HarrisData Financials

A web-based accounting software system designed by HarrisData.

About HarrisData Financials

HarrisData’s state-of-the-art financial application utilizes the latest browser-based, drill-down functionality making preparation, analysis, and interpretation of financial statements a simple process. Access to information including source data is readily available for any transaction in any time period or budget. Audits are almost effortless, allowing for ready access of reliable and timely financial data at a moment’s notice.

Accounts Payable

HarrisData Accounts Payable provides financial managers with the tools to control cash expenditures. With these tools, financial managers can improve cash management and reduce effort.

Fast, Flexible Vouchers

  • Fast, easy voucher entry
  • Recurring vouchers
    • Installment plans
    • Scheduling flexibility
  • Fast one-time processing
    • Temporary vendors
    • Quick checks
  • Unlimited expense distribution
    • Up to 999 expense accounts
    • Current or future periods
    • Verification of distribution amount
    • Automatic creation of journal entries
  • Quickly search for specific vouchers
  • By name, address, vendor number, check number, invoice number, voucher number, phone number, or date
  • Void checks easily
  • Automatic or manual selection for payment
    • By bank and due date
    • Hold selected vouchers
    • Full or partial payment
    • Complete audit trails

Vendor Management

  • Comprehensive vendor information
    • Name & address
    • Contact information
    • Payment terms
    • Plus five user defined fields
  • Unlimited payment history
  • Open and paid vouchers by vendor
  • Vendor status
    • Hold vendors
  • Vendor type
    • Group vendors for analysis

Easy Check Processing

  • Computer generated or handwritten checks
  • Advanced print management
  • Easy bank reconciliation
  • Automatic reconciliation using bank file
  • Secured check printing

1099 Compliance

Facilitates compliance with Federal 1099 reporting requirements:

  • Manage Federal ID number and type
  • Create 1099 reports by vendor
  • Print 1099-MISC forms
  • Create magnetic media for filing
  • Extension of time request

Improved Cash Management

  • Cash Requirements report
  • Aging Analysis report
  • Based on invoice date or due date
  • User defined time periods

Comprehensive Reporting

A wide variety of standard reports are available within Account Payable, including:

  • Check Registers
    • All or selected banks
    • Detail or summary
  • Open/Recurring Voucher Lists
    • All, held, or selected for payment
  • Expense Distribution
    • By facility, vendor, or GL account
  • Vendor Lists
  • Vendor Purchase History
  • Period End Reconciliation
  • Bank/Check Reconciliation
    • Cleared checks
    • Outstanding checks

Accounts Receivable

HarrisData Accounts Receivable manages the cash collections effort of your organization. HarrisData Accounts Receivable provides the critical tools to manage the task of recording sales and collecting cash, including invoice entry, aging, collections, cash posting, and customer management.

Customer Information Management

  • Manage complete customer information
    • Customer name, address, phone/fax
    • Class
    • Location
    • Credit terms, limit, contact
    • Statement required
    • Salesperson
    • Priority
    • Tax exempt number
    • Executive contacts
    • Date established
    • Highest balance
    • User definable fields
  • Multiple defaults simplify new customer set-up
  • Flexible search capabilities
  • Unlimited history
  • Multiple ship-to per bill-to

Fast, Flexible Invoice Entry

  • Fast entry of invoice information
  • Automatic transfer from Order Entry
  • Audit trails maintained
  • Automatically creates Sales and Accounts Receivable journal entries
  • Optionally creates Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold journal entries
  • Distribute to multiple sales accounts
    • Verification of full distribution
  • Work in multiple periods

Flexible Aging Analysis

  • Real-time Aging
  • Flexible aging methods
    • User defined buckets
  • Detail and summary views
  • Based on invoice date or due date

Advanced Collections Processing

  • Manage collection efforts
  • Delinquent Register shows past due and credit violations
    • User defined exceptions
  • Call date, response date, and comments recorded for each collections call
    • Use unlimited comments
  • Flexible collection status codes
  • Print or fax statements with optional service charges
  • Automatically generate Dunning letters
  • Complete factor processing

Detailed Cash Posting

  • Multiple banks and cash accounts
  • Fast invoice search
  • Automatic invoice discount calculation
  • Discount terms validation
  • Verification of posted amount
  • Audit trails maintained
  • Work in multiple periods
  • Management of NSF payments
  • Debit memo controls
  • Miscellaneous cash

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Cash Receipts Journal
  • Statements
  • Sales Journal
  • Customer lists
  • Paid History
  • Miscellaneous Cash
  • Open Invoices
  • Distribution Report
  • Collection Status
  • AR Balance
  • Reconciliation reports
  • Multiple mailing label formats

Fixed Assets

HarrisData Fixed Assets optimizes depreciation schedules for tax purposes. With flexible what if capabilities and tight integration with General Ledger, Fixed Assets can deliver unprecedented account flexibility with minimal effort.

Asset Information Management

  • Asset number and description
  • Unlimited depreciation schedules
  • Separate location and building specification
  • Track purchased and leased assets
  • Insurance values, replacement costs, carrier information, key dates
  • Asset identification
    • Serial, Tag, and Id numbers
  • Vendor and PO number
  • Property type
  • New/Used
  • Asset class and family

Depreciation Flexibility

  • Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS)
  • Straight line
  • Declining balance
  • Sum of years digits
  • Accelerated Cost Recovery System (ACRS)
  • Real-Property ACRS
  • Adjusted Current Earnings (ACE)
  • Remaining Value/Remaining Life
  • Non-depreciable
  • Combined methods
  • Mid-month, mid-quarter, half-year conventions

What if Projections

  • Multiple projection libraries
  • Adjust any parameters for what if analysis in copied library
  • Calculate up to 60 years into future
  • Full details available
  • Detailed or summary reporting
  • Simplifies budgeting process

Regulatory Compliance

  • Section 179 Expense recording
  • Standard or reduced ITC percentage
  • Tax worksheets

Fully Integrated

  • Automatic creation of General Ledger transactions
  • Flexible mapping to General Ledger account structure

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Depreciation Register
  • Transfer Register
  • Acquisition Register
  • Retirement Register
  • Asset Master
  • Aged Assets
  • Leased Assets
  • Mid-quarter Analysis
  • Annual Registers
  • Tax worksheets
  • General Ledger detailed reports
  • Flexible Report Writer
    • Report by class, types, schedule, site, and more!

General Ledger

HarrisData General Ledger provides flexible account structures, consolidation rules, budgeting, and reporting. Auditability and control are maintained at all times. The built-in financial report writer offers simplicity and flexibility in generating financial statements of any kind.

Auditability, Integrity, Control

  • Shared chart of accounts
  • Accrual accounting
  • Complete audit trails
  • Liberal comments throughout
  • Controlled close processing

Flexible Consolidations

  • Complete multicompany processing
  • Unlimited consolidations
  • Complete consolidation flexibility
  • Complete allocation flexibility
  • Automatic allocations
  • Automatic intercompany processing
  • Full reporting power

Easy Journal Entry

  • Customizable Journal Entry screen
  • Easy entry of journal entries
  • Recurring, reversing, prior period, and future period journal entries
  • Comprehensive audit information
  • Automatic processing of journal entries from AR, AP, Fixed Assets, and other business systems

Flexible Accounting

  • Flexible 14 position account number
  • 12/13 period fiscal calendars
  • Optional year-end adjustments
  • Close periods in new fiscal year before prior year closed
  • Fixed or percentage allocations based on units or dollars

Budget Management

  • Simple budget creation and editing
  • Use prior year values, average values, existing budgets, and more
  • Retain unlimited budgets
  • Consolidated budget worksheets

Comprehensive Report Writer

  • Financially oriented
  • User-defined rows/columns
  • User-defined groupings
  • Calculated rows/columns
  • Flexible output

Standard Reports

  • Predefined financial statement formats
    • Balance Sheet
    • Income Statement
    • Comparative Income Statement
    • Spreadsheet Income Statement
  • Customizable financial Ratio analysis
  • General Ledger
  • Trial Balance Worksheets
  • Report options
    • Detail or summary reports
    • Current or prior period, quarter, year
    • Individual or consolidated entities
    • Compare with any budget


The optional Multi-Currency component of the HarrisData financial system adds basic currency conversion functionality to the HarrisData Financials solution. This component assists organizations in processing information from vendors and customers using non-domestic currencies.

Currency Conversion Database

  • From currency
  • To currency
  • Rate Type
  • Effective Date
  • Rate of Exchange
    • Historical, Average, or Spot Rates

Conversion Flexibility

  • Convert all financials between currencies
  • Convert budget figures between currencies
  • Convert journal entries between currencies
  • Revalue foreign-currency transactions entered in General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable

Easy Management of Gain/Loss

  • Flexible mapping to General Ledger account numbers
  • Enter invoices in foreign currency
  • Revalue outstanding invoices at period end
  • Automatically calculate unrealized gains and losses
  • Automatically calculate realized gains and losses at time of payment
  • Automatically create reversing journal entry for unrealized gains and losses
  • Review and analyze activity by customer or vendor in domestic or foreign currency
  • Full History maintained

Product Overview

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