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Statement Direct

A statement import tool developed for NetSuite.
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Statement Direct will provide direct integration between your bank and NetSuite , so there is no need to download or upload statements. The job of bank reconciliations will be a case of just dealing with exceptions, with the bulk of it automatically reconciled with no user intervention. Hours of valuable resource are saved with this.

Direct integration from your bank. The bank reconciliation is automatically performed and your bank account in NetSuite is always shown up to date.

Step 1 - Set up Statement Direct Statement Direct will only need to be set up once. It will ask for the details of your bank account(s) and then it will give you a dedicated ID, in which you then use when the account(s) need to be reconciled.

Step 2 - Auto Import & Match Transactions Statement Direct provides direct integration from the bank account(s) and reconciles the NetSuite transactions automatically with no user intervention.

Step 3 - Match remaining transactions Sometimes some transactions will not be matched with the bank statement. This may be because some adjustments need to be made. These are flagged and you will be able to adjust and post the transactions from within ABR.

Step 4 - Transactions to history Once the bank statement has been fully reconciled with NetSuite transactions, the bank and NetSuite transactions will be moved to history. Historical figures can be viewed and reported for audit purposes. History includes reports on transactions amended after reconciliation has been performed.

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