FerenSoft Trio!

A web-based software system designed by Ferensoft.

About FerenSoft Trio!

FerenSoft Trio! Gallery and FrameShop Management Suite is the perfect solution for art galleries and frame shops. The Art, Customer, and Framing components are smoothly integrated, yet each can be used independently or in combination with the others to suit your individual business needs:

  • Art manages originals, posters, limited edition prints, books, sculpture, etc. Thousands of inventory items can be tracked by location, consignments, prices, framing cost of goods, title, artist, colors, subjects, and more.
  • Customers supports unlimited categories for notes and art interests. All sales are automatically posted to customer file for queries, reports, and targeted marketing.
  • Framing prices framing orders of any complexity at point-of-sale. Includes matboard, moulding, mounting, glazing, matting detail, and framing detail folders for complete pricing control.
  • Espresso! allows saving and retrieval of common framing designs, as well as retrieving designs from estimates and invoices. All FS Trio! reports can be customized, including invoices, estimates, work orders, address labels, bin labels, material lists, sales reports, etc. Choose fonts, colors, and graphics (such as a logo) in Windows versions.
  • FerenSoft Trio! Pro Network/Multi-User option allows several computers to share the same FS Trio! data. This means, for instance, that two or more sales can be completed at the same time while a third computer is used to edit and print customer labels! Windows and DOS peer-to-peer NetBIOS-compatible networks are supported. This includes running on Windows NT Server and in Windows sessions on Novell Server.
  • FerenSoft Trio! Pro Mat Cutter Interface option automates pricing, selling and cutting mat designs with Wizard International’s Visual Wizard, Fletcher-Terry’s F-6100 CMC, and Kaibab Artistic’s Eclipse MatWriter mat cutting machines and software. FS Trio! mat designs can be moved directly to these computerized mat cutters over the network or via diskette. This eliminates the need to re-select menu options or calculate and re-enter mat dimensions!
  • FerenSoft Trio! Pro Power Tools option is for power hungry shops and galleries that want to take things a little further. Instant cloning, promoting, and printing of estimates, work orders, and invoices all without leaving the Espresso! window, and more.

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