A membership management software featuring inventory control, accounting, and project management tools.

Product Overview

Jonas Club Management is a membership administration software. It features ten modules for project management, accounting, inventory control, and more. Key features include appointment booking, billing, and CRM tools. The software facilitates automation and centralizes data access, offering industry-specific solutions for HVAC and plumbing. It also automates tasks like email marketing and offers a mobile app for on-the-go access.


  • Streamlines office-field workflows through GPS routing
  • Integrated construction and accounting for budget monitoring
  • Easy installation with online training and consultations


  • Complex job cost module
  • Some limitations in integrating with other systems
  • Needs better cross-module data integration for reporting

Target Market

Member-centric organizations like golf clubs, resorts, private clubs, and public facilities. Best for entities requiring membership tracking, financial transactions, and event management.

About Jonas Club Management

Jonas Club Management software provides comprehensive solutions for various types of clubs, from small to large, and across different countries. It helps enhance member relationships, manage costs and revenues, streamline tasks, and integrate information effectively.

Jonas Club Management Key Features


  • Accounts Payable and Receivable: Streamlines the payables process and offers comprehensive control over receivables and member management.
  • General Ledger and Budgeting: Facilitates easy posting of balances and accruals, and allows direct budget upload from Microsoft Excel.

Activity Management

  • Diverse Activities: Schedules bookings and allocates resources for various club activities like spa management, court booking, class scheduling, and event registration.
  • Tee Time and Dining Reservations: Manages tee time bookings and dining reservations efficiently, enhancing the member experience.

Club Management

  • Essential Tools: Offers membership management, payment processing, and retention tools vital for successful club operations.
  • Additional Features: Includes installment billing, gift cards, credit book management, and more.

Document Management

Docitt: A new suite that enables efficient document management, saving time and reducing printing and copying costs.

Food & Beverage

Integrated System: Manages dining and event operations with features like customizable Point of Sale and Banquet & Event Management.


Comprehensive Management: Handles accounting, amenities, services, maintenance, and overall property management for Home Owners Associations.

Online Services

Engagement and Convenience: Offers a cutting-edge website for member engagement, including booking facilities, viewing statements, and making payments.


Comprehensive Solution: Manages payroll and labor costs, integrated with other Jonas applications, supporting various pay periods and reporting.

Pro Shop

Efficient Operations: Provides tools for booking, inventory management, and payment processing, ensuring smooth pro shop operations.


Versatile Tools: Offers several reporting tools, including the Executive Dashboard, Data Mining, Flash Reporting, and more, tailored for effective data retrieval.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Jonas Club Management

Submitted on January 31st, 2023 by Anonymous

theyre diligent but hard to reach sometimes

The Good…

I can export to excell, keep track of all the members and their information. That’s about it

The Bad…

Not user friendly whatsoever, cant edit entries can only offset them, very old-fashioned, every single day there’s a moment in which the program “doesn’t respond” and can be really slow. Everyone at my job hates using it and we are finally switching software this spring.

Submitted on November 19th, 2022 by Jonas User

Hoping to replace this with an entirely new system

The Good…

Antiquated tech. Zero integrations. Great for finance department. Practically useless for everyone else

The Bad…

Integrate with current software commonly used in club management