Logics Financials

A multi-module management system designed by Inte-Great.

About Logics Financials

The Logics Financial suite provides proven, easy to use software tools for the management of your important financial data.

Accounts Receivable

The Logics Accounts Receivable system provides a subsidiary ledger for all receivable accounts in the general ledger with the exception of utilities and taxes.

System Features:

  • Menu driven
  • Security system
  • On-line data entry and verification
  • Customer file
  • Miscellaneous invoicing
  • Recurring invoices
  • Interfaces to Privilege License and Assessments modules
  • General ledger interface

Budget Accounting

The Logics Budgetary Accounting System is an interactive financial management system that allows the Finance Officer to maintain strict control over revenues, expenditures and budgeting. The system provides for entering and updating appropriations, encumbrances, cash receipts, disbursements and journal entries. It provides detailed up-to-date information that is easily and quickly maintainable.

System Features:

  • Menu driven
  • Security system
  • Transactions balance prior to updating
  • Revenue and expenditure accounting
  • Selective revenue and expenditure reports
  • General ledger
  • Cash disbursements
  • Purchase order control (encumbrances)
  • Accounts payable checks and reports
  • Cash requirements projection
  • Financial reporting

Fixed Assets

The Logics Fixed Assets system is designed to aid the municipality in identification of assets as well as provide financial data concerning the acquisition and disposal of assets.

System Features:

  • Menu driven
  • Security System
  • On-line data entry and validation
  • Complete descriptive information for all assets
  • Fund/Department assigned to
  • Useful and remaining life
  • Manufacturer, model and serial number
  • Purchase information

Inventory Control

The Logics Inventory Control system provides accurate, up-to-date information concerning the status of inventory stock items. The system automatically prices each issue and creates the general ledger entries to charge the proper department for each transaction.

System Features:

  • On-line data entry and verification
  • Complete description of each item
  • Quantity on hand
  • Average cost
  • Minimum and maximum stock levels


The Logics Payroll System is a comprehensive local government payroll application. It is an exception payroll in which earnings and deductions are automatically generated from the employee’s master files. This eliminates data entry for those employees paid with standard regularity.

System Features:

  • Unlimited number or deductions/earnings per employee
  • Deductions or Other Earnings may be an amount or a percent of gross wages
  • Multiple pay and deduction frequencies
  • Tax table maintenance

Purchase Orders

The Logics Purchase Order system allows the purchasing agent to enter requisitions and print purchase orders in a timely manner. Each line item is verified to ensure sufficient unencumbered funds are available to allow the purchase order to be issued.

System Features:

  • On-line data entry and verification of unencumbered balance in each line item
  • Purchase Order printing
  • Allows Encumbered, Blanket and Inventory purchase orders

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