MyteMyke Accounting

A full ERP system designed by Manufacturer & Distribution Systems.

About MyteMyke Accounting

This is the base system that allows more growth and flexibility in your software. Once the Accounting is in place, you may implement module by module, at your own pace, until you have a total Enterprise system which reflects the nature of your business. As you grow you may select to increase the capabilities of your system to account for Distribution and/or a full Manufacturing system along with a full complement of additional features unique to your environment.

ODBC, Graphical printing, Product Configuration, Multiple Currencies, and many more are available. Your chart of accounts, vendors, customers, inventory items and other master files are all maintained here.

Accounts Payable

This complete open item payable system provides cash management, terms handling, unlimited expense allocation, discount control, check printing, check reconciliation and 1099’s.

  • Vendor activity inquiry and payment history
  • Due dates and discounts calculated from vendor terms
  • Manual checks and partial payments
  • Interfaces with the Purchase Order module
  • Interactive ýdrill downý to see what general ledger accounts were effected for each invoice

Accounts Receivable

The difference between business success and failure can often be measured by the ability to collect receivables. When this module is integrated with Order Entry and Billing, clients find fewer problems collecting their money, faster collections and fewer disputes over charges.

  • Open Item and Balance Forward with flexible terms
  • Immediate or delayed cash application
  • Customer activity inquiry and payment history
  • Interfaces with customer Order Entry module

Customer Resource Management

Track activities and conversations with prospective or existing customers. Build a reference base of their interests, needs, activity level, and stage of development, as well as latest date and next call back date. Display and update prospect information while talking to them on the phone.

  • Up to nine promotions with dates and status codes
  • Create custom reports with Crystal Reports software (included)
  • Daily reports of prospect activity
  • Log up to 99 pages of text notes per sales lead
  • Seven search options with scan/select windows to easily locate records
  • Customize screen-15 user defined fields available

Electronic Forms

ýeFormsý Module: It Will Help You Better Utilize Myte Myke Software.

Forms can be printed using a laser or ink jet printer in one easy step. Blank paper in, completed form ready for mailing out.

No additional cost of purchasing pre-printed forms…eForms can transform your current (pre-printed) form to blank paper.

ýeFormsý is flexible. Multiple copies of each document can vary.

Example: mask over printing of dollar amounts, add bar coding, select what fields you do (or do not) want printed…etc

You can also change fonts, and print in color. FAX from within the software. If you have a fax capability on your system, you can setup ýeFormsý to fax a form automatically. EMAIL from within Myte Myke. If you have email capability, you can setup ýeFormsý to email a document directly to the recipient.

Images can be printed in addition to the actual item numbers (or other identifiers) and printed on a form.

Example: You would create a (.JPG) image for each item you want printed on a Packing List.

Forms Archiving is available. By selecting three pre-defined fields, you may retrieve any archived information printed with ýeFormsý. This information can then once again be printed, faxed, or emailed.

You can utilize all printers installed on your network.

eForms Package:

The package will include the following standard forms along with samples of regular reports, to show you what can be done to customize them.

  • Packing List
  • Sales Order
  • Bill Of Lading
  • Invoice
  • A/R Statement
  • Purchase Order
  • Order Entry- Invoice Register
  • Order Entry-Customer Status Report
  • Inventory Control-Stock Status Report

The integration package will include the above listed forms, and 10 hours of customization to fit your needs. Customization will include designing and placement of data fields, adding your company logo, (which you supply in a .JPG file) and any additional printed information.

What’s Needed:

A PC that will be designated as a print server.

This computer will have the ýeFormsý application running. As printer output is directed to the print server, ýeFormsý will add the form requested, and direct the output to the appropriate network printer.

Drivers for all network printers which will be used by Myte Myke fax software and email capability.

How ýeFormsý Work:

An order entry person enters an order into Myte Myke, and selects to print as usual. The ýeFormsý takes over at this point, captures the output and, prints a packing list on any printer available to the network. The printed output form will be the one you designed with your company name, logo, etc.

A SECOND copy can be printed on a DIFFERENT printer, example being (at the loading doc). This copy could include bar codes for scanning by a bar code reader.

A THIRD copy could be EMAILED or FAXED to your customer as an order of acknowledgment.

The packing list output can also be cataloged in a ARCHIVE system, so its available for future reference.

After the initial setup, all of these above steps are automatic and transparent to the user, ýeFormsý does the work for you

General Ledger

The General Ledger is the focus of your accounting system. It handles journal entries, accepts transactions posted from other modules and provides reliable, flexible financial reporting.

  • Fiscal year accounting with 13 period option
  • Standard recurring journals with reversals
  • P&L comparisons to previous year actual and to budgets
  • User defined Financial Statements and Departmental Schedules
  • Work in process

Instant Messenger

You can send instant (text) messages to any user that is logged on to the system.

The messages are logged, and can be reviewed by the system manager, to see if the recipient read the message and when.

Useful when you wish to inform other users about processing activities that would require them to not use the system, or module. Such as daily or month end closings.

Project Manager

  • Track projects
  • Extensive key search capability
  • 900 lines of text can be stored in a mini word processing file, per project
  • Record time, log in text file
  • Links to customer data base

Thin Client

The ‘thin client’ option allows users the benefit of a client server environment where ALL of he processing is done on the server. No data records are sent over the communications network. You can use a Windows 2000 or Linux server, and still have a windows GUI interface on the client machines.

This allows much faster operation, and very little impact on the LAN.

The thin client can allow remote access to the database over the internet. as long as the server can be accessed thru the firewall.

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