A web-based accounting software system designed by Less Everything, LLC.

About LessAccounting

Less Accounting is a business improvement application for small businesses. They focus on provide a usable accounting program, at a lower cost, in an easier to use format then otherwise available. This product is available for a small monthly fee of $19.95. The web-based nature of LessAccounting will give you access to you accounting data at anytime from anyplace. This product, like the companies other endeavors is focused on being usable. That means it does exactly what they say it does, accounting, without any confusing additional unnecessary features.

Contact Management

This application of LessAccounting gives you the ability to compile and manage a database of all your contacts. This application also gives you the ability to manage your contract labor, expense payees, employees, and clients. Contacts can be associated with projects and therefore can have proposals, invoices, or payments applied to their contact profile.

Expense Tracking

All of your expenses are easily tracked with Less Accounting. You are able to add paid or unpaid expenses and have them tracked. Your unpaid expenses will appear in the dashboard with due date information.

Invoicing & Payments

Invoice can be easily created with one click of the mouse from projects already stored in Less Accounting. You are able to send the invoice to your customer and track their payments. Automating this process gives you the ability to view all overdue invoices, and collect on them quickly and efficiently.


LessAccounting also features a limited reporting capabilities. All reports can be exported into a .csv file for use in Microsoft Excel. Reports able to be compiled are:

  • Paid and Unpaid Expenses
  • Expenses broken into tax categories
  • Sales Reports, Account Summaries
  • Paid and Unpaid Invoices

Sales Leads/Projects

Within Less Accounting you can assign projects to a contact to organize work that needs to be completed. Additionally you can add notes to each project. You are able to track leads as well; all leads are shown to every member of your staff allowing you to work as a team.

Product Overview

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