Rockton Connect

An accounting solution with Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration designed by Rockton Software.

About Rockton Connect

Rockton Connect is a sophisticated accounting software solution built to integrate seamlessly into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. It’s got all the power you need, with none of the complications you don’t. You’ll appreciate how easy, intuitive, and completely connected your accounting can be.

Rockton Connect is packed with all the accounting power you need and an exciting level of flexibility you never thought possible. Every module, every feature, and every process has been carefully designed for maximum efficiency and accuracy. The best part is, because Rockton Connect works seamlessly inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM, all of your customer, vendor, and financial data is connected. You can improve collaboration and manage your entire business in one system.

Why Choose Rockton Connect?

  • Seamless integration into Microsoft Dynamics CRM means no more juggling multiple systems
  • Centralized customer, vendor, and financial data in one system
  • Simplified GL and chart of accounts with no sub-ledgers
  • Customizable sales orders, invoices, and purchasing documents tailored to your business
  • Automatic daily import of your banking and credit card transactions
  • Real-time visibility and reporting with multiple ways to slice-and-dice any data
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency so you can manage international transactions with ease
  • Affordable pricing available on-premise or in the cloud
  • Responsive service and support that ROCKS

Accounts Payable

Sometimes the only thing you know for sure is that no two days are ever the same. You’ve got to have more flexibility in the way you buy products and services, pay vendors, track costs, and strategize budgets. Rockton Connect gives you the freedom to structure your purchasing and payables around the way you operate and ensures the whole process is simpler and easier.

Key Benefits

  • Customizable purchase orders and documents - Just like your sales documents, Rockton Connect gives you the freedom to create purchase orders tailored to your business. Enjoy expanded fields to cover nearly any industry and 10 custom fields to put in any special type of calculation, addition, or deduction you need.

  • Create no-fuss purchasing documents - When you just want to pay a bill with no extra fancy stuff needed, why do most accounting systems make it so darn hard? Rockton Connect lets you create simple purchasing documents that are actually simple. Just type in what you need, post it, and move on with your day.

  • Real-time visibility across your organization - Tracking expenses, measuring performance, and forecasting for the future have never been so easy. The addition of Rockton Connect with Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you powerful business intelligence and expansive reporting to make better decisions across the board.

  • Connected customer, vendor, project, and financial data - Having all of your customer and financial data centralized and synched in one system makes it extremely easy to access, link, track, and report on anything, in any area, in any way you want. Rockton Connect lets you perform any task without leaving CRM.

  • Improved customer and vendor relationships - Take advantage of workflows to setup automatic alerts and tasks to ensure customer orders get placed on time, vendors get paid on time, and documents get approved on time. Your business will be running like a well-oiled machine.

Accounts Receivable

No matter what industry you’re in or what products and services you offer, you don’t run your business like anyone else. There’s nothing generic about it and that’s why we designed Rockton Connect just for you. You’ll appreciate the flexible features and custom capabilities of accounting software that simplifies managing your business, instead of complicating it.

Key Benefits

  • Customizable sales order fields and calculations - When your sales and receivables model simply doesn’t fit into the generic fields and calculations defined by most accounting systems, you’ll really appreciate Rockton Connect’s flexibility. We have built in 10 customizable fields (5 to add, 5 to subtract), so you can create sales orders, invoices, and documents completely tailored to the way you operate your business.

  • Extensive pre-defined fields for nearly any industry - Speaking of those generic fields and calculations, we’ve added a bunch of those, too. Whether you need to add a fuel surcharge, manage complex royalties, or calculate special commissions – you’ll have a lot of options for your industry.

  • Create simple sales documents - You know those times you just want to create a simple sales document for a one-time transaction or a special situation without having to take 20 steps to do it? Now you can charge that guy fifty bucks on the fly, post it, and go.

  • Totally connected customer and financial data - Because Rockton Connect is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you have instant access to all of your customer and financial data centralized in one system. You can create sales orders, invoices, documents, and financial reports from real-time data without ever leaving CRM. Imagine the time you’ll save!

  • Integrated credit card processing - If you take credit cards in your store or online, Rockton Connect is compatible with third-party credit card processing services.

General Ledger

Your General Ledger is the mission-critical core of your accounting and one of the most exciting transformations you’ll enjoy with Rockton Connect. We removed the frustrating limitations of other accounting software, added lots of customizable features and fields, and seamlessly connected all of your customer, vendor and financial data.

Key Benefits

  • Budger by account, segment, or dimension with no GL Account required - Rockton Connect allows you to budget exactly how you need to budget. Simply setup an account, segment, or dimension to budget for any special event or scenario, spanning any period.

  • Define up to 9 segments for an account with unlimited sizing and naming - Is your chart of accounts getting bigger and bigger by the minute? Rockton Connect gives you the freedom to create and define up to 9 segments for your accounts.

  • Post corrections to any and all historical data, while retaining accurate reconciliations - This is a really big deal. Rockton Connect lets you go back through all of time and post any changes or corrections with the ability to create reconciliation and recovery points. Your reporting and auditing will never be off again.

  • Easily changeable GL account names - If deciphering your chart of accounts requires a GL to Plain English Dictionary, you’re going to love this. Just put in a “working name” for each account in free form, flip a switch to update, and view all of your GL accounts with a name that actually makes sense to you. Voilà!

  • Quickly copy, move, merge, and modify your GL accounts - Rockton Connect’s GL Account Builder is a handy tool to make managing your GL account fast and easy. You can move stuff around, create divisions, mass-modify, split, or merge accounts–and do it all in a few clicks.

  • Rich dimensional analysis that flows throughout all modules - How cool would it be if any data you have in Microsoft Dynamics CRM could be linked to any financial document and flow throughout the dimensional analysis? Rockton Connect makes it possible . . . and simple.

  • Unlimited fiscal period structure - You are finally free to setup your company’s fiscal period in any way you need to.


One of the biggest benefits of Rockton Connect is that it is fully integrated within Microsoft Dynamics CRM so all of your data is connected and readily available in one convenient place. No juggling multiple programs and databases. No more duplicate entry. No more outdated information. Simply slice-and-dice your data in any way you want to see it.

Key Benefits

  • Rich and flexible dimensional reporting - With your CRM and financial data centralized, you have unlimited opportunities to build custom reports and budgets on any of your dimensions - not just the GL account. From basic to multi-faceted reports, you’ll have everything at your fingertips to manipulate any of your data, in any way you need to.

  • Real-time updates across all reports - No matter who is working on a report, all information is automatically updated and populated with the latest information from the data source(s) linked to the report. This means that anyone who opens the report will always be viewing the most current information.

  • Expanded business intelligence and analysis - Gain exciting new insight to strategize growth, forecast revenue, and control costs when all aspects of your business are seamlessly connected. We make business visible so you have a clear view of your KPIs on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis - even from your mobile device.

  • Create custom dashboards for any data - If you love using dashboards in CRM, you’re really going to love it when you can add financial information to the mix.

Treasury Management

With Rockton Connect, you won’t have to. You can import all of your transactions from almost any financial institution – while you sleep. And if that’s not enough, you can utilize workflows in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to create all kinds of automated processes to save you even more time.

Key Benefits

  • Import daily banking and credit card transactions - Rockton Connect has the built-in ability to securely sync your bank and credit card accounts directly with your accounting system. All transactions are automatically downloaded with no additional effort from you. Reconciling your accounts will be more efficient, accurate, and did we mention automated?

  • Setup workflows to automate manual processes - Since Rockton Connect is fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can take advantage of workflows to let your technology do the work for you. Once you’ve downloaded your transactions, you can automate what needs to happen next like creating a vendor charge or a purchase order, triggering an alert, sending customer reminders, or marking an invoice paid. It’s like magic.

  • Real-time visibility of financial performance - All this automation provides critical improvements in efficiency and accuracy, but it also provides you with a real-time view of your company’s performance. Instead of it taking a month (or longer) to see how your business is doing, you’ll be able to monitor your financial situation every single day. Not only will you be able to identify potential issues before they happen, you’ll be able to make more proactive and informed decisions.

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