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Simple customized accounting for complex business problems

About NolaPro Accounting

Have requirements no one else can solve? Specific standards that need met? Unique problems?

Let NolaPro’s scalable platform work for your business. Forget the limitations of a boxed software! Instead, modify our in-depth App to fit your precise operational needs, easily and affordability.

From building custom reports to implementing industry-operational features, NolaPro’s flexibility will accommodate. Have multiple companies? No problem. Multiple users? Included. And no matter what changes you require, all future upgrades will be compatible.

Billing (AR), Payables (AP) and General Ledger (GL) come standard; other modules include Inventory Control, Cost Estimating, Order Management, POS, Time Tracking, eCommerce, EDI/Data Collection, and Business-to-Business (B2B) Integration.

NolaPro’s API allows NolaPro to easily serve as the accounting backend for many 3rd party applications. It also supports International needs such as Multi-Currency, Multi-Language Translations, VAT/GST, and more.

NolaPro is available over the Cloud or in a Local installation (Windows/Linux), whatever works best for you. The Source Code is also available -please contact us for details

Other Modules include QuickBooks Converter, Customer Contacts, eCommerce/Shopping Cart, Time Tracking, EDI/Data Collection and over 100 optional add-on functions. Also included are:

  • User Activity Auditing
  • IP Access Control
  • Credit Card Scanner Integration
  • IRS 1099 Support
  • Custom Data Fields
  • Advanced User Rights
  • Credit Card Tracking
  • Numerous Specialized Reports
  • Email Center & Templates

Accounts Payable

With built-in vendor tracking and check/credit card/PO management, NolaPro’s AP module helps ensure that your bills get paid on time.

  • Vendor Entry/Update
  • Vendor Lists or Labels.
  • Default posting accounts, vendor accounts, vendor terms defined by vendor to make entry of bills quicker
  • Entry of Bills/Credits
  • Write checks for partial or full payment of invoices
  • Place vendor or specific invoices on hold (if in dispute over charges or some similar situation).
  • Check void
  • Mark checks cashed
  • Check summary of uncashed (for bank reconciliation), cashed, or all checks for specified period or vendor.
  • Payables lists – to show all unpaid (or paid) invoices.
  • Aging reports

Accounts Receivable

NolaPro’s accounts receivable module helps you collect revenue through payment plans, notification of overdue accounts, and flexible invoices. It also includes:

  • Customer Entry/Update
  • Customer Lists, mailing labels, export, import, etc.
  • Multiple customer ship-to addresses
  • Order Entry (inventory required although order can be for non-inventory items).
  • Order entry and ship automatically updates inventory.
  • Print pick ticket for order fill
  • Order Check in-out steps
  • Order Fill steps
  • Order Ship (partial or complete)
  • Order Status Reports
  • Order Lists of Orders, Items, Shipments, etc.
  • Order Performance Statistics Report
  • Transfer completed or partially shipped orders into Invoices
  • Create/update Invoices
  • Print invoices
  • Email invoices
  • Print summaries of invoices with export to excel
  • Track invoice payments received
  • Aging reports with export to excel
  • Calculation of interest on overdue invoices
  • Sales tax report
  • Review customer account
  • Print statements
  • Setup invoice terms to show on invoices

Note: For orders from inventory, requires Inventory. Order entry will tie in with Shopping Cart

Business-to-Business Web Portal

Securely connect with business clients allowing them to request quotes/orders and make payments without a costly Commerce site.

  • Allows customers to request orders (quotes) via a web portal
  • Quotes not turned into actual orders until ‘approved’ on admin side
  • Customizable graphics allowed at user login page
  • User access for clients, vendors, etc. all controlled by admin
  • Customer can make payment(s) online
  • Customer can receive info about their current order(s)
  • Customer can view their payment history
  • Customer can view their order history
  • Customer area to add/update their profile information

General Ledger

Import your own Chart of Accounts or use one of the industry-specific models.

  • Maintain multiple companies (Available Feature)
  • Multiple budgets so you can alter the budget mid-year for example without losing the original budget.
  • User defined chart of accounts
  • Import of chart of accounts information
  • Export of Balance Sheet, Income Statement, etc.
  • Summary accounts
  • Journal Entry
  • Post of Journals
  • Reverse Post of Data from Journals
  • Set your Fiscal Year
  • Income Statement with ability to compare to other accounting periods
  • Balance Sheet with ability to compare to other accounting periods
  • Keep track of “who did what” with transaction monitoring and secure auditing tools.


NolaPro manages pricing levels, tracks RMAs & back-orders, and supports Build Orders.

  • User-defined categories of products
  • User-defined unit names
  • User-defined pricing methods
  • Multiple inventory locations (for same product)
  • Enter/update inventory items
  • Bill-of-Materials entry, build assembly units
  • Lots of reports: status of items, activity, value of inventory, price lists, item distribution, usage history, suppliers list, etc. all exportable to excel and most having drill-downs to details of numbers in reports.
  • Physical Inventory: worksheets to make collecting counts easy, entry of counts, post of new counts to inventory on-hand and posting of differences to adjustments.
  • Tracks ‘committed’ items from orders and removes the committed amounts when orders are filled. At that time adjusts the on-hand counts.
  • Purchase Orders: entry/print of PO’s, lists of pending PO’s, enter quantities received, pass totals to payables once invoice received (completely assures that bills received match actual receipts of product).
  • Receive items into inventory without PO
  • Vendor Entry/update.
  • Vendor lists and mailing labels

Order & POS Management

Efficiently manage your operational costs by tracking product sales and overseeing labor provided through the quote to order to invoice stages.

  • Service Orders (employee time tracking on jobs)
  • Fulfillment Orders (product sales to customers)
  • Build Orders (BOM - Bill of Materials -> see Inventory)
  • Point-of-Sale (POS)
  • Issue/Track RMAs
  • Supports Partial Shipments
  • Allow Shipments to Multiple Locations
  • Numerous Reporting Modules
  • Compatible with Fedex and UPS WorldShip


The payroll module is able to meet state, US and global standards. It also has the ability to add timeclock and electronic tax filing.

  • User maintains tax tables
  • U.S. Federal & State tax tables available
  • Special Pay, Deductions, Benefits assigned by group or individual
  • Enter/update employees
  • User can set rules for vacation and sick leave accruals
  • Log hours – once per pay period or daily.
  • Calculate taxes and deductions
  • Write checks --format is the same as for Payables checks.
  • Check summary report of pay etc. for each employee
  • Weekly pay and deductions report
  • Quarterly summary of pay and deductions
  • 941 report
  • W2’s print in PDF form
  • Track and print employee reviews with rating scale defined by user.
  • Phone/birthday lists of employees
  • Can maintain separate checking account for payroll

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