INTERAC for General Business

A full ERP system designed by Intersoft Systems for professional services and distribution/wholesale trade companies.

About INTERAC for General Business

The INTERAC General Business System is much more than just an accounting system. It is a tightly integrated, flexible, user friendly suite of accounting and management applications which will enable your team to become even more productive and your business more profitable.

The INTERAC General Business System offers:

Core Accounting Applications

The INTERAC core accounting applications are easily tailored to accommodate the needs of a variety of businesses.

  • Multi-company / Multi-division configuration
  • Consolidated and comparative financial reporting
  • Payroll supports all states, departmental reporting, unions
  • Integrated Import/Export utility for sharing data with POS & time clock

Integrated Reporting

INTERAC features integrated report writing tools and each of the core applications comes with a set of report templates, which makes getting the management information you need from the system easy. Report Manager provides non-accounting users with their own customized list of reports in a simple point and click interface, eliminating interruptions in the accounting department when they need access to a report.

Inventory Management

The INTERAC Inventory system is tightly integrated to provide seamless inventory control. Whether you need to manage a single location or multiple warehouses, the INTERAC Inventory suite will make it a breeze.

The inventory management system integrates each of the following applications to provide a comprehensive solution:

  • Inventory
  • Purchase Order
  • Order Entry (for counter / retail sales)
  • Inventory Manager

Accounts Payable

  • Fast and efficient processing of invoices
  • Integrated electronic approval system
  • Information flows seamlessly to General Ledger
  • Vendor account management
  • Integrated reporting
  • Easily import and export data

Accounts Receivable

  • Fast and efficient processing of receipts
  • Auto entry and recurring entry features
  • Information flows through seamlessly to General Ledger
  • Customer account management Integrated reporting
  • Easily import and export data

Bank Reconciliation & Cash Manager

  • Quickly and easily reconcile bank accounts
  • Single screen summary of cash accounts
  • Instant aging reports for both AP and AR
  • Integrated reporting
  • One click data export
  • Interfaces with GL, AP and Payroll

Document Management System

  • Makes documentation readily available to the entire team
  • Eliminates the problem of lost and misplaced documents
  • Automatically generate and save copies of checks, W2ýs and 1099ýs
  • Add notes, markups, and stamps to documents Save time and space with the DMS archive
  • Tightly integrated with the entire suite of INTERAC applications
  • Print any document from INTERAC applications directly to DMS

Fixed Asset Management

  • Complete fixed asset depreciation system
  • Separate Federal, State, & Book calculations
  • Always kept up to date with current tax laws
  • Easily compare various depreciation methods

General Ledger

  • Extremely flexible, multi-company system
  • Comparative period to period, actual to budget, variance, or ratio based financial reporting
  • Consolidated reporting for multiple companies or divisions
  • Detailed audit trail to interfacing applications
  • Generates automatic or recurring entries
  • Powerful integrated reporting tools
  • Easily import and export data

Inventory & Inventory Manager

  • Integrated inventory management system with Inventory, Purchase Order, and Order Processing applications
  • Supports multiple warehouses & multiple vendors for each item
  • Maintains on hand, allocated, on order, back ordered, and on order quantities for each item
  • Manages min/max stocking and reorder levels
  • Accommodates different purchase, stocking, and sell by quantities
  • Complete audit trail
  • Quick and easy access to a complete item history with consolidated data from the Inventory, Order Processing and Purchase Order systems
  • Drill down to transaction level detail and view associated documents
  • One click reporting for both summary and detailed information

Order Processing

  • An excellent order entry system for distribution type operations
  • Integrates with the Inventory system to provide both direct invoicing for counter sales and order entry with separate billing
  • Confirms inventory availability and allocates inventory
  • Supports drop ship, blanket, and consolidated orders
  • Supports customer based pricing and discount options
  • Prints order acknowledgements, picking tickets, and invoices
  • Manages back orders

Payroll & HR Manager

  • Comprehensive payroll system
  • Easily import time from time clock, POS, or spreadsheet templates
  • Integrates with Time Tracker for remote time entry
  • Union dues, benefit accrual and reporting
  • Multi-state processing for all 50 states, including reciprocity
  • User defined earning and deduction options
  • Electronic filing for W2 and 1099
  • Extensive integrated reporting tools
  • Positive pay option eliminates check fraud

HR Manager

  • A real time saving tool for those who handle employee inquiries
  • Instant access to the wealth of employee data from Payroll
  • Drill down to transaction level detail and associated documents Online employee file
  • One click reporting and access to payroll reports

Purchase Order

  • An efficient, timesaving tool for creating and maintaining purchasing records and ensuring the quality, accuracy, and promptness of deliveries of purchased materials.
  • Integrates with the Inventory system to provide a complete inventory management solution
  • Internal PO product file for items not tracked through the Inventory system
  • Use model PO to expedite data entry
  • Integrated reporting tools

Report Manager

  • Instant access to the powerful INTERAC integrated reporting tools.
  • A great tool for managers to access real-time data without needing to learn how to use the rest of the accounting system.
  • Security settings control which application and specific reports are made available to each user
  • Each user has immediate access to their own customized set of reports

Service Billing

  • A multi-purpose billing product providing flexible invoicing for service related organizations
  • Offers customized invoices, work orders, recurring billings, and multiple pricing structures
  • Tracks service contracts along with their related work orders and invoices
  • Posts revenue and cost to General Ledger
  • Integrated with Inventory it supports serialized inventory, warranty tracking, and backorders
  • Integrated reporting tools

Time Tracker (Remote Payroll Data Entry & Reporting)

  • An efficient, easy way to collect and report employee time for processing in the INTERAC Payroll system.
  • Simple data entry options for timekeepers and remote office personnel to collect and report employee time
  • No need to fax handwritten time cards, call in daily time, or pay overnight charges to get Payroll data to the accounting department
  • Provides reporting information which can be used to monitor labor costs

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