A multi-module management system designed by Pacifica Research for startups and small organizations.

About Pilot

Laguna is a multiuser real-time business management system that has proven itself for more than a decade. Laguna gives you the reliability and up-to-the-minute information you need to compete in today’s fast-paced business world.

Fast and easy to learn and use, Laguna meets all the requirements of the most demanding bookkeeper, CPA or CFO. And instantly provides the information you need for cash management, marketing, your banker or the IRS.

Here are just a very few of Laguna’s characteristics:

  • Easy to install and use for getting accounting data in and financial information out.
  • Meets GAAP and FASB standards Provides real-time performance and flexibility, with unsurpassed reliability and audit trails.
  • Real-time entries create formal double-entry journals and ledgers with no additional work, reducing chances for operator error Hundreds of reports and variations and ad hoc searches provide up-to-the-minute information all the time.
  • Unlimited open periods, accounts, vendors, products, employees, etc.
  • High-performance allows all data to be kept on-line all the time.
  • Built in modules for a quick start and easy use, with a Point of Sale module for retail use.
  • Powerful, versatile and affordable for your growing business.


Laguna Pesticide Use Manager is the high-performance tool for the entomology professional and applicator.

Designed by entomologists and written for Windows, Laguna combines all of these capabilities into one integrated package:

  • Chemical and label information
  • Field and crop history
  • Applications tracking
  • Reporting
  • Inventory control
  • Complete accounting

Every detail of chemical application history is tied together in a simple, coherent database structure.

Laguna keeps track of crops growing in each field, the PCA responsible for each crop, all applications recommended for each crop, and all recommendations actually applied, with detailed reporting by grower, field, crop, chemical and label.

Retail Manager (POS)

Accurate and fast retail sales management is exactly what Pacifica Point of Sale module was designed to deliver.

Pacifica Point of Sale is easy to use. From one simple screen, with a minimum number of keystrokes, your clerks will serve customers faster and more efficiently than ever before, with far fewer errors. And Pacifica is easy to learn, with a shorter learning curve.

It works with standard hardware. Pacifica Point of Sale runs on any standard PC compatible POS workstation, and interfaces with a wide variety of cash drawers, bar code pens and guns, scanners, scales, card readers, strip printers and pole displays.

It handles all accounting functions from the workstation. Invoice, accept coupons, issue credits, accept customer payments, track cash payouts, layaways, etc.

It offers simple drawer reconciliation. Reconcile cash (including payouts and refunds), checks, credit/debit cards and store credit cards, by cashier.

Pacifica is real-time. Every transaction you enter, every change, every bit of data is posted and processed instantly as you enter it.

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