A multi-module management system designed by MBI for non-profit organizations.



WINPACCS was specifically designed for the needs of international aid organisations. This software solution offers small and large aid organisations an established and reliable system.

With more than 2000 installations in over 130 countries, WINPACCS® is the market leader in software for development co-operations. Profit from our expertise!

WINPACCS is an integrated financial system for the financial processing of projects in development co-operation and humanitarian aid. It enhances a flexible and duly monitoring of project finances. The modular assembly and the open structure of the system can be adapted to different project requirements.

WINPACCS has been developed in close collaboration with globally acting development aid organisations. It is their experience and their know-how combined with the technical and professional skills that make WINPACCS a perfect ýhelper for helpersý.

The financial system comprises the following constituents:

  • WINPACCS accounting,
  • WINPACCS cost control,
  • WINPACCS cashbook,
  • WINPACCS distribution

All WINPACCS modules are:

  • multilingual, i.e. you can switch from English to Spanish, German, French and partly to Portuguese.
  • network-compatible, but can also be used as single version
  • multi-client capability, i.e. one licence can be used for different clients
  • equipped with a context sensitive online-help and easily understandable user manuals in the respective languages.

Set apart these modules do a fine job, but hand in hand they work perfectly for you.


WINPACCS® online offers a web-based software-on-demand solution for international aid organisations to manage all their key business processes.

The application complements the WINPACCS® suite modules that support the main on-site management tasks.

WINPACCS® online can be configured according to the needs of the customer and tailored to their individual requests.


  • AMBERO Consulting Gesellschaft mbH
  • Caritas international
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
  • Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst gGmbH
  • Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V.
  • EIRENE - Internationaler Christlicher Friedensdienst e.V.
  • Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung gGmbH
  • Partner Aid International

WINPACCS® accounting has proved itself over many years as the project accounting software for development cooperation and humanitarian aid. It facilitates project operations by providing an easy-to-use system for entering accounting data that even non-accountants can comfortably work with.

System Requirements

WINPACCS® accounting is compatible with:

  • Microsoft Windows XP SP 2 (32/64 Bit)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista (32/64 Bit)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64 Bit)

Hardware requirements:

  • Pentium Processor 1 GHz
  • 512 MB user memory (1 GB or more recommended)
  • Display Resolution 1024x768
  • 1 GB Hard Disk Storage Unit

WINPACCS Accounting

WINPACCS accounting has proved itself.

Basic Functions

Multi-client Capability

Like all WINPACCS® modules, WINPACCS® accounting features multi-client capability; i.e. the project accounting of various clients can be managed within one application. This multi-client capability allows also a unified configuration of all WINPACCS® accounting installed in an organisation.

Compliance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

WINPACCS® accounting complies with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and the principles of electronic accounting systems. This enables you to enter the accounting data on-site while meeting the high demands of the e.g. German accounting regulations. The compliance with these principles is regularly checked and approved by independent certified accountants.

Multi-user Capability

WINPACCS® accounting can be easily installed within a network. Various persons may use the application simultaneously, entering booking data.

Multiple Charts of Accounts

WINPACCS® accounting allows you to work with several different charts of accounts. Each project can be assigned its own chart of accounts. The chart of accounts is centrally created and administrated in WINPACCS® server.

Comprehensive Reports

Multiple reports with various sorting and filtering possibilities help to provide a good overview of all recorded data. You can preview the reports and then distribute them in different export formats.

Flexible User Administration

Each user can be assigned the necessary user access according to their field of responsibility.

A password protected log-in procedure guarantees that only authorized users have access to the respective data.

Integrated Exchange Rate Calculation Using Moving Average Rate Procedure The moving average rate procedure makes sure that there are no profits or losses due to fluctuating exchange rates.

This means:

  • Funds received by the project/office are converted into costs equalling the amount of the provided funds based on the company currency. or
  • Each unit of company currency sent to the project/office will be converted into costs.

There will be no profits or losses resulting from fluctuating exchange rates

This procedure has been developed by chartered accountants specifically for project accounting in development cooperation.

Multi-Currency Feature

WINPACCS® accounting works with two currencies: a company currency and a voucher currency.

All entries are stored in the voucher currency as well as the company currency.

Comprehensive Booking Functions

Predefined Booking Forms

WINPACCS® accounting offers predefined booking forms for all business transactions of the project accounting. These predefined entry forms together with the implemented plausibility checks allow even non-accountants a fast and easy system for entering data.

The following entry forms are available in WINPACCS® accounting:

  • Supply of funds by the head office/project/journal
  • Transfer of funds to another project/journal or refund to office
  • Transfer of funds within a journal
  • Posting of costs
  • Inventory posting: acquisition, disposal and cost reduction
  • Income posting
  • Advance payments, advances to third-parties, advances to partners
  • Receipts to cash/bank from receivables/payables
  • Decrease in payables

Automated Reverse Voucher Function

You can reverse incorrectly entered vouchers by simply selecting the entry and the ýchange/reverseý function. A reversal voucher with the current period will be automatically generated.

Unsettled Item Management

Unsettled items management helps you to monitor accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Inventory Management

The inventory feature allows to enter an inventory acquisition and to document a change in value or a disposal of an asset. Inventory additions or disposals entered in the predefined form will be automatically added to the inventory sheet.

Account Assignments using Project-Internal Structures

WINPACCS® accounting features optional project internal additional account assignments. You can enter and configure these specifically for each project. Amongst other things, these additional account assignments can be used for multiple analyses.


  • Analysis according to subject matter structures of the project
  • Analysis according to organisational units
  • Analysis according to sources of funds (coýfinanciers)

External Systems

Importing Project and Journal Master Data

Import functions enable you to directly import project and journal master data from the head office.

The advantages of this include:

  • No time consuming master data entry on-site
  • Central entry of master data ý on-site usage at different locations
  • No entry errors leading to inconsistent master data at different locations

The master data can either be generated through WINPACCS® manager or initialized through your own software system as an XML file.

Integration in the WINPACCS System

WINPACCS® accounting is completely integrated in the WINPACCS® system. The complete integration allows a simple and direct exchange of data between WINPACCS® suite and WINPACCS® server modules.

External Interfaces

The entered data can be exported in various external interface formats. This makes it possible to import accounting data entered in WINPACCS® accounting into different systems.

Comfortable to Use

Intuitive to use

WINPACCS® accounting is highly user friendly. A well structured menu and a concise symbol bar for the main functions makes it intuitive and easy to use. Tool-tips give additional orientation if needed.

Multi-Lingual Settings

You can easily change the language setting to English, German, French or Spanish by clicking on the menu item ýlanguageý.

Comprehensive Online Help

WINPACCS® accounting offers a comprehensive online-help (through the menu or by pressing the F1 key). The online-help is available in English, German, French and Spanish.

Conceptional User Manual

Along with the software you will receive a detailed, illustrated, easy to understand user manual. The user manual will help you get acquianted with the WINPACCS® accounting system. It is available in English, German, Spanish and French.


WINPACCS cashbook is an electronic bank and cashbook…

Bank and Cashbook for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid

Basic Fucntions

  • Multi-client capbility: Like all WINPACCS modules, WINPACCS cashbook features multi-client capability; i.e., the bank- and cashbooks of various clients can be managed within one application. This multi-client capability allows also a unified configuration of all WINPACCS cashbooks installed in an organization.

  • Multi-cash account capability: WINPACCS cashbook offers the possibility to manage various bank and/or cahsbooks. These can be selected fast and simple through a drop down menu on the tool bar.

  • Setting up the master data of bank- and cashbooks: A well-structured screen form makes the entry of master data for bank and cashbooks fast and easy.

WINPACCS Cost Control

WINPACCS cost control allows transparent…

Basic Functions

  • Multi-client capability
  • Multi-user capability
  • Displaying the project structure
  • Management of various journals per project
  • Multi-currency feature and period related reference currency
  • Connecting projects to programs
  • Different charts of acccounts
  • Integration into the WINPACCS financial system
  • External interfaces
  • Integrated user administration

Basic Functions of Cost Accounting

Flexible Views and Reports

Comfortable to Use

Product Overview

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