CASper Sign Business Software

4 Reviews 3.5/5

A multi-module management system designed by Eazynet Solutions for marketing companies.

About CASper Sign Business Software

CASper Sign Business Software provides your marketing business with both a business management and a marketing software solution. This product was first developed in 1986 and has been updated progressively over the past decades. CASper will provide you with numerous benefits, providing a complete solution to managing your business. This product can also print the following reports:

  • Customer Analysis, Activity and History Reports
  • Open Invoice Reports
  • Aged Trial Balance and Cash Flow
  • Sale Rep Booking, Quote and Commission Reports
  • Sales Rep Contact Activity
  • Sales and Promotion Response Reports
  • Won/Lost reports on quotes that lead to a sale
  • Detail History Report
  • Service Dispatch and Production Scheduling
  • Promotion Responses


CASper provides a versatile inventory system. This system allows you to search for items and view quantities of items in stock. If you need to drill down this application allows you to see who a product is ordered for and from whom.

Lead and Sales Tracking

CASper features a detailed customer/contact manager system. This product allows you to store and index all of your past and current customers and transactions. The contact manager stores names, contacts, addresses, account balances, history, transaction history, and service history. This product also allows you to schedule future contact to prospected customers. 100% Microsoft integration allows you to export your customer database to MS Word and Excel; allowing you to analyze information in a program you may be more familiar with.

Production Scheduling

The Production Scheduling application gives you complete control over employee and job management. The presence of a built in employee time-clock allows you to track estimated vs. actual time spent on jobs. You have the ability to assign jobs by employee or by department. Each phase of labor completed by each department of your company, is initially entered in an estimate; once entered into the estimate the information is sent automatically to the job scheduling program. This program will also give you the ability to reschedule urgent jobs, automatically schedule jobs in the next available time slot, or automatically schedule jobs by due date. Reports built into the production scheduling application will track employee performance for any phase of any job, or series of jobs.

Purchase Order

CASper also allows you to create purchase orders very easily from the inventory screen; or the contact management screen. Purchase orders are numbered given a date of purchase and expected date of delivery. Additionally, vendor addresses are displayed; and depending on which method you use to construct a PO, ship to addresses or products ordered are automatically filled in on the PO.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of CASper Sign Business Software

Submitted on February 16th, 2023 by John Morrison


The Good…

We bought casper in 2004 at the ISA conference in Vegas. Without a doubt one of the best things we ever did. 19 years later we have access to all of our transactions for two decades at the click of a button. We refer back to Jobs daily to verify details from previous trips to the same locations. We have an immediate and accurate financial date broken down by year, month, date as well as historical date on the lifetime relationship with each and every customer.

The Bad…

Fantastic customer service and the same people we met in 2004 are still there!

Submitted on February 19th, 2021 by Matthew Blake

We primarily use Casper for inventory, job tracking, and estimation.

The Good…

We find the system easy to use and perfect for our sign business needs. This tool is created for sign businesses in particular so everything we need it has, and everything it has we need. It’s also not too hard to onboard new users which is important as we tend to have seasonal employees in some of our shop locations.

The Bad…

I know there are always updates and improvements. I’m not one to read documentation, I’d like to see some videos on how to best utilize any new features.

Submitted on June 2nd, 2020 by Judy Morgan

It’s great if you’re not using Window 10. Since we switched over from Windows 7 to Windows 10 there have been endless problems. With one user it works fine but as soon as there are more users it slows down considerably. CASper support will always blame it on your network because they have no solution for this problem. Until they fix this glaring issue I would never recommend investing in this software.

The Good…

It produces professional looking quotes

The Bad…

See my reply to Question #3, plus there are a lot of little quirks that are annoying and could be easily fixed. It would be nice to be able to reconcile cash daily without having to export to QuickBooks to get a reconciliation.

Submitted on May 22nd, 2018 by Anonymous

Adequate for small to medium sized sign companies. I have used this for over 10 years now in various versions, and I find it glitchy and annoying at times, but very efficient for managing workflow.

The Good…

Helps to maintain a logical workflow and production schedule.

The Bad…

Rude customer service with very poor communication. We are considering other packages because of our poor customer service experience.