A multi-module management system designed by MetraTech.

About MetraNet

MetraNet was a native XML-based, end-to-end billing solution built using XML and Web Services. As of 2023, the company appears to be out of business and thus the software is no longer sold or supported.

Please visit our best billing and invoicing software guide for alternative options.

MetraNet was designed to leverage your existing infrastructure to meet all of your current and future needs. This product will fully integrate with your current infrastructure, providing you with a range of leading edge functionality for advanced rating, pricing, and packaging. This product was deigned to meet whatever your needs are providing you with functionality to improve your existing infrastructure.


MetraBill was an XML native billing engine that allows you to launch new services quickly, upgrade/improve existing services, price dynamically, and maximize revenue. This product allows you to bill for service immediately with application level, event-based billing. This product also provides you with sophisticated pricing capabilities so you can maximize revenue for any service you deliver. Additionally, this product will give your sales and marketing teams the power to create innovative pricing plans. The web-based GUI of MetraBill greatly reduces the time and cost it takes to make changes to billing processes, in turn reducing the total operating costs.


MetraCare is an online based customer care solution. This product will allow you to provide excellent customer service and increase customer satisfaction while reducing costs associated with Customer Relationship Management. Customer care representatives on your staff can use this software to manage every aspect of customer interaction. This product will provide you with a complete account data for every customer. Additionally automated e-mail can be setup to send welcome letters, credit card expiration notices and any other notification you see fit.


MetraPay allows you to remain competitive in today’s web-based business environment. This application of MetraNet allows you to provide seamlessly integrated on-line payment and settlement options into your existing billing. By implementing an online payment processing system, you can dramatically decrease the costs of payment processing, by eliminating the costs associated with check processing and posting. This product also features context-sensitive help, online quotes, and Web-based credit requests reduce inbound customer support calls.


MetraView is an online reporting and bill presentation solution. This product is the only interactive, real-time reporting and bill presentation solution that meets the needs of today’s established and emerging service providers. This product empowers you and your customers to view data in the same way. This product is a comprehensive online reporting tool that allows anyone in your customers organization to access account information in real-time. By presenting your bills in a paperless environment you will greatly reduce the costs associated with printing, stuffing and mailing bills.

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User Reviews of MetraNet

Submitted on December 26th, 2019 by Anonymous

metranet is good billing product.

The Good…

Metranet contrains reports like dashboard.

The Bad…

nothing to improve