StepUp Accounting

An accounting software system designed by Innov8 Computer Solutions, LLC.

About StepUp Accounting

This fully capable accounting solution is completely GAAP Compliant. This product will enable you to benefit from the following features:

  • You are able to completely customize and define account structure
  • Each transaction can have any number of notes or remarks attached to it
  • This product can support multiple companies or locations
  • You can search the system using universal lookups
  • This product allows you to perform accounting in many different currencies
  • Full Excel integration gives you unparalleled flexibility in reporting and transporting data
  • You can view all accounts in summary or detail
  • All menu’s are completely customizable. Additionally, you are able to setup your own security structure, and limit/grant access to different employees
  • Balances of all accounts can be viewed on-Line
  • This program gives you the ability to perform a true month closure
  • Finally, you are able to fully audit each transaction

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module in StepUp Accounting will give you several more unique features not found in other parts of the system:

  • You are able to perform multiple account write-offs in a simple and efficient manner
  • Automate the generation of both the cash requirements and disbursements reports.
  • All vendor inquiries can be drilled down to show each transaction and item within a purchase order

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module will give you the following unique features:

  • A robust cash and receipts application, giving you great flexibility in managing your accounts
  • This product will give you the ability to assess finance charges and late fees to your customers
  • Full reporting capabilities allow you to easily generate aging and past due reports.
  • All transactions can be voided using a one click interface
  • This product will store full sales and receipt journals for you
  • Finally, you can take, and record customer statements for use by your marketing department, or for later reference

General Ledger

The General Ledger module of StepUp Accounting gives you the following features:

  • You have full control over account structures; with the ability to view accounts in summary or detail
  • This product allows you to define the setup of the Profit & Loss report and the Balance Sheet
  • All entries can be reversed or voided with one click
  • You are given the ability to define all account numbers and reference numbers, allowing for an easier transition process after implementation

Product Overview

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