Juno Accounting

A multi-module management system designed by Juno Software.

About Juno Accounting

This product is no longer sold or supported.

Juno Accounting is a full featured, thin client (browser based) accounting package with General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Inventory modules.

It is a web based financial accounting software solution developed on open source technology platforms.

This implies that no proprietary software licenses need to be purchased to set up the necessary software backbone to run the financial accounting application which is cost effective, stable, scalable and platform independent and seamlessly integrate with Linux as well as Windows operating systems.

The application fully embraces the web as a medium of collaborative transaction processing and MIS reporting. It makes the entire process free of the shackles associated with traditional LAN based applications and truly makes anywhere, anytime accounting a reality.


  • Configure privileges based on individual masters, transactions & reports.
  • Four types of privileges (New, Edit, Save, Delete) for masters and transaction forms.
  • Customizable group rights help to define rights based on departments or user levels.
  • Choose between real time/ batch processing accounting. Change process at any time.
  • Maintain comprehensive user log activity based on sessions.

General Ledger

  • User defined general ledger structure and chart of accounts
  • User defined voucher types. Create unlimited number of voucher types with unique numbering sets. Specify a number prefix (such as ‘ba’ for bank vouchers) for easy filing purposes.
  • Categorisation of accounts under user defined account classes
  • Allows for any number of accounting periods per fiscal year
  • Facilitates financial analysis through on-line zoom-to-detail from consolidated balances
  • Optional transaction log trail


  • Maintain multiple item classes or groups
  • Invoice based on service items, assembly items, non-assembly stock items
  • Manage and track stocks in multiple warehouses
  • Calculate Cost of Goods Sold based on FIFO, LIFO, Average Cost and Fixed Cost methods
  • User defined and flexible ‘item specifications’. For example, shirt item can have specifications of type color, size, material etc. whereas cooking oil will have specifications such as nutrition value, color, acid content etc.

Multiple Currency

  • User defined multiple currency codes
  • Automatic calculation of exchange gain/loss
  • Customers can be set up to use different currencies. This allows you to quote amounts and maintain accounts using your customer’s currency
  • Change currency at transaction level


  • Raise purchase orders
  • Receive inventory
  • Make Payment
  • Delivers complete aging information
  • Automatically calculates amounts by vendor
  • Automatically calculates invoice due dates by vendor
  • Provides a complete audit trail of invoice adjustments and debit/credit memos


  • Comprehensive system of tracking quotations by distinguishing between active, inactive and ‘converted to order’ quotes.
  • Complete order tracking.
  • Raise invoices based on sales quote, sales order or directly.
  • Account customers may be accessed by any of six different lookup methods: Customer id/class/name, telephone number, email, fax In addition to the usual customer identification information, space is provided in the customer maintenance area for a user defined customer category Online customer-outstanding and exposure facility
  • Supports partial and full invoice payments
  • Provides on-line access to customer account and transaction details for rapid analysis
  • Delivers on-line access to payment history
  • Prints on-demand customer statements

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