ICommander Accounting Software

A full ERP system designed by ICommander.

About ICommander Accounting Software

Designed to be the last accounting software system you will ever need. ICommander grows as your organization grows. ICommander is a powerful and flexible accounting software system that can be adapted to meet your specific needs.

ICommander works effectively for small and large operations and it is designed to adapt to several types of entities. Optimal use is on a Red Hat Linux Server using Microsoft Windows PC’s for workstations. It may be used securely via the Internet either on your own server or on a shared server available at our headquarters.

The powerful ICommander Core Systems are always installed. The Accounting Systems installed are only those needed for your operations.

Industry-Specific Systems

  • Municipal Utility Billing System
  • Oil & Gas Revenue/Production Accounting
  • Oil & Gas Revenue Distribution
  • Oil & Gas JIB Interest Holder Billing
  • Oil & Gas JIB Lease Costing/Billing
  • Oil & Gas JIB Interface for A/P System
  • Country Club Member Billing A/R Extensions

ICommander Core System

  • ICommander Menu, Control, & Security System
  • ICommander General Utilities
  • ICommander Management Utilities
  • ICommander Help Topics Menu System
  • ICommander System Control

Accounts Payable


  • A REAL Accounts Payable System–NOT just an expensive Check-Writer
  • Period Flexibility beyond belief
  • Self-Reconciling
  • Select Invoices to Pay by Due Date or Individually
  • Defer Invoices Temporarily or Permanently
  • Cash Requirements Reports
  • Prepaid and Manual Checks Handling
  • Automated Account Number Assignment/Allocation
  • Accommodates Cost Allocation Plans
  • Optional Automatic Assignment of Vendor Numbers
  • Multiple Closings Allowed–Automatic Accrual of Year-End Late A/P
  • Check G/L Distribution Sheets
  • Optional Secure Printing of Signatures on Checks
  • History in every direction
  • 1099 Reporting

Job Costing Features in A/P

  • Optional Completed Contract or Percentage of Completion Accounting
  • Automatic Period-End WIP Adjustments
  • All Other Systems Interface to Job Cost in A/P
  • Job Estimates with Optional Overage Controls
  • Closed Job History
  • Automated Account Number Assignment
  • Many Alternative Uses
  • Capital Expenditures Authorization
  • Project Tracking
  • Repair & Maintenance per Equipment Tracking

Accounts Receivable


  • Complete Receivable and Cash Receipt System for ALL Receipts
  • Cash Receipts Functions Also Handle All Forms of A/R Adjustment Entry
  • Build YOUR Own Revenue and Receipt Tracking Schemes
  • Revenue Recognition Period Controlled by YOU
  • No Period Restrictions
  • Interfaced Sales Posting from All Billing Systems
  • Entry of Manual Invoices Accommodated
  • Generation & Billing of Standard Recurring Customer Charges
  • Optional Automatic Assignment of Customer Numbers
  • Optional Credit Applications Tracking
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Optional Interface to A/P Job Costing
  • Short-Hand/Automated Account Distribution Entry
  • Sales Tax Reporting
  • Track COD and Credit Card Receivables Separately
  • Track Receivables by Multiple A/R Accounts
  • Multiple Finance Charge Calculation Options
  • Statement Printing Preferences Specified by YOU
  • Optional Purged Open Item History
  • History in Every Direction

Country Club Member Billing A/R Extensions


  • Add-On to Standard ICommander A/R System
  • Developed for Country Clubs but Adaptable to any Membership Organization
  • Accommodates Complex Dues Structures with Standard A/R Grouping Codes
  • Generate Standard Membership Fees on any Combination of Frequencies
  • Option to Enter Food & Beverage Minimums per Month
  • Separate Entry of Sales & Charges to Measure Against Minimums
  • Optional Import from Cash Register Systems
  • A/R Statement Functions as Combined, Current Invoice and Statement of Past Due
  • Includes All Features & Capabilities of Base ICommander A/R System

General Billing/Payroll Entry


  • Flexible Billing Whenever Perpetual Inventory is N/A
  • Servicing Companies
  • Professional Services
  • Unlimited Charge Codes
  • Track Equipment Used
  • Track Customer Service Locations
  • Optional P/R Interface
  • Separate Billing Pay Types Cross-Referenced to P/R Pay Types
  • Simultaneous Payroll Time Entry
  • Customer-Specific Pricing Options
  • Variable Prices Dependent on Equipment Used Available
  • Inter-Company Charges Accommodated
  • Turnkey Billing Accommodated
  • Custom Import from Handheld and Other Devices Available
  • Standard Periodic Charges Accommodated
  • Unlimited Notes Entry for Printing on Invoices
  • Multiple Invoice Printing Options
  • Option to Print Logo on Blank Paper Invoices
  • Remote Site Entry Option
  • Period-End Work in Process Accrual Option
  • History by Customer

General Ledger


  • Adapt to ANY Type and Size of Entity
  • Up to 5 Account Number Components with 1 to 6 Digits
  • Only Enter Account Number Components Defined
  • Unused Components and Digits Reserved to Allow for Growth and Change
  • Background Validation of Account Number Components
  • Background Standard and Alternate Grouping of Account Number Components
  • Background Codes Enable Short Account Numbers to Represent MANY Groupings
  • Built-In Report Generation Facility–No Need for Separate Report Writer
  • No Interim or Year-End Period-End Restrictions
  • A Full Year to Finish Prior Year JE’s
  • Automatic Roll Forward of Prior Year JE’s to Current Year
  • Alternate Fiscal Years for Calendar Year or Grant Reporting
  • Up to 99 Years of VALID Comparative Monthly History
  • Print Reports on Any Year(s) in History
  • Chart Rearrange Function
  • Individual Account Redirection Option for Selected Reports
  • Financial Reporting beyond Belief
  • Batch Reporting Facility Makes it Simple
  • Consolidated/Combined Reporting for ANY Entity Type
  • Balancing of Every Year and Period is ALWAYS Proved
  • No Period Restrictions on Interfacing
  • Automatic Creation of CEPI-FID files for Schools

Inventory Billing


  • Pricing is so Flexible that a Special Program is Provided to Document Price Determination
  • Price by any Unit but Maintain Inventory in a Single Unit
  • Customer-Specific Prices by Item or Product Category
  • Price Level and Quantity Discount Pricing Available
  • Optional Separate Prices per Location
  • Global Price Change Functions Included
  • Price Changes History Maintained
  • Option for Automated Price Setting
  • Sales Order/Invoice Processing to Handle Every Situation
  • Optional Multiple Sales Locations vs Inventory Locations
  • Restrictions on Manual Price Overrides
  • Optional Picking Sequence on Load Orders
  • Miscellaneous Charges Control
  • Optional Shipping Zip Code Zone Cross-Reference
  • Automatic Generation of Multiple Purchase Orders for
  • Special-Order Items on Sales Order as you
  • Enter Sales Order
  • Tracking of Special-Order/Drop Shipments PO vs Sales Order
  • Back Order Tracking
  • Automated Tracking of Related Party Transactions
  • Commission Calculation and Tracking
  • Immediate Update of Inventory Status
  • Day End Update of Accounts Receivable & Invoice History
  • Period-End Update of G/L
  • No Period-End Hold-Ups
  • History in Every Direction

Inventory Costing


  • Access Inventory Items by Item or Part Number
  • Changeable Part Numbers
  • Analyze by Product Category
  • Multiple Inventory Locations
  • Automated Account Number Assignment
  • Integrated Purchase Order System
  • Automatic Creation of Receiver Reports
  • Non-Inventory Items Accommodated on Purchase Orders
  • No Hold-Up of Business to Enter a Physical Inventory
  • Exception Receiver Entry
  • Automatic Reconciliation of Inventory Totals
  • Vendor Ordering Information File
  • Vendor Order Cost per Part Number File
  • Automatic Analysis of Stock Ordering Needs
  • Automatic Purchase Order Generation Based on Edited Ordering Needs
  • Special-Order Items HANDLED with Tracking by Vendor Part Number
  • Use Standalone or with Inventory Billing System
  • Standalone to Calculate Costs via Monthly Physical Inventory
  • Moving Average Cost Method
  • Acquisition History
  • G/L Distribution History
  • Month-End Inventory Status History

Municipal Utility Billing System


  • Organize Properties by Type Groups & Sub-Codes for Analysis
  • Optional Additional User-Defined Property Classifications
  • Permanent Property-ID Cross-Referenced to Property Tax-ID
  • Property Address Entered in Format that Facilitates Look-Up by Address
  • Separate Route-Book-Read Sequence Number for Manual Reads
  • Customer File to Identify Parties to Bill and Owners
  • Track Property Owner whether Billed for Usage or Not
  • Track Multiple Billing Units for a Property (Apartments)
  • Track Meter Types & Serial Numbers per Unit Including Installation Date
  • Assign Bill-To Customer to Property/Unit/Meter
  • Variable Turn-Off Control per Customer/Meter
  • Deposit Tracking
  • Customer Alternate Notifications/Relationships
  • Flexible Entry and Generation of Other Non-Meter Charges/Property
  • Trail of All Changes in Billable Customers and Meters
  • Manual Entry from Meter Reads with Online Reasonableness Tests
  • Import from Meter Reading Devices with Edit/Validation Routines
  • Automatic Conversion of Read Units to Billing Units
  • Seasonal Averaging and Various Charge Variations Accommodated
  • Optional Billing Cycle Codes
  • Business-Like A/R Aging Reports by Customer & Property
  • Flexible Penalty Processing
  • Efficient Cash Receipts Entry that also Allows Non-A/R Cash Entry
  • Cash Receipts Entry also Handles a Multitude of Adjustment Transactions
  • Print Turnoff Warning Notices
  • Multiple Approaches to Handling Inter-Funds
  • Usage and Charge History you can Trust and Use - Unlimited Number of Periods
  • Meter Reads
  • Usage Billed
  • Sales/Billing by Property/Charge Type-Code/Customer
  • Ability to Reprint a Billing from History
  • Cash Receipts and Adjustment Unlimited History by Customer/Property/Type
  • Event Tracking with Unlimited Notes

Oil & Gas Revenue Distribution


  • Projects Master File for Grouping Properties and Wells
  • JIB Expense Allocations
  • Post Production Cost Calculation and Allocations
  • Michigan State PPC Special Handling
  • Interest Holder Vendor File Accommodates Multiple Name & Address Lines
  • Pay-To Vendor Function for Issuing Checks to Banks & Others
  • Flag Vendors Subject to Backup Federal Income Tax Withholding
  • History of All Changes in Interests in Every Property
  • Multiple Projects and Production Periods in Process Entries
  • Enter Production by Meter Number when Beneficial
  • Extensive Options for Unusual Revenue or Deductions Entry
  • Calculation of Severance Tax
  • Option to Blend Prices Across all Properties in a Project
  • Extensive Adjustment Functions Including
    • Project-Wide Reversal/Reallocation
    • Interest Transfers and Similar Adjustments
    • Suspend/Un-Suspend Flagging History
    • Interest Holder Reallocations
  • Optional Automatic Relief of Our Interest
  • Optional Reconciliation of Actual PPC Expenses to Calculated
  • Reprint Remittance Advices from History
  • Print Cumulative Remittances from History
  • 1099 Reporting
  • Extensive History in Summary and Full Detail
  • Option to Enter Prior Production Allocated on a Different System

Oil & Gas Revenue/Production Accounting


  • Flexible Oil & Gas Interests Master File
  • Flag Stripper Wells
  • Automatic G/L Account Number Assignment
  • Cross-Reference Our Interest-ID’s to Purchaser Interest-ID’s
  • Efficient Production Entry
  • Enter Directly from Purchaser Remittances Using Their Codes
  • Enter from Worksheets Printed by System Using Our Codes
  • Track Adjustments to Prior Production Entries
  • Enter Expense Only Distributions
  • Detailed Revenue Ledger History for Unlimited Years
  • Analyze by Our Revenue Recognition Period
  • Analyze by Production Period
  • 1099 Tie-Out Report to Simplify Reconciliations
  • Output Reports to Simplify Depletion Schedule Creation
  • Optional Automatic Creation of Depletion Schedules (Custom)



  • Options to Handle Every Situation Imaginable
  • Unlimited Pay Type Codes Tailored to You
  • Unlimited Deduction Codes Defined by You
  • Account Distribution Options Beyond Belief
  • Unlimited Codes and Methods on Every Front
  • Automated Handling of Multiple Pay Rates/Employee
  • Integrated Workers Compensation Tracking & Expense Accrual
  • Direct Deposit Magnetic Media File Creation for Any Bank
  • Option to Track Time and Expense by Work Date
  • Every Quarter and Year Stays Available
  • All G/L History Retained as Long as You Desire
  • Terminated Employees Maintained in Separate File
  • Multiple States & Localities Accommodated
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Automated Accrual Functions
  • Leave Time Tracking and Accrual
  • Optional Fringe Benefit Plan Tracking & Expense Accrual
  • Optional Bargaining Unit Tracking with Global Update Options
  • Optional Salary Contract Tracking
  • Logging of Every Employee Master File Change
  • Automated Reconciliations
  • History in Every Direction
  • Online Check Reconciliation with Bank File Import Options
  • Integrated with P/R Entry via General Billing System
  • P/R Tax Calculations Maintained from Menus
  • P/R Tax Update Maintenance Changes Furnished by ICommander
  • Creation of Tax & Pension Plan Magnetic Media Files
  • Extensive Personnel Management Functions for Employees

Purchase Order


  • Use for Issuing and Tracking Purchase Orders when Perpetual Inventory is N/A
  • Use when Non-Accountants Need to Enter A/P Transactions
  • Simplifies Accounts Payable Processing
  • Extended Vendor Order Information for Purchase Orders
  • Print and Track Purchase Orders
  • Optional Purchase Order Online Approval Process
  • Manual Purchase Orders may be Entered and Tracked
  • Direct Purchases may be Entered for Invoice Matching
  • Entry of Invoices without Receivers
  • Option to Track Expense by Equipment Item
  • Option to Track Expenses Billable Back to Customers
  • Exception Receiver Entry
  • Invoice Match-Up Entry
  • Remote Site Entry Option
  • Period-End Accrued Expense Option (Cost Incurred but No Invoice Yet) (Speed-Up Issuance of Valid Financial Statements)
  • Budgetary Control for Entities Subject to Budgetary Control
  • Encumbrance Tracking by Budget Year
  • Optional Real-Time G/L Interface to Monitor Commitments
  • Allow or Disable Entry of Items when Cost will Exceed Remaining Budget
  • History in every Direction

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