A full ERP system designed by Data Pro Accounting Software.

About Infinity POWER

Infinity POWER is designed to provide an easy to use, but highly flexible, core accounting system for a wide range of businesses.

Unique in the way these products are created, Infinity POWER allows business owners and managers alike the capability of defining how each user with in their organization will utilize their products.

Accounts Payable With Check Writing

System Overview

The primary purpose of an Accounts Payable system is to track all dollars that are owed to vendors (or suppliers). The printing of checks and vendor 1099s, along with the coordination of current cash flow, is essential. The Infinity POWER Accounts Payable module addresses all of these basic payable needs as well as providing many advanced reporting and tracking capabilities. The check writing options provide the ability to write direct checks, perform EFT processing, make check runs based on currently due ýpayablesý and record manually written checks after-the-fact.

Product Features

  • 10 Character Vendor Number (alpha/numeric)
  • Unlimited number of Vendors
  • Unlimited number Open Items
  • Unlimited number of Transactions
  • Allows Importing of Vendor Accounts
  • Allows Importing of Vendor Transactions
  • Handles Cash or Accrual Accounting Methods
  • Handles 1099 Magnetic Media Reporting
  • Allows Multi-Project and General Ledger Distribution of expenses for a single Vendor’s Invoice
  • Automatically Calculates and Tracks
  • Vendor Retainage by Project (Job)
  • Automatic Calculation of Discounts
  • Allows Retainage Only Invoices
  • Allows Inventory Receipts and Non-Project Expenses
  • On-Line Update of Project Information at time of Data Entry
  • Vendor Accessed by Number, Name or Special User-Definable Search Field
  • Inventory Integration Provides On-Line Update of Receipts and Detailed Inventory Item Purchase History by Vendor
  • Reports Sorted by** Vendor Number, Name or Special User-Definable Search Field**
  • On-Line Vendor Inquiry (Shows Address/Contact Information, Factor and Insurance Information, Open Items and Aging for Both Future Due/Past Due)
  • On-Line Inventory Item Inquiry (Shows Pricing, All Quantities, Costs)
  • On-Line Add a Vendor, Inventory Item, and General Ledger Account
  • Recurring Expense Posting allows Fixed Payments and/or Variable Expenses
  • Allows Payment Directly to Vendor or their Factor (Collection Agency)
  • Supports Unlimited number of Separate Checking Accounts
  • Allows display of ýVendor Commentsý during transaction entry
  • Add/Review Notes by Vendor
  • Automatic General Ledger Budget Verification
  • On-Line Voucher option Allows 50 General Ledger Allocations for each Transaction (Both Cash & Accrual)
  • Batch Voucher Option allows 500 Allocations for each Transaction/Job related cost
  • Write a Single Check Option
  • Automatic Void a Check Option
  • Record a Manually Written Check Option
  • Pay Criteria allows Specific Due Dates, Batch Coding, Pay Now or Suspense Coding of Disputed Invoices
  • Cash Requirements Analysis Reporting based on Outstanding Vendor Accounts
  • Each Checking Account may have it’s own Unique Check Form for each account
  • Checks for Duplicate Invoice both in Voucher Entry and Batch Entry
  • Date Sensitive Accounts Payable Aging Report
  • Includes Date Paid and Check Number fields in open item file
  • AP Aging Report allows Agings as of a Prior System Date to match against General Ledger Balance Sheet
  • The option to Remove Paid Open Items can be done for all items as of a user specified date
  • AP Aging Report has an option to print Aging with Grand Totals Only
  • International Addresses included for all Vendor Files
  • Tracks FAX Numbers and E-Mail Addresses by Vendor
  • Check Reconciliation automatically updated when checks are written
  • At least 5000 Open Items may be viewed in the Vendor Inquiry at a time
  • General Ledger Account Inquiry during Accounts Payable processing
  • Vendor Insurance Expiration warning during entry
  • 5000 Invoices may be paid per check

Accounts Receivable With Invoicing

System Overview

The primary purpose of an Accounts Receivable system is to track all dollars that are owed to you by your customers. Providing the ability to generate invoices and customer statements is crucial to making the billing cycle flow properly. Infinity POWER Accounts Receivable module addresses all of these basic receivable needs as well as providing many advanced reporting and tracking capabilities.

In addition to standard invoice generation, this module is designed to integrate fully with the Job Cost Main Module.

Product Features

  • 10 Character Customer Number (alpha/numeric)
  • Unlimited number of Customers
  • Unlimited number Open Items
  • Unlimited number of Transactions
  • Allows Importing of Customer Accounts
  • Allows Importing of Customer Transactions
  • Custom Pricing Matrix assigned and calculated by customer
  • Credit Warning features based on past due Aging Category
  • Commissions by Salesperson
  • Provides Multi-State, Multi-County Tax reporting with breakdown by Taxing Entity and audit trails
  • Discounts by Invoice Total or by Line Item
  • Tracks Sales and Payment History
  • Customer Accessed by Number, Name or Special User-Definable Search Field
  • Inventory Integration Provides On-Line Update of Invoices and Detailed Inventory Item Sales History by Customer
  • Reports Sorted by Customer Number, Name or Special User-Definable Search Field
  • On-Line Customer Inquiry (Shows Address/Contact Information, Open Items and Aging)
  • On-Line Inventory Item Inquiry (Shows Pricing, All Quantities, Costs)
  • On-Line Add a Customer, Inventory Item, and General Ledger Account
  • Handles Cycle Billing or Recurring Invoices
  • Date Paid and Check Number fields are included in Open Item File
  • Supports Unlimited number of Separate Checking Accounts
  • Allows display of Customer Comments during transaction entry
  • Add/Review Notes by Customer
  • International Addresses included for all Customers
  • Credit Hold by Customer
  • Unlimited number of Ship-to-Addresses
  • Allows removal of Paid Open Items by Date Range
  • Prints Detailed Sales Journal including the Detail of each invoice and calculation of Profit by line Item and Invoice Total
  • Allows Scheduling of Payments (Up to 360 Payments per invoice)
  • Supports Balance Forward or Open Item Method by Customer
  • Calculates Suggested Billing by Project based on the Billing Type: Direct Billing, Cost Plus, Percent Complete, Bank Draw, or Completed Contract
  • Allows Direct Billing of Projects
  • Credit Hold by Customer_
  • Unlimited number of Ship-to-Addresses
  • Calculates and Tracks Retainage
  • User-Definable Terms, Aging Categories and Finance Charges
  • Payment Discounts Unapplied Cash, Partial Payments and Deposits
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Report allows Agings as of a prior system date to match against General Ledger Balance Sheet
  • Supports Credit Card Networks including MAPP, NOVA and IC Verify
  • Allows Multiple Accounts Receivable Accounts
  • Allows printing of Deposit Register by Date Range and Bank Account Number
  • Highest Credit Balance included on Customer Inquiry
  • Customer Ranking Report prints either the top or bottom 500 customers based on Sales, Number of Invoices, or Average Invoice
  • EFT Electronic Funds Transfer in Cycle Invoice and Payments

Advanced Security Administrator

System Overview

The Infinity POWER Advanced Security Administrator is specifically designed to allow a company’s management to implement a high-level security system targeted at controlling access an usage of various Infinity POWER and Infinity Commerce software applications.

Product Features

  • Monitor and Control Access to highly sensitive information
  • Broad Range of Flexibility to configure Security System as tightly as possible
  • Ability to set up users and assign Specific Rights to each user
  • Ability to set up Groups and assign specific rights based on a group of users
  • Ability to set up Authorities for over-ride situations
  • Custom Security Objects may be added if desired

Check Reconciliation

System Overview

The Infinity POWER Check Reconciliation is designed to integrate with the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll modules. The program may be run in a stand-alone mode, with all checks and deposits entered manually for reconciliation or through integration.

Product Features

  • Unlimited number of Bank Accounts allowed
  • Bank Accounts allow 30 Character Description per account
  • Allows for managing Pre numbered Checks as well as Manually entered checks
  • Tracks Statement Balances
  • Allows Different Check Format per Bank Account
  • Tracks Separate Cash Account, Accounts Payable Account and Discount Account by Bank Account
  • Options allow users to clear a Range of Checks rather than one at a time
  • Allows the Importing of cleared check entries from other sources
  • Additional Sort key allows the capability to sort reports by Date Number Sequence or by Date/Check Number Sequence
  • Updates General Ledger with any direct entries for Service Charges and Late Fees
  • Separate Forms for Accounts Payable and Payroll by Checking Account
  • Clear Checks by Check Number
  • Minimum Check Amount by Bank Account

General Ledger With Advanced Budgeting & Financial Report Writer

System Overview

A simplified definition of a General Ledger is the accumulation of all financial transactions into one consolidated set of books. These transactions are summarized by account. The Infinity POWER General Ledger system expands upon this simple definition to provide the core of your accounting and financial reporting needs. This module provides you with your primary financial and managerial accounting reports, as well as audit trails in both Journal (transaction date order) and Ledger (account order) format. You can have an unlimited number of Balance Sheet and Income Statement presentations that can each be selected by name.

Product Features

  • 20 Character Account Numbers (alpha/numeric)
  • Unlimited number of Accounts per Company
  • Unlimited number of Transactions per Company per month
  • Allows Importing of Chart of Accounts from other systems for easy conversion
  • Divisional/Department Reporting
  • 20 User-Definable Transaction Journals
  • Process in Multiple Fiscal Periods at once **(Even Across Fiscal Years)**
  • Allows Inter-company Journal Entries with Auto-Balancing Feature
  • Merge Multiple Companies’ Data for Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Optional Monthly and Annual Recurring Journal Entries
  • Optional Descriptions for each line of a Journal Entry
  • Automatic Reversing Journal Entries
  • Prints Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Transaction Reports
  • Budgeting by Month with Comparative Financial Reporting
  • Comparative Year-to-Year Financial Reporting
  • Unlimited Financial Statement Formats
  • Ability to define STAT Accounts for percentage calculations on Financials
  • Unlimited number of Accounts per Company
  • Batch Journal Entry allows up to 500 Accounts per Batch
  • 1000 Batches allowed per Company
  • Intelligent screen prompts instruct whether Debits or Credits should be used for Particular Accounts
  • Allows 13 Period Accounting
  • Easy Integration with Third Party Programs
  • Accountant’s Trial Balance
  • Advanced Budgeting includes a variety of ways to calculate Budget Figures
  • Formatting Capabilities in the Financial Statement Set Up options include Rounding of Decimals, Stats, Ratios, and Percentages
  • Decimal Rounding feature used with various presentations of Financial Statements
  • Import/Export of Financial Statement Formats
  • Chaining of Financial Statements for simplified printing of multiple linked reports
  • Archives 26 Budgets per Company, per fiscal year
  • Integration to Check Reconciliation through Batch Entry
  • Recurring Journal Entry capability
  • FUND Accounting feature
  • Import Batch option
  • Import from Best Software’s FAS for Windows
  • Account Masking on Reporting

Inventory Management With Bar Coding & Sales Analysis

System Overview

The Infinity POWER Inventory Management module is designed to be one of the most powerful modules offered. Not only is this module designed to track and account for goods used for resale and use in the business but it also includes all capabilities to track and process the manufacturing of items and their possible allocation to various projects or jobs. Materials can be transferred directly to a project for Time and Material based projects.

Product Features

  • 20 Character Part Number (alpha/numeric)
  • Unlimited number of Inventory Items
  • Unlimited number of Transactions
  • 1000 Items per Sub-Assembly
  • 8 Costing Methods Supported: LIFO, FIFO, Average Cost, Latest cost, Standard Cost, Serial Numbers, Lot Numbers and Fixed Overhead
  • Supports Bar Code Readers for Data Input and Prints Bar Code Labels
  • Allows Transfer of Materials directly to or from a Project (Job)
  • Allows Manufacturing of Assemblies which may be transferred to a Project
  • Allows Customized Manufactured Items on a Project to be transferred to Inventory as Finished Goods for resale
  • Complete Detailed Analysis of Materials used on each Project
  • Processes Inventory Control of Raw Materials, Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies
  • Reduces Component Inventory at time of Manufacture
  • Provides Future Manufacturing Cost Projections
  • Handles the creation of By-Products at the time of Manufacture
  • MRP Calculations based on Current Sales, Order Commitments and Projections
  • Custom Price Plan Options for Contract Pricing
  • Tracks up to 5 Decimal Places by Item for Unit Cost, Unit Price or Quantities
  • Allows Importing of Inventory Items for easy conversion from other systems
  • Allows Importing of Transactions
  • Allows Importing of Pricing Tables
  • Allows Importing of Physical Counts
  • Multi-Location tracking and Reporting on all Reports
  • Allows Quick Price Table Changes for all Items or a Range of Items
  • Pricing Options available by Factors
  • 10 Standard Price Levels with Factors and Quantity Breaks per Item
  • User-Definable Descriptions of Price Levels
  • Tracks 2 Alternate Part Numbers
  • Allows Input of Returns
  • On-Line Add an Inventory Item
  • On-Line Inventory Item Inquiry
  • User-Definable Part Number Lengths and Descriptions
  • Four Lines of Description per Item Number
  • Sorts by Part Number, Description or Bin Number with Multi-Layer Search Capability
  • Tracks Two Vendors and Vendor Part Numbers per Item
  • Material Requirements Planning and Reporting
  • Supports Commitment of Inventory Sold but not Shipped
  • Tracks Unit Weight for Freight calculations in Sales Order Entry
  • Unit of Measure defined by Item
  • Tracks Minimums/Maximums to Stock/Order by Item
  • Update Physical Count allows the user to automatically Receive Overages at Last Cost
  • Unit of Measure Conversion allows for 10 Unique Factor Setups per item
  • Allows for Fractional Unit of Measure factors
  • Lot Number feature allows for Size/Style/Color Tracking on items
  • Screening Out certain Price Levels by item from Inquiries provides protection for sensitive pricing information
  • Inquiry for Serial and Lot Numbers by Item
  • Inquiry for Multi-Location Quantities by Item
  • Specialized Fields for Internet Integration include Item Category, Textfile Imagefile, Videofile and Audiofile
  • Formatted (.JPG OR .BMP) attached to each item for review

Job Cost Main Module

System Overview

The Infinity POWER Job Cost Main module is central to the ý**tracking** ý of ý**project** ý or ý**job** ý related costs and/or billings. Accounting transactions start in the appropriate accounting module such as (Accounts Payable or Payroll). As costs from these modules are entered, all projects and cost codes are updated simultaneously. Complete Job Costing information becomes a by-product of performing standard accounting functions. Sophisticated cost accounting transactions are created by distributing costs to jobs through cost codes charged during each transaction.

Product Features

  • Unlimited number of Projects/Jobs per Company
  • Unlimited number of Cost and Billing Codes, per Project/Job
  • User-Definable Project Label (Jobs, Projects, Engagements, Cases, etc.)
  • 10 Character alpha/numeric Cost/Billing codes
  • Cost/Billing Codes have up to 5 User-Definable Components
  • user definable Billing Periods (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly, etc.)
  • Multiple Accounting Months may be open simultaneously, even across fiscal years
  • Budgets may be established at any level of detail desired for both quantities and dollars
  • Budgeting Variance Reporting provides projections of project profitability based on cost percent complete compared to the estimated percent complete
  • Handles FIVE billing methods: Direct Billing, Cost Plus, Percent Complete, Bank Draw, Completed Contract
  • Suggested Billing Amounts calculated automatically
  • Calculates Cost Percent Complete and/ or Estimated Percent Complete for each of the five Billing Methods
  • Change Orders may be Budgeted and Billed within the Original Project/Job
  • If Detailed project information is maintained, reports can summarize Project information on up to FIVE levels
  • Project Analysis may be provided by Employee, supplier, Sub-Contractor and/or Material Used.
  • Prints Estimated Profit Report by Project

Payroll With Check Writing & Direct Deposit

System Overview

The Infinity POWER Payroll module is designed to calculate employee pay, generate pay checks and track employee tax information. It provides detailed personnel reporting and analysis, as well as breakdowns for multiple jobs, departments and states. The pay calculation and check writing options provide rapid or single pay data entry for salaried and hourly employees. Hourly employees may have up to twenty different hourly rates on the same pay period. Complete check runs or individual checks may be generated at any time.

Product Features

  • 12 Character Employee Number (alpha/numeric)
  • Unlimited Number of Transactions
  • Employees Accessed by Number, Name or Department
  • Payroll Tax Allocation by Department
  • W-2 Printing
  • User-Selectable Preprinted Checks and W-2 Forms
  • On-Line Employee Inquiry (Options for Default Employee Data, Personal Time Balances, Comments, Historical Pay Information, Tax Tables/Accumulator Data)
  • Importing of Employees from other systems for easy conversions
  • Importing of Time Clock Data or Standard Pay Data from other systems through Integration with the Time Sheet Entry Module
  • Allocate Employee Pay Data to Multiple Projects or Departments on each Pay Cycle
  • Multiple Pay Rates Per Employee, per Project
  • Certified Payroll Report
  • Payroll Overhead Allocations automatically posted to Project and/or Departments
  • Rapid Data Entry of Pay Data with Automatic Employee Retrieval
  • Tracks Number of Weeks Worked, Hours Worked, Vacation, Personal and Sick Time Balances by Employee
  • Automatic Voiding of Checks
  • Supports Non-Payroll Payments to Employees
  • Supports Special Pay Types and Deduction Codes such as Bonuses, Commissions, Additional Witholding, Insurance, Pension Programs, 401K Special Deduction Codes, 125 Cafeteria Plan and other User Definable Codes
  • Piecework Calculations
  • Automatic Calculation of Special Pay Types by a Fixed Amount, Percent of Gross Pay or Amount by Hour
  • Workers’ Compensation Tracking and Reporting
  • Handles different Pay Periods by Employee Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annually
  • Handles Salaried, Hourly, Commissioned and ýTIPý Compensated Employees
  • Tracks Employee Advances and Payback Schedules
  • Tracks Personnel Comments and Termination Status by Employee
  • **Different Pay Rates per **Workers’ Compensation Code
  • Yearly Historical Information by Employee
  • Variable Overtime Calculation and Tracking
  • User-Selectable Preprinted Checks and W-2 Forms
  • Tracks all FICA, Medicare, FUTA and SUTA Accruals and Expenses
  • Security
  • On All Pay Rates

Point of Sale With Electronic Bank Draft Capture

System Overview

The primary purpose of a Point of Sale System is to record the sale of goods and generate a sales receipt at the time of sale. Normally, this type of transaction occurs in a retail environment where the customer is waiting with payment and goods in hand. The Infinity POWER Point of Sale module is specifically designed to process these kinds of transactions efficiently and effectively; providing you with cash register management, credit card processing and sales analysis reporting. An unlimited number of computers and/or Point of Sale terminal devices can be operated simultaneously.

Product Features

  • Operate Unlimited Number of Registers with Cash Drawers
  • Optional Password Protection by Salesperson when Opening a Cash Drawer
  • Allows One Time Customers as well as Repeat Customers through Accounts Receivable Interface
  • Allows Quick Add of New Customers
  • Allows Quick Add of New Inventory Items
  • Allows Quick Change of Customers
  • Allows Quick Add of New Customers
  • Allows User Configuration of Point of Sale Data Entry Screen
  • User Configurable Cash Drawer and External Display Unit for Sales Dollars
  • Credit Card Numbers and Authorization printed on Invoices
  • Rapid data Entry for Sales Entry

Purchase Order Entry With On-Order Tracking

System Overview

The primary purpose of a Purchase Order system is to control and track all expenditures of a firm from the time of initial order placement through the receipt of those orders and accounts payable entry. The Infinity POWER Purchase Order Entry module expands upon this primary requirement to provide a very sophisticated on-line request for proposal and purchase order processing system. The process automates both standard disbursements, as well as the purchase of inventory for use on projects and/or resale.

Product Features

  • 20 Character Purchase Order Number
  • Assign Purchase Order Number or use Auto-Numbering Feature
  • Supports Partial Receipts, Duplicate Purchase Orders and Vouchering Receipts
  • Create Requests for Proposal (RFPs)
  • Create Purchase Orders for Specific Projects (Jobs)
  • Allow Receipt of Inventory Items directly into a Project
  • Allows the Committing of Items to Projects without receiving them through Inventory
  • Committed Cost Report which details all of the budgeted, actual, and committed costs to a project (Job)
  • Allows Importing of Purchase Order Information
  • Retrieval of Orders by P.O. Number, Vendor Number, Vendor Name or Vendor Sales Order Number
  • 300 Detail Lines per Purchase Order
  • Vendor Part Numbers, Unit of Measure and Conversion Quantity on Purchase Order
  • Vouchering Process Verifies Quoted Cost to Actual Cost
  • Allows Cost Adjustments if different from the time of receipt entry
  • Vouchering Process Verifies General Ledger Budget Overflows by Account Number
  • On-Line Add a Vendor
  • On-Line Add of Inventory Items
  • On-Line Add a General Ledger Account
  • On-Line Vendor Inquiry (Shows Factor Information, Open Items and Aging for Both Future Due/Past Due)
  • On-Line Inventory Item Inquiry (Shows Pricing, All Quantities, Costs)
  • Scheduling Reports Projecting Inventory Receipts based on Specified Promised By Dates
  • Handles Regular and Non-Inventory Items
  • On-Line Purchase Order Inquiry shows Complete Order Status
  • Allows Automatic Generation of Purchase Orders to fill Special Orders and Drop Shipments (From Sales Order Entry)
  • General Ledger Account Inquiry, General Ledger Account Add during Processing
  • General Ledger Account Status Checking will not allow posting to any General Ledger account if Account Status is not set to Normal
  • 20 Character Sales Order Reference Field

Report Writer

System Overview

The Infinity POWER Report Writer is a powerful utility module designed to provide custom reports. It can access data from all Infinity POWER modules. The Report Writer provides you with the flexibility of manipulating a company’s accounting information to create reports as desired. Best of all, you can print all reports by names which make sense to you!

Product Features

  • 10 Different modules accessed in a single report
  • Same user interface as all other Infinity POWER programs
  • Reports can be _Linked or Chained_ together
  • Formulas can carry forward to another report
  • Password Protection by Report
  • Full Control of Heading Placement
  • Full Control of Line Offsets
  • Specification of Data Formats
  • Setting of Device Defaults (Printers, Screen, Text File, etc.)
  • Extensive Search and Criteria logic on every field
  • User Definable Formulas and Statistical Input
  • Full Text entry into any report
  • User Control of Search and Sort Methods
  • Full Arithmetical operators and Structured Logic functions (If, Then, Else…)
  • **Numeric **Subtotaling

Sales Order Entry With Backorder Tracking

System Overview

The primary purpose of an Order Entry system is to track customer orders from the time of initial order placement through the completion of those orders. The scheduling of Work Orders may be processed as well. The Infinity POWER Sales Order Entry module expands upon this primary requirement to provide a very sophisticated on-line proposal and work order processing system. It allows complete backorder processing and analysis, as well as, complete invoicing and billing capability.

Product Features

  • 10 Character Order Number (alpha/numeric)
  • Assign Order Number or use Auto-Numbering Feature
  • Auto-Numbering on Imports
  • Supports Normal Orders, Special Orders, Drop Shipment Orders, Return Authorizations (RMS) and Auto-Cancel Orders
  • Complete Proposal Writing Capability with full access to all Customers/Inventory Items
  • Up to 450 Detail Lines per Order
  • On-Line Proposal Summary Analysis (Calculates Profitability/Margin by Order)
  • User-Selectable Preprinted Order, Invoice, Packing List and Bill of Lading Forms
  • Retrieval of Orders by Order Number, Customer Number, Customer Name or Customer’s PO Number
  • Allows for ** Importing** of Orders from other Systems
  • Checks for Duplicate Customer PO Numbers by Customer
  • On-Line Add an Inventory Item
  • On-Line Add a Customer
  • On-Line Change a Customer
  • Customer Transaction Inquiry
  • On-Line Add Customer Ship-To Addresses
  • Line Item Ship Dates on Backorder Report prints Picking Ticket Report by Bin Number for Warehouse Order Filling
  • Allows Scheduling of Payments (Up to 360 Payments per Invoice)
  • Allows Review of Committed Inventory Items during Order Entry Process
  • On-Line Customer Inquiry (Shows Billing Information, Open Items, Customer Aging and YTD Sales)
  • On-Line Inventory Item Inquiry
  • On-Line Order Inquiry
  • One Step Invoicing Option
  • Ability to choose Alternate Inventory Item during Invoice Writing Option
  • Tracks Weight, # of Boxes and Freight by Shipment
  • Scheduling Reports Project Inventory Requirements based on Specified Ship-by-Dates
  • Allows display of Customer comments during Order Entry
  • Ordering Process Optionally checks Customer’s Credit Limit and Inventory Stock Availability
  • Backlog Reporting sorted by Order #, Customer Name and Customer PO# and by Ship Through Dates
  • Handles both Regular Inventory Items and Non-Inventory Items
  • Detailed Bill of Lading or use with International Customs Shipments
  • Allows Special Order and Drop Shipment Transfer into the Purchase Order System
  • Warning Message if On-Hand Quantities lower than Shipping Quantities
  • All Packing Lists (Picking Tickets) print** Serial and Lot Numbers** if applicable
  • Allows the posting of Deposits within the Sales Order module including Credit Card Transactions
  • Sales Order module has unique Job Cost Integration feature which allows the posting of sales and cost of sales amounts directly to a job for long term tracking of Sales against Marketing events such as trade shows, direct mailings and telemarketing campaigns
  • E-Mail Field has up to Fifty characters per order and is used for **Internet integration **to confirm the receipt of Sales Orders for Internet Commerce Web Sites
  • Customer Ship-To Address Lines are Four (4) lines of Thirty (30) characters each
  • Draft Capture allows for Credit Card payments to be Posted directly to a Sales Order
  • Backlog Reporting by Salesperson
  • **Inventory Item Quick Change **Hotkey allows Item Changes changes during Order Entry
  • **Return Authorization **allows the tracking of Returned Items or RMA’s
  • Supports** IC Verify, Mapps & Nova **for Credit Card Processing
  • Credit Hold Feature by Customer
  • Automatically places Orders On Hold if User does not have the Security Access to override Credit Limits
  • Credit Warning Feature based on a Past Due Aging Category
  • Checks for Duplicate Customer PO Number

Support Management System

System Overview

The Infinity POWER Customer Service Management module was initially written for Data Pro Accounting Software’s internal support department. Targeted to address Data Pro’s internal management needs to be able to track and bill customers for support calls made each day, this program allows a wide range of firms to perform the same kind of call center tracking in their own particular industry. Whether it is for just warranty tracking calls or actual management of calls and problems tracked for billing purposes, the system is flexible enough to handle both types of issues.

Product Features

  • Able to Track and Bill Support Calls made each day
  • Define Types of Call Activities
  • Define Billing Status
  • Track Employee Productivity
  • View Employee by Dollar Based Billings
  • Assign Ticklers (Reminder System)to a specific support representative to handle
  • Able to Track and Bill Support Calls made each day
  • Direct Integration with Accounts Receivable module
  • Immediate and Real Time Access of the latest customer information
  • Billing Function Linked to Accounts Receivable module
  • Detailed Log of each Call or Event performed by your internal staff
  • Allows for Management of Support Contracts
  • On Demand Detail of each Support Ticket
  • On Demand Listing of all of the Serial Numbers Assigned or tracked to a specific Customer
  • Customer Quick Add Feature allows for immediate creation and modification of customers
  • User-Defined Fields and Indexes

System Administrator

The Infinity POWER System Administrator module acts as the ýoverheadý module that drives all of the integrated accounting modules. One System Administrator module is required per computer system. Whether you purchase one accounting module such as Payroll or have ten integrated modules, the System Administrator must be installed first. Unlike the other integrated accounting modules that track simultaneous user counts, the System Administrator comes with a 1000 user count automatically. Therefore, no additional user counts are typically required for purchase.

It is this overhead module that encompasses many of the standard ýglobalý features that are found throughout all Infinity POWER products. Other features such as the Productivity Tools (Appointment Calendar and Address Book) are also built in as part of the System Administrator module.

The Infinity POWER accounting modules are designed to be an efficient set of accounting and office automation tools. All user screens, reports and options are designed to follow a strict, consistent, format that maximizes your ability to perform within each system.

Product Features Version 5.2

  • EFT capabilities for Check Reconciliation, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Point of Sale & Sales Order.
  • _One step_ upgrades for up to 15 years of data.
  • Individual User Counts implemented on a ýmodule by moduleý basis and by ýoperating system platformý basis. A single module such as General Ledger could have its four user counts split into 1 user on Windows, 1 user on DOS/LAN, 1 user on SCO UNIX and 1 user on DEC Alpha. Or, all four user counts could be assigned to Windows.
  • Open Architecture Database Engine**_ (dBase IV or FoxPro Compatible)** across all operating systems including** DOS/LAN, Windows 95/98/NT and UNIX._**
  • All Data Files Binary File Compatible Across All Supported Operating System Platforms.
  • Client/Server connectivity is available for LAN, Windows and UNIX versions of the Infinity POWER products.
  • DOS/LAN programs include Extended Memory Management Implementation (programs run above DOS 640K Barrier).
  • DPERR.LOG keeps history of all errors that are encountered while running the Infinity POWER products for advanced support.
  • ýTransfer Integration Filesý option under DOS/LAN/UNIX automates transfer of files to and from floppy diskettes.
  • Dynamic Link Library (DLL) Technology Implemented in all products on all platforms.
  • Supported UNIX Platforms include SCO UNIX for Intel Based PCs, Digital UNIX for DEC Alpha Server and AIX for IBM RS/6000.
  • All DOS/LAN and Windows versions Support Operation under Windows 95/98/NT.
  • Supports SUN Solaris, SGI IRIX and UNIX Web Servers.
  • User Definable Fields and Indexes available throughout all Infinity POWER modules.
  • The ýData Pro File Utilityý allows the user to define external data files. The accounting applications will not be able to access these ýuserý files, however the Report Writer, Report Writer Run-Time and the POWERServer modules have access to them. The utility to define user-definable fields can be used to define the fields for these user files.
  • Another ýData Pro File Utilityý allows for the definition of User Defined Indexes that can also include User Defined Files.
  • Advanced Security Administrator module designed to protect all Infinity POWER modules.
  • Data files can be tracked with unique data file paths on a module by module basis.
  • All Data Files include a Date/Time Stamp.
  • The DOS/LAN/UNIX versions support the ability to define an unlimited number of printers to the system with unique control codes, formatting parameters and operating system commands.
  • **Windows **version of Infinity POWER supports all Windows installed printer devices including FAX programs/cards and E-mail.
  • Font control on printing.
  • Pop Up Calendar (F10) on all date fields allows month at a time viewing and selection.
  • Launch 3rd Party Products from the Windows version Menu.
  • Internationalization features include the ability to Define Date formats, Currency Symbols, formatting for Country Code addresses and comma/period placement.
  • Mouse Drivers built into the DOS/LAN products.
  • All modules allow the override of the current FORM in use at time of printing of forms (e.g., Checks, Invoices, etc.).
  • F10 key on all inquiry screens to allow for a selection window for additional inquiry information**_ (e.g., Aging Summary in Customer Inquiry)._**
  • A Scroll Search feature is available when using the option to Create or Change a Company.
  • ýNotesý may be added to allMaster Records in all accounting modules. When the user is in the Inquiry, Add, Change, Delete or Copy options, a ýNotesý feature is accessible **(CTRL N) **which allows ýnotesý to be attached to the selected record. The user may add new and review existing notes.
  • All Address lines in the Company File include four lines with thirty (30) characters per line.
  • Country Files available with up to 4 characters for Currency Symbol.
  • Currency conversion file allows importing of factors.

Time Sheet Entry With Time Clock Interface

System Overview

The Infinity POWER Time Sheet Entry program is designed to integrate with the Payroll module to provide the ability to enter employee pay data in a format similar to that of a standard time clock. Instead of entering all pay data in a summarized format by project or department (e.g., 12 hours for administrative labor or 5 hours of roofing labor) the system uses actual starting and ending times.

Standard or Military Time Format

These time periods may be entered in either standard time formats or as military time. Once entered, the Time Sheet Entry module automatically calculates the actual time allocations and is then ready to post the accumulated totals directly to the Payroll module. The Payroll module itself then summarizes all of the Time Sheet entry data to calculate the employee’s actual pay amount.

Time Clock Interface

A key feature built in to the Time Sheet Entry program is the ýimportý capability. Because it is designed to enter pay data in a time clock format, with various starting and ending time periods by employee, it is ideal for use with most time clocks. In today’s market, most electronic time clocks will provide an ASCII output of the information stored in them. This information can then be organized to import directly into the Time Sheet Entry module for further update to Payroll and/or the Job Cost Main Module.

Update Job Cost Directly

When integrated with the Job Cost Main Module, Time Sheet Entry provides the ability to update projects or jobs directly at any time with various Payroll labor costs without having to make a full Payroll run. Special options allow these Payroll costs to be allocated to a wide range of projects and update Payroll only when the next pay cycle is ready for processing.

This provides on-line cost updating to projects without requiring changes to normal payroll processing. This is veryu seful for those firms who have to generate invoices for customers on demand in the middle of a pay cycle.

Product Features

  • Allows unlimited number of time clock entries.
  • Allows ýimportý of pay data in a Time Clock format with various starting and ending times by employee. Interfaces with a wide range of Time Clocks that provide an ASCII output file.
  • Prints Certified Payroll Report for Job Cost oriented projects.

Product Overview

Market Focus

Ratio of reviewers by organization size.

Industry Focus

Ratio of reviewers by sector.

Professional Services
Other Industries:
  • Hospitality (8%)
  • Distribution (7%)
  • Sports, Arts, and Entertainment (5%)

User Reviews of Infinity POWER

Submitted on April 30th, 2014 by Nancy

Data Pro is a very high end package without the high end price. It is cusomizable to any industry type.The General Ledger is second to none. The financials are clear and precise. The Security can be tweaked to only allow those who have rights to perform specific task or functions. Data Pro also has custom programming options as well as automation options that allow integraton with other software packages. This eliminates the need for me to hire more staff and takes out the human data entry factor that plagues most companies.

The Good…

The true double entry nature of the software and the fact that it is GAAP standard. All entries can be done on a transaction level and will post the General Ledger side of the entry. Very rare to have to do Journal entries. The audit trails are very precise and i can see at all times what has been posted whether it be credits or debits. After using Data Pro i have no desire to go to another software package. I feel my finances are truely safeguarded.

The Bad…

The only criticism would be not being able to print 941 reports directly from the software and file them like so many other products have the capability to do now days. Other than this i have no negative feedback.