SYNDi Investment Ledger

A general ledger application designed by Indus Systems for accounting/legal/professional and finance & insurance companies.

About SYNDi Investment Ledger

SYNDi Investment Ledger is an investment management software that helps an individual or organization to maintain their investment portfolio of stocks, bonds and notes.

Typically a G/L account is set up for each security and is often extended to the investor level through sub-accounts for tracking purpose. The result is that the chart of accounts soars to an unmanageable level. SYNDi Investment Ledger solves the problem by maintaining individual transactions while passing a simple journal entry to General Ledger. The application is equally suitable for the individual investor as well as for a financial management company maintaining the accounts of individual investors. With SYNDi Investment Ledger you may set up just one or two asset accounts for investments and maintain all history within the sub-ledger, thus keeping your General Ledger clean and streamlined.

If you operate as a financial service bureau, managing portfolios of your clients and working with various brokers or money managers, you can use the software to maintain the history of all transactions related to the purchase and sale of investments. If you are using the software to manage your own portfolio, you may set yourself up as a single investor and operate with the same ease.

The main features of SYNDi Investment Ledger is its simplicity, ease of use and minimal training requirements. The statement from your broker (money manager) forms the basis for input into the system and maintains the record of each financial instrument from the time it enters the portfolio until its disposal. SYNDi Investment Ledger is able to handle all types of transactions for every security, including brokers’ fees and taxes, which is often neglected as part of an expense.

SYNDi Investment Ledger Features

  • Manage multitude of asset types like stocks, mutual funds, money market funds, all types of bonds, treasury bills, fixed deposits etc
  • Supports multi-currency transactions
  • Easy to use Sage 300 ERP Integration with Chart of Accounts, Banks, and GL Entry Transfers
  • Manage multiple Investors, Brokers, Money Managers
  • User defined fields
  • User defined fees on every transaction
  • Miscellaneous transactions
  • Multi-users
  • Assign user permissions
  • Audit Trail
  • Data-entry validation
  • Many useful excel based report
  • Custom Reports

SYNDi Investment Ledger Target Market

  • Insurance institutions
  • Financial institutions
  • Brokers
  • Money Managers
  • Wealth Managers
  • Individuals with a large collection of investments
  • Businesses which deals with investments

SYNDi Investment Ledger Pricing

The cost of SYNDi Investment Ledger starts at $14,500 upfront. Software Assurance is calculated at 18% of the total cost of software and additional user licenses charged per annum, and is mandatory (included in upfront cost) for the first year and optional thereafter. Optional Monthly Tech Support, Plan 1 (maximum of 5 incidents per month) $750/month Optional Monthly Tech Support Plan 2 (unlimited incidents per month) $1,800.00/month Optional Monthly Tech Support Plan 3 (unlimited incidents per month) $2,900.00/month.

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