single item across multiple vendors to track costs and aid in procurement. e-Automate also allows you to test, set, and review multiple pricing structures. You are given the ability to price items by absolute dollar price, markup percentage, margin required, or percent of a default price. Setting LIFO/FIFO modes, allows you to view different cost layers. Each item can have unlimited price levels; and automatic allocation of freight or other charges can be incorporated into pricing.

No matter how big your company is, and how many warehouses you may have; e-Automate has the ability to handle your inventory control. In addition to supporting any number of warehouses, e-Automate can support an unlimited number of bins within each warehouse. By automating your inventory control, your staff will be given quick access to item location information and physical item counts. Upon counting your physical inventory if you notice a discrepancy, e-Automate allows for batch posting of physical inventory count adjustments.


e-Automate has the ability to create PO’s and keep a purchasing history. This application gives you the ability to create, view, edit, cancel, copy, receive, and print purchase orders; additionally the program is able to process drop ship orders. You are given the ability to create an unlimited number of order from addresses from each vendor; and those vendors’ item prices are automatically updated when you enter purchase orders. Purchase orders can be linked to sales orders or service calls, providing extensive viability for you. On order and back ordered items are tracked in your inventory; and are flagged as such. Partial order receipts pose no processing problems for e-Automate. Additionally, e-Automate allows you to use purchase bid request to obtain bids on inventory purchases; bid requests are then quickly converted to a purchase order. You can also set reorder levels, minimum orders, and lead time profiling to increase the effectiveness of your reporting. Full history of purchase history is kept; this history allows you to easily create the following reports:

  • Open Purchase Order Report
  • Purchase Order Status Report
  • Purchase Order Receipt Planning Report
  • Receipt Journal Report
  • GL Posting Report

Sales Management

e-Automate allows you to save an unlimited number of contacts for each customer or prospect to help you manage and build your customer relationships; additionally each customer can be put on one of an unlimited number of price levels (defined by you). This product also allows for multiple sales reps per invoice; and if you don’t have the invoiced items available in stock, e-Automate allows for partial order fulfillment. Quotes can be quickly assembled by your staff with the Quick Quote process; quotes can then be automatically converted to sales orders. e-Automate allows you to override pricing and set up promotional pricing. To save time in sales order processing, e-automate has implemented the following feature:

  • QuickAdd item entry requires minimal user data entry.
  • Customer price levels automatically determine pricing.
  • Inventory quantity status and cost information is displayed in the order entry window; meaning your staff never has to waste time looking up availability of items.
  • Packing slips and sales invoices are automatically created and printed the second an order is fulfilled (which is instantaneously).

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