Financial Management Series

A multi-module management system designed by MaxQ Technologies.

About Financial Management Series

MaxQ’s Financial Management Series offers maximum flexibility and superior performance, providing seamless integration to your Microsoft Business Solution, with a quick, easy start-up and implementation. Whatever your industry, run your business better with these superior financial, reporting and business management applications that provide the backbone for the rest of your business critical applications. From managing your complete royalty process, to automated credit card processing, to a total solution for repetitive billing, MaxQ’s Financial Management Series will help you realize immediate process improvement and save you time and money. The top VARs across the country look to MaxQ for our Financial Management Series solutions, which deliver additional value to their customers, extend their businesses, and help them realize new opportunities within their client base.

Advanced Cash Application (ACA)

Streamline the payment application process needed to apply and post cash in the Accounts Receivable module of Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Advanced Cash Application eliminates the cumbersome steps needed to apply and post cash in the Microsoft Dynamics SL Account, streamlining and simplifying the payment application process.

Features and Functionality

  • Seamless integration to Microsoft Dynamics SL
  • One screen for all cash application processes
  • User defined payment deduction types
  • Set deduction limits by user or group
  • Apply credit memos in Order Management
  • Add a single payment across multiple AR customers
  • Multiple write offs against a single invoice
  • Write off any amount with expense links to Project Controller
  • Write off over/under payments concurrently when applying payments
  • Perform charge backs with automated adjustments and invoice closure
  • Check level deductions - deductions not tied to a specific invoice
  • Post unapplied credit memos alongside payment application
  • Generate reports with detailed cash application activity
  • Non-receivable cash processing
  • Check level deductions across customer
  • Use of the Microsoft Dynamics SL Object Model, for users not having Transaction Import

Charge It!

MaxQ Charge It! streamlines credit card processing by eliminating the need to access multiple systems, reducing redundant tasks and improved accuracy. By automating and streamlining credit card processing, Charge It! speeds up the process and reduces mistakes that can be made using systems that require manual processing. Easy to use and install, MaxQ Charge It! also comes packed with helpful features to further streamline transaction processes.

MaxQ Charge It! is designed to meet the Payment Applications Data Security Standards (PA-DSS).

Designed for Microsoft Dynamics SL

  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • Integrates with MaxQ Document Agent module
  • Direct access from the Microsoft Dynamics SL menu (sales order entry or shipper screens)
  • Easily voids a sale or credit with error correction
  • Single server use for all Microsoft Dynamics SL operators
  • Provides options for implementation. Can be implemented using the AR modules, Order Management or the Charge It! Object

Security and Controls You Require for Successful Processing

  • Encryption methods using SQL Server
  • Pre-approval of transactions & optionally deducts credit fees automatically
  • Allows for deferred transactions - when credit card information is retrieved on a web site, the order can be created later with automatic matching
  • Uses Address Verification Service (AVS) to confirm legitimacy of transactions
  • Places automatic hold on rejected credit card transactions
  • Produces Credit Card Rejection Reports Credit card auditing
  • Enhanced credit card purging

Additional Features to Streamline Credit Card Processing

  • Integrated with PayPal’s Payflow Pro
  • Ability to process non US currency
  • Auto-stores credit card data
  • Multiple credit cards application for a single sales order or invoice
  • Process transactions on-line or via batch mode
  • Supports back-orders and partial shipments
  • Creates automatic transaction for booking fees, revenue, marking invoices as paid and making receivables

Deposit Processing

MaxQ Deposit Processing ends the time consuming task of manually applying and reconciling deposits in Microsoft Dynamics SL. Automated deposit handling reduces processing costs and the risk of errors. Using Deposit Processing you can also easily manage layaway or custom jobs.

Features and Functionality

  • Automates deposit processing in Microsoft Dynamics SL
  • Deposits, on-account cash or credits are automatically applied when invoices are created
  • Automatically creates Accounts Receivable Cash * Deposits from deposit checks
  • Integrated with Order Management’s credit limit checking, to automatically release the order as the appropriate payments are made
  • Allows for multiple payments to be made against a single order (payment schedules)
  • Used with MaxQ Charge It! to mix cash, checks or credit card charges on a single order with all AR cash applications performed automatically
  • Deposit Processing maintains the un-applied amount, so you cannot over apply a deposit
  • Control of deposit checks with a complete audit trail and flexible bank deposit support
  • Event logs made for easy troubleshooting of data entry errors. (i.e. entering deposits for inactive customers)

EDI Remittance for Advanced Cash Application

EDI Remittance for Advanced Cash Application provides additional functionality for the MaxQ Advanced Cash Application module. The EDI 820 Remittance module will allow customers and partners to send an electronic remittance advice which will be imported, validated, and automatically processed into an Advanced Cash Application batch.

Product Features

  • Supports EDI 820 Remittance formats
  • Converts trading partner specific adjustment reason codes to Advanced Cash deduction codes
  • Eliminates manual entry of payments into Advanced Cash Application
  • Ability to create customer groups for cross customer payments
  • Provides for correction of EDI Remittance batches and resubmission
  • Converts valid EDI remittances to Advanced Cash Application batches

MaxQ Messenger

MaxQ Messenger automatically sends, via fax and/or email, Solomon Order Management, Accounts Receivable, and purchasing documents to key customers and suppliers. Messenger is an extension to your supply chain planning. Messenger interfaces with a wide variety of mail and fax servers and is quick and easy to install.

Recurring Billing & Revenue Recognition

Recurring Billing & Revenue Recognition turns Microsoft Dynamics SL into a flexible yet robust repetitive billing system to improve your billing accuracy, revenue flow and customer service. Regardless of whether you use Microsoft Dynamics SL Accounts Receivable invoicing or Order Management sales orders, this module automates the billing process reducing the administrative effort required to process these billings and much more. With better handling of product bundles, this module makes it easier for you to maintain bundles of items for pricing and deferred revenue recognition.

Streamlines Contract Administration

  • Creates contracts that will bill until the contract is canceled
  • Renews contracts easily including the combining of multiple contracts into a renewed one
  • Supports Historical Renewal tracking
  • Generates contracts automatically to match deferred revenue schedules
  • Allows for adjustments in billing periods that need to have credit memos instead of invoices created
  • Accommodates changes in contracts or business policies by revising billing parameters

Efficient Streamlined Billing

  • Easily set up contracts to automatically create AR * Invoices or Sales Orders
  • Supports virtually any type of billing for either inventory items, services or projects
  • Automates billing process or capability to place holds for further review and approval
  • User defined billing contracts, revenue types and revenue recognition schedules
  • Generate billings by customers, contracts, contract classes or date ranges
  • Flexible Invoice Scheduling (daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc.) or user-defined calendars
  • Automatic invoice notification (with link) to customers or employees via email

Efficient and Automated Processing

  • Automatic Sales Order generation when inventory is required
  • Ability to link to inventory IDs for scheduling any time item is sold
  • Relates to Microsoft Dynamics SL Project Controller for project billing
  • Interfaces with Charge It! for automatic credit card payments
  • Complete audit trail for deferred/unearned revenue accounts

Royalty Management

MaxQ’s Royalty Management module automates the tedious steps required to post and/or pay royalties in Microsoft Dynamics SL. We designed Royalty Management to help companies manage even the most complicated contract situations including streamlined contract management, royalty sales aggregation and processing, statement generation, royalty calculation and payment processing.

Features and Functionality

  • Handles an unlimited number of intellectual property codes, licenses, contracts, and royalty payees
  • Performs cash or accrual calculations per contract
  • Royalty calculation owed is based upon actual orders or manually entered sales data
  • Provides comprehensive reporting for audit
  • Produces detailed reporting statements that include all transactions for license accounting and tracking
  • Manages various forms of royalties including sliding scale rates, effective dates, and guaranteed amounts
  • Generates account payable vouchers
  • Offers flexible calculations: flat fee, fixed amount, list price, net amount or combination
  • Creation of general ledger entries for accrual of royalties’ payables

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