Merchant’s Mirror

A web-based software system designed by Merchant’s Mirror.

About Merchant's Mirror

You can take your accounting system to the next level by upgrading to Merchant’s Mirror today. Our system takes a brand new approach to the otherwise boring world of accounting. You can leverage the data that you are already collecting to identify opportunities to reduce costs, increase productivity, and enhance your efficiency.

While we perform all of the necessary functions of a traditional accounting system, Our focus in on providing the data you already collect in a meaningful way that is easy to understand. We achieve this through each of the following:

  • Charts & Graphs
  • Real-Time Dashboard
  • Integrated Financial Statements
  • Access your data from anywhere in the World
  • Easily manage your Customers, Vendors, and Banking
  • and more


At Merchant’s Mirror we leverage the latest in technological updates to bring you the very best a system can offer. Our system is built using Web 2.0 protocols and utilizes XML and Dynamic HTML for its web-based interface.

We also have implemented a continuing improvement methodology that allows us to not only have the latest technology available today but to also continue to iterate our development to include future technological updates as they become available. With Merchant’s Mirror" you can upgrade your company’s financial system and keep it upgraded for the long run.

Save Time & Money

In today’s world Time is Money. Any wasted time is a major expense to small business and the smaller the business the more costly time that gets wasted can be… of course you don’t need us to tell you that. At Merchant’s Mirror", we have developed a multi-user system that allows you and other local or remote users to access your company’s financial system at the same time.

The most interesting part of the multi-user feature is that you can invite your tax accountant to become a user of your company. Then, when you have questions about tax-related issues, you can give them a call and immediately they can access your data, make changes, or provide advice… all in real-time.


  • Real-time Dashboard: Get an overview of your company on one page
  • Reports: Easy-to-read graphs, financial statements, and more
  • Multi-User / Multi-Level Security: Mult-user concurrent access with individual access privileges
  • Document Attachments: Take a step toward a paperless office by using document attachments
  • Reminders: Alert yourself to important tasks and events
  • Automatic Data Backup and Monitoring: Your data is protected with automatic backups
  • Easily Share Data: View and share data in real-time with users anywhere in the world
  • Manage Customers: Invoicing, Sales Receipts, Payments, Credits, etc.
  • Manage Vendors: Bill Tracking and Payment, Credits, Sales Tax, and more
  • Banking: Write Checks, Journal Entries, Transfer Funds, Make Deposits, etc.
  • Planning & Budgeting: Monitor your performance with integrated budgeting

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