A multi-module management system designed by Khameleon Software.

About Khameleon

The complete Khameleon solution consists of both front and back office suites. Each suite contains multiple modules that operate fully integrated or standing alone.

Khameleon solutions allow you to fully integrate all of your front office applications in a quick and efficient manner. Instead of having to run different software packages for your Customer Relationship Management and Sales Force Automation components, Khameleon puts it all together and makes it work for you.

Khameleon’s back office modules provide you with the finest management tools to ensure your enterprise runs smoothly. From Financial and Distribution Management to Project Accounting, Khameleon takes care of all your back office needs.

Contracts Management

View Customer Orders in a Master Contract

The KHAMELEON Contracts suite has been designed to work in unison with our Orders & Distribution suite to provide a high level view of summarized order detail relating to customer contracts. This suite delivers a capsule-like view of consolidated order activity in one place on the system and serves to streamline the management of order modifications on sales, licensing, consulting, maintenance, subscription, upgrade contracts and more. It also regulates the maintenance and scheduling of related billing adjustments and revenue recognition guidelines.

Efficiency and Speed Are What You Need

Most products and services providers manage customer orders that combine transaction-based orders with recurring service agreements. They are billed in different ways and the revenue recognition associated with each may vary, based on current industry standards. When attempting to manage these processes manually, they become very labor-intensive and can result in the risk of errors.

Through the integration of Contracts and Orders & Distribution suites, and the subsequent delivery of data to our Financials and Projects suites, KHAMELEON Contracts automates the process of time-consuming manual billing and revenue recognition, while simplifying the administration and delivery of critical financial and operations data for reporting. Efficiency and accuracy in the management, reporting, and reconciliation of customer-specific contract information is ensured with KHAMELEON.

Be Flexible With Your Business Models

Companies offering products and services that include recurring agreements within contracts find KHAMELEON integrated suites an ideal solution. Whether your contracts generate billing based on transactions or on-going, fee-based agreements, or a combination of the two, our Contracts and Orders suites save you time and expense by automating order-specific processes. The built-in bill generation tool calculates periodic charges and consolidates multiple charges from multiple orders into a single bill, detailing all customer activity on one invoice. The flexibility in offering separate billing and revenue recognition schedules is also available, enabling use of a specific billing cycle, while still recognizing revenue appropriately over the course of a service term.

Flexibility and simplicity are essential when administering contracts using different business models. With KHAMELEON Contracts, multiple billing and revenue entries, multiple set-up charges, and extensive financial transactions are automated and customized to the way you do business – in one snapshot of your customers’ activity through one view in the system. You set up the order-specifics under one customer contract and the system manages and implements it for you. As changes occur in the lifecycle of an order, the Contracts suite keeps it visible in a more simplified format – while, at all times, maintaining financial integrity. KHAMELEON Contracts captures critical order, service, and customer information at the time data is being entered into your system, and carries it through the rest of our integrated suite, to maintain efficiency and accuracy with your most valuable asset – your customer.

Application Features & Functionality

  • Multi-Entity, Multi-Discipline
  • Sales, Leases, and Licenses
  • Warranties and Recurring Services
  • Sales and Service Contracts
  • Extensions, Options, Revisions, and Renewals
  • Fulfillment Management
  • Revenue Recognition, Billing, and Accounting

Financials Management

Visibility and Compliance

At KHAMELEON, we know that one of the greatest challenges facing today’s financial executives lies in the ability to collect accurate and timely financial data from other areas of the organization. And getting financial information in a consistent, reliable format is impossible without being able to establish system links into operational areas. The means by which today’s mid-sized businesses achieve and maintain visibility and compliance depends on the capabilities of a strong financials management system.

Connect Your Company

KHAMELEON has built its entire system of integrated, enterprise management applications around the strength of our Financials suite. That long list of accounting details – such as balance sheets, GAAP, income statements – requires a robust, flexible process system to keep everything on track. Our Financials suite helps you easily allocate budgets, pay the bills, invoice clients, manage your finances, and more. And because it’s integrated with every other KHAMELEON suite, you can easily extend your business processes to interface with those of your customers and suppliers.

The Impact of Day-to-Day Activities

The Financials suite also enables you to quickly adapt as products, markets, and supplier relationships change. By simply redefining your business process definitions and workflow, your execution of financial data is summarized to your new organization – without disrupting operations or endangering inventory and general ledger history and integrity.

Increase Revenue, Profit, and ROI

Your accounting process is fully integrated with orders, contracts, and projects administration, to enable the accurate forecasting, monitoring, and control of your financial performance. And the streamlined, on-line management of customer and vendor accounts, billings, and payments helps you control credit and cash flows that ultimately increase your revenues, profits and return on investment.

Application Features & Functionality

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Employee Expense Accounting
  • Budgeting And Forecasting

Orders & Distribution Management

Flexible and Simplified

KHAMELEON Orders & Distribution streamlines the process of managing even the most complex customer orders. Products and services providers have unique order processing needs – such as maintaining different pricing for different customers – making sure inventory supports customer demand – maintaining billing and revenue recognition standards for both transaction-based and fee-based recurring agreements – maintaining tight control over the processes of forecasting, sales order entry, product data quality, product distribution and more. These processes require the flexibility of our Orders suite, enabling you to simplify and streamline your management process while generating a high return on investment.

Making the Right Connections

The key to effective order management lies in the ability to link order details across the operational and financial areas of your organization. Our system integration of the Orders, Financials, and Projects suites enables on-line, real-time access to all details supporting critical financial decisions and customer satisfaction, with increased efficiency and maintenance of data integrity. While the Orders suite effectively manages orders with multiple line items, multiple order changes and other drill down information supporting order activity, this information is also delivered to our integrated Financials and Projects suites for further processing. And by linking Orders & Distribution with our Contracts suite, a Master Contract function provides a single source view of the summarized, on-going activity for all orders relating to an individual customer contract.

Do More, Know More, Save More

KHAMELEON Orders & Distribution helps you improve cost control, accountability, and accessibility to information. Single or group orders, with transaction-based or recurring contracts involved, become easy to setup, enter, and track during any stage in the lifecycle of an order. This suite also enables you to locate and update work orders based on job/cost center, customer number, manager, work order status, or any other criteria you choose to include for a specific business model. And you can streamline the order approval process by integrating with email.

This suite provides the flexibility you need to automate all order-related functions – like pricing, inventory control, stock valuation, picking process control, forecasting, product data quality, sales order entry, sales order processing and of course, customer billing. You can also study the effectiveness of your pricing strategies by linking promotions to specific general ledger accounts for more precise budget and/or margin analysis.

Data Integrity Drives Good Business

The superior integration of the Orders & Distribution suite with Financials, Projects, and Contracts enables you to easily maintain the accuracy of your operational and financial data. The need for data re-entry across different areas of your company and its resulting risk of error is alleviated. And because you get a single source view of updated activity, from across your enterprise, when an order changes – you know about it immediately. This allows you to forecast and plan for order changes more efficiently, with less impact on your bottom line. Our fully integrated system increases customer satisfaction by delivering accurate details that consistently meet your customers’ expectations. And KHAMELEON also makes it easy to maintain a healthy customer relationships by delivering the products and services they want, when they want them!

Application Features & Functionality

  • Sales Order Processing
  • Order Fulfillment and Billing
  • Project-Oriented Engagements
  • Inventory Management
  • Replenishment Management
  • Lot/Serial Number Control
  • Warranties, Repairs, and Returns
  • Requisitions and Vendors Quotes
  • Procurement Management
  • Receiving and Vendor Performance
  • Multi-Entity, Multi Discipline
  • Fulfillment Management
  • Revenue Recognition, Billing, and Accounting

Project Management

Manage Customer Expectations

Every company today is seeking a better way to maintain control over the process of workflow or ‘Projects’. The KHAMELEON Projects suite not only simplifies the way you bill your customers but also assures you receive accurate information at any point in the lifecycle of a project. This enables you to be proactive in the management of your customers’ expectations by staying on-time and on-budget – both of which offer the highest value to your customer.

Project Management - Simplified

KHAMELEON simplifies the delivery of project-specific data from all operations areas to give you tighter control over your workflow process, as well as automatically generate the billing associated with it. Remote time and expense entry is an added feature that simplifies the process of obtaining timely and accurate financial reporting data because field personnel and subcontractors can update system information from anywhere, at any time.

Stay on Track

Accurate and timely billing is critical to the financial success of any company but the client billing process can be extremely labor-intensive when you have to manage and track different billing cycles and contract types. KHAMELEON Projects adapts easily to the types of contracts you write and maintain. When you enter a new client order in the KHAMELEON system, you define the terms you want to use for the project work that follows. Then, the on-line custom invoice generator creates the invoices you need, based on progress billings, time and material, and change orders. And our Projects suite automates your billing requirements with advanced revenue and cost recognition.

Protect Your Customer Relationship

Projects change. That’s a given. The challenge is in being able manage on-going modifications without creating bottlenecks that slow down your workflow. KHAMELEON Projects enables your projects to develop on-time and on-budget by providing a view of the change being made and the impact it will have on a project – before it’s already in place. We simplify your management process by providing a single source view of the details being entered into the system, from all areas of operation. Being able to view a change order before it’s approved protects the customer relationship you worked so hard to obtain and assures the customer’s perception that their budget and schedule are well managed.

A Realistic Snapshot

KHAMELEON Projects provides effective and accurate project status tracking with a realistic snapshot of current progress. You can manage and track your job activity at multiple levels – for any given time frame and any customer or contract type. It also supports the costing of projects by integrating job setup, project management, budgeting, and progress or change management. Flexibility – in being able to view all aspects of a project – provides the tight control you need to avoid bottlenecks that slow down your workflow, cut unnecessary operating costs, and increase margins on both existing and forthcoming projects. Whether you sell customized or recurring products and services, Projects provides critical functionality for planning, monitoring, and maintaining control over projects, so you can keep your customers informed and satisfied.

Application Features & Functionality

  • Business Development
  • Project Oriented Engagements
  • Estimating and Planning
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Time and Expense Reporting
  • Progress Management
  • Accounting and Billing
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Cost Management
  • P&L Analysis

Sales Force Automation

Managing Specific Market Offerings

Any business-to-business provider offering a selection of products and services needs to maintain tight control over the substantial amount of data involved in a myriad of products, services and on-going support contract combinations. These sales and marketing processes include market offerings, sales support promotions, margins, special pricing, contacts, contracts, quotas and more information that will address the unique needs of a potential customer. With KHAMELEON Sales Force, your ability to access and manage this critical data is your key to being able to outmaneuver the competition and gain market share.

Tying the Data Together

Our Sales suite is seamlessly integrated to KHAMELEON’s Orders, Projects, Financials, and Contracts suites to enable sales force efficiency and productivity from any point in your enterprise. By making pertinent data available from all areas of operations and accounting, the process of information access, reporting and analysis provides data that is accurate and up-to-date, keeping you in control of the information you deliver to your prospects and customers.

Single Point Access From Anywhere

You and your field sales representatives gain access to up-to-date rate structures, complete profile information on customers and prospects, sales activity management, opportunity and pipeline management, forecasting, objection handling, decision issues and competitive knowledge. And your marketing team will be more effective by gaining the ability to analyze customer and market activity for customized campaigns, promotions, and associated collateral. KHAMELEON streamlines the process of synchronizing your marketing projects with direct sales efforts and provides accurate information from anywhere in your enterprise.

Remote Order Entry and Reporting Enables Heightened Customer Satisfaction

Your sales team can enter even the most complex orders directly into the system through remote access to our Orders & Distribution module. This enables initiation of the order process immediately after the close. And with immediate access to the customer database at all times, your sales team can provide up-to-date status information on a customer’s order at any point in the lifecycle of a project or order.

Simplify and Streamline With a One Vendor Solution

By integrating KHAMELEON Sales to our complete line of operations and financial suites, your team can model, deploy, track and continuously improve your business development cycle while efficiently mining new targets to cultivate opportunities. Above all, KHAMELEON provides the functionality you need to increase sales from both new and existing customers by simplifying the way you plan, manage and control your marketing dollars and sales activity using just one system, from one vendor.

Application Features & Functionality

  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Sales Territories
  • Pricing and Promotions
  • Marketing Encyclopedia
  • Contacts Management
  • Activity Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Quotes and Proposals
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Marketing and Sales Analysis

Service Desk

Streamline On-Line Customer Service

KHAMELEON Service Desk helps you set a new standard of customer service excellence within your organization. Service Desk automates the process of managing single-point-of-contact call centers and field services across multiple sites – for customer-, supplier-, and employee- on-line access. With KHAMELEON Service Desk, you obtain on-line self-service functionality with a system that streamlines and simplifies the process of installation and implementation. Customers or suppliers seeking answers to their questions can access online help for automated responses from a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) site or via email-generated inquires and responses. By enabling you to install a knowledgebase online, you reduce support operating costs and decrease overhead costs, even if your business is growing.

Consistent Customer Satisfaction

Customers can easily access online information about new products and services and download this information without the need of a customer service representative and with immediate satisfaction. With the flexibility to simultaneously improve customer responsiveness and reduce overhead costs, your revenue and profitability are immediately impacted in a positive way. KHAMELEON Service Desk helps you improve productivity and product quality because it consistently represents your commitment to customer satisfaction from every department in your organization.

Integrate the Information Flow

By integrating our Service Desk suite with KHAMELEON’s Sales, Projects, Orders, and Contracts suites, access to the critical data you provide to your customers and suppliers becomes deliverable in an efficient and accurate process that supports both your ability to maintain consistently positive relationships with your customers and suppliers and simultaneously maintain a higher level of profitability.

Application Features & Functionality

  • Incident/Case Management
  • Call Center Operations
  • Proactive Service
  • Internet Self Service
  • Field Service Management
  • Resolution Management
  • Account Management
  • Quality Management

The Integrated System

integrate \Inýte*grate: To form into one whole; to make entire; to complete; to renew; to restore; to perfect.

Streamlining Your Business Process

KHAMELEON financial and accounting applications are integrated to link seamlessly with all other applications in our system. This built-in interoperability enables you to easily extend the management of your business processes across all operating systems.

KHAMELEON technology streamlines and simplifies the process of business management tasks. Our specialized ‘workflow’ software controls the task of delivering work to your employees in charge, according to your predefined processes and business rules. And our applications help you automate complicated business processes, offering a huge potential for improvement. The core of KHAMELEON’s integrated system is the Financials application. But the seamless integration of Financials to the operational areas of your business is what simplifies the process of planning, managing, and controlling your enterprise.

Your Choice: Stand Alone or Integrated

KHAMELEON’s product line is available as stand alone modules supporting specific operations and accounting functionality or as a fully integrated enterprise management system. We give you the option of choosing which applications you want to mix and match, according to your specific needs. And by owning KHAMELEON’s full suite of applications, you are guaranteed on-going maintenance and enhancements from only one vendor.

KHAMELEON develops and supports business management applications that simplify the management and control of financials and operations. By streamlining your project management, financial controls, sales force, service desk, product distribution, and contracts processes, KHAMELEON helps you decrease costs, increase profit, and improve customer satisfaction. Our customers represent a broad-range of mid-sized organizations – all running on Oracle - the premier database technology for the Internet.

Focus on Your Business Results

With KHAMELEON, information bottlenecks…duplicated data entry…non-compliance issues…missed deadlines…time-consuming reports…and disparate systems are alleviated, enabling you to focus on your business results instead of your process problems. Connect your business enterprise, end-to-end, with KHAMELEON’s adaptable, integrated enterprise management software.

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