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A full ERP system designed by Internet Accounting Software.

About IAS Visual ADVANCE!

This developer is no longer in business.

IAS Visual ADVANCE! is a full featured accounting package developed by IAS, Inc. It represents a new generation of accounting software developed using modern object oriented technology. It is not only easy to use and modify, but also provides unprecedented access to information. IAS Visual ADVANCE! is a dynamic business tool that adapts to the needs of the user. Online context sensitive help is available from any program with the touch of a key or click of the mouse. Full documentation is also provided on the CD.

Accounts Payable

The IAS Visual ADVANCE! Accounts Payable module contains a complete solution for the payment of outstanding invoices through an innovative cash disbursements and check writing capability. The IAS Visual ADVANCE! Accounts Payable module includes invoice creation with optional image scanning, multiple expense account distributions, check creation and voids, automatic payments, recurring invoice creation, 1099 reporting and an optional Purchase Order application interface.

Accounts Receivable

The IAS Visual ADVANCE! Accounts Receivable module contains the programs and functions necessary to effectively manage customer billing, mailing lists, contact management, cash receipts, and collections. In addition to invoice creation, cash receipts, and statement printing, the IAS Visual ADVANCE! Accounts Receivable module includes automatic finance charge calculations, commission reporting, tax reporting, and recurring invoice creation.

Advanced Financials

The Advanced Financials module extends the financial reporting capabilities of IAS Visual ADVANCE! by adding drill down functionality for onscreen financial reports. Advanced Financials provides tremendous flexibility for defining financial reports. It can be used for anything from a simple one-segment chart of accounts to one with multiple divisions and cost centers. Results may also be transferred to Microsoft Office.

Bank Reconciliation

Quickly and efficiently reconcile bank statements with cash account balances using the IAS Visual ADVANCE! Bank Reconciliation application. Deposits and checks from your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable modules are cleared monthly, and the statement balance, outstanding deposits and checks are tracked.

Contact Management

The IAS Visual ADVANCE! Contact Manager application provides the capability to track and schedule activities with customers or prospects. Unlimited activities can be defined and tracked for unlimited customer contacts. A calendar and diary are available to view activities, and detect and prevent conflicts. System alerts can be used to notify operators of scheduled activities. Email integration is also available.

Foxfire! TM

IAS Visual ADVANCE! in partnership with Micromega Systems is proud to include the Foxfire! query and reporting tool as an available application module. Developers and end users of all skill levels may use Foxfire! to create queries, reports, graphs, drill downs and other data mining tasks.

General Ledger

The IAS Visual ADVANCE! General Ledger provides decision makers with financial information that is timely, accurate, and easily verified. An innovative drill down feature produces an audit trail for any transaction. The Financial Report Writer will generate standard financial statements or enable users to design their own financial statements or schedules. Microsoft Excel TM worksheets may be created from financial reports.


The IAS Visual ADVANCE! Inventory module provides a comprehensive solution for the management of Inventory items and Bill of Material Kits, in a single or multiple warehouse. Items may be valued by standard cost, average cost, LIFO, FIFO, Lot and serial number. Flexible pricing methods include item, customer, or quantity specific pricing methods. Physical Inventory and Automatic Purchasing features are also included.

Message Manager

The Message Manager module adds bulk fax and email capabilities that enable Sales Orders, Invoices, Statements, and Purchase Orders to be sent to multiple recipients. The Message Manager module includes Fax Server software enabling faxes to be sent from any desktop on the network.

Purchase Order

The IAS Visual ADVANCE! Purchase Order module provides an efficient solution for managing the purchasing and receiving of products or supplies. The program maintains purchase orders, backorders, receipt of goods, receipt of invoices and returns. Vendor contract pricing, automatic creation of Accounts Payable invoices, and a back order fill report based on current open sales orders, are all available.

Sales Order

The IAS Visual ADVANCE! Sales Order module provides a comprehensive solution for managing the sale and distribution of products or services. The program maintains quotes, orders, backorders, invoices and credit memos. Kit items may be exploded or not exploded on the customer invoice. Commissions are calculated, discounts and deposits recorded, and, with the click of a mouse, old customer orders may be used to create new orders.

System Manager

The IAS Visual ADVANCE! System Manager is used to define all companies, users, user groups, security levels and installed applications. Screen themes, user preferences, activity logs and workflow definitions may also be accessed. The System manager is a required application for all installations. As with all IAS,Inc. applications, full source code is available.

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