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About Pacifica

Pacifica Professional Accounting for Windows is a multiuser real-time business management system that has proven itself for more than a decade. It gives you the reliability and up-to-the-minute information you need to compete in today’s fast-paced business world.

Fast and easy to learn and use, Pacifica meets all the requirements of the most demanding bookkeeper, CPA or CFO.

It instantly provides the information you need for cash management, marketing, your banker or the IRS.

Pacifica is among a select group of high-end accounting systems which have passed a rigorous third party certification process, ensuring that all Pacifica modules meet and exceed specific quality and functional standards.

  • Easy to install (setup from a CD-ROM in about 30 seconds!), learn and use for controlling every aspect of your business
  • Meets GAAP and FASB standards
  • Provides real-time performance and flexibility, with unsurpassed reliability and audit trails
  • Real-time entries create formal double-entry journals and ledgers with no additional work, reducing chances for operator error
  • Hundreds of reports and variations and ad hoc searches provide up-to-the-minute information all the time
  • Unlimited open periods, accounts, vendors, products, employees, etc.
  • High-performance allows all data to be kept on-line all the time
  • Over 14 modules available for a quick start, easily customizable with integrated tools
  • Powerful, versatile and affordable

Pacifica is a full-featured, real-time multiuser accounting that grows with you.

  • Advanced programming techniques provide ease-of-use of Windows, performance far greater than competitors
  • Pacifica automatically creates double-entry books and ledgers with no time wasted posting, transferring, and purging
  • Real-time summaries or transaction details always instantly available
  • HotPrint TM hundreds of reports and variations with most recently changed data directly without exiting to menus
  • Fast results for ad-hoc searches from any field in any screen
  • Pacifica instantly analyzes revenues, receivables or anything else you need to know to manage your business better
  • Detailed field by field on-line help and unique SuperEdit make it easy
  • Pacifican speeds up entry by selecting from lists of available names or items
  • Built in security lets you assign access and privileges to any module, action, or company’s data by user

Corporate Inventory Control

It’s an unexpected pleasure to find comprehensive inventory control in an accounting system. Especially when it’s completely integrated with payables and receivables, as it is in Pacifica.

But this is not ordinary accounting. This is software designed to run your business all day, everyday, where Management Information turns your inventory into profit.

Pacifica is entirely multi-user and is designed for high-volume operation. Why is that important?

Inventory is the key link between buying and selling. When you sell an item, purchasing needs to know. Not at the end of the month, but right now. When stock is received, sales needs to know that it’s available.

When the accounting department updates the cost of an item, every sale must reflect the new cost right now, not when you do the month-end posting. Pacifica allows your whole company to work together at once, as one beautifully coordinated and integrated unit.

For every dollar in the bank, you probably have a hundred times that much in your inventory. The financial forces that erode your cash are working even more destructively on your inventory. When your inventory isn’t turning, it’s costing you, and Pacifica gives you powerful ways to solve this problem.

Pacifica will tell you what to purchase based on quantity sold during each of the last twelve months, taking into account what is currently on hand and on order.

In addition, reorder levels can be based on a percentage of minimum or maximum desired stock level. This is called Order-Point Calculation. It’s a feature usually found only in mainframe dedicated inventory systems.

Pacifica can show you your best (and worst) performing items based on turns, profit or dollar volume, over any time period and across any inventory line or supplier.

Simple to Set Up…

Inventory items need to be set up only once in Pacifica. Items can be changed and updated any time, even after they have been used on orders and invoices.

Easy to Maintain…

Physical inventory adjustments are easy, and you don’t need to close up shop to take a physical count. A partial physical can be taken by warehouse location, category or product line, even while sales are occurring.

Price updates are simple too, with two different methods for mass price updates. The Reprice Matrix operates like a spread- sheet, and allows manual price updates by price code. The Price Update program automatically changes prices by percentage of cost or current price and even allows automatic rounding of cents to 0, 5 or 9.

…And Rich in Features

Pacifica will properly handle any of the usual costing methods; FIFO, LIFO, average, current or standard. Pacifica elegantly handles the troublesome situation that may occur when an inventory item is sold before it is received into stock, and its cost is unknown at time of sale.

The Inventory Cost Correction program recreates the entire history of purchases and sales, and computes an accurate cost correction as of any date.

Any number of quantity break and price code lines can be set up for each inventory item to achieve fine control over pricing. In addition, the customer record can have its own list of special inventory prices.

Two costs are maintained; the current cost, updated by each new purchase, and the markup cost (optional) which you change manually, and on which prices maybe based by markup percent.

After you have targeted the slow-movers in your inventory, Pacifica can help you clear them out, too. You can enter a sale price and starting and ending sale dates for any item. The sale price does not take effect until the starting sale date, and it ends the day after the sale end date.

If a customer buys at a price code or quantity lower than the sale price, the lower price is charged.

Powerful Bill-of-Materials Management

Pacifica supports bill of materials processing and kits. A bill of materials allows any number of raw materials and components to be built into a finished inventory part, to be sold or included in the bill of materials for another part.

Stock levels and inventory costing are automatically carried through the bill of materials. Items may also be included in a kit, allowing a list of items to be exploded onto a sales order or invoice. The kit can have a total price and cost, or each item can have its own price and cost.

Serial, Lot and Location Control

Serial or lot numbers or multiple store or warehouse locations can be applied to inventory items at time of purchase. The serial or lot number or location then becomes part of the permanent record from purchase through sale.

Big Business Control for Your Business

Until now, effective inventory management was beyond the means of most small and medium sized businesses. With Pacifica, it is no longer expensive and labor-intensive to apply the same controls that large businesses employ.

Better yet, you can try Pacifica with no risk whatsoever. A fully running version of all Pacifica products is available to evaluate on your own network.

You Expect to Turn Inventory Into Gold? So Give Yourself the Right tool… Pacifica Is That Tool!

Pacifica Accounts Payable

Pacifica A/P easily accounts for vendor payables, just as you would expect from a quality accounting product. All accounting is double-entry, and is consistent with GAAP and FASB rules.

A payable obligation starts with a purchase order. Central to this document, and the other documents of A/P, is the vendor record. In Pacifica, all vendors are members of the name list, and name list management is a bonus of the A/P system, and A/R as well.

Vendor names are entered into Pacifica only once. After that, access to vendor information is simple and instantaneous. At any field that requires a vendor, just type a few characters of the name or ID number.

Or you can click the magnifier icon that appears on vendor fields, and browse the vendor list.

If you don’t find the vendor you want, you can add it on the spot, from any field in the system. Many other fields, such as customers, G/L accounts and inventory work the same way.

We pioneered data browse directories and record quick-adds in our first accounting products, over 15 years ago. Our methods are still the fastest and easiest to use in the industry.

Vendors can be cash basis, on account, open item or balance forward, in any combination. Vendor terms are flexible, and may include discounts to be taken automatically. Various types of 1099 forms can be printed for selected vendors.

The purchase order can include inventory and non-inventory items. For inventory lines, the current cost is displayed for you to adjust as necessary.

General ledger numbers are one small detail that won’t waste your time. They are supplied by the vendor record and inventory items. This dramatically reduces errors and speeds input.

Purchase invoices are entered against an open order for a vendor. To save time, you simply pick the order from a window of open orders for the vendor, and all open lines transfer to the invoice. Or use the Process Purchase Order screen to display all open orders, and processes them into invoices all at once. Inventory is increased and a payable is created by the purchase invoice.

Since Pacifica is a real-time system, all adjustments to the vendor and general ledger are already complete when the invoice is filed. If any changes are necessary, simply bring up the invoice on the screen and update it.

Any number of invoices can be written against the order until the order is complete. Back orders are tracked automatically on the order.

Disbursement checks may be written against a purchase invoice, or direct to an expense without an invoice. Expense checks can even be written without setting up a vendor. Outstanding invoices are selected from a pop-up window and applied to the check.

Discounts for timely payment are calculated and displayed for each invoice. To speed throughput even more, groups of vendors can be paid all at once, by vendor priority and invoice due date. The checks are displayed in a browse window for editing before you save them.

Pacifica has looks and style too. The beautiful graphical user interface is a pleasure to use, and is fully compatible with either the mouse or keyboard. Simple cut-and-paste allows data to be copied to or from any field (even columns), and between Pacifica and other programs. Comparing its features, productivity and price, Pacifica meets the challenges of accounts payable with the simple elegance that is the definition of powerful software.

Pacifica Accounts Receivable

Pacifica A/R handles all aspects of order entry, invoicing and receivables tracking easily and elegantly, delivering solid performance and simplicity in maintaining customer balances, posting sales and receipts and aging your A/R. You would expect to find these features in any general accounting package, but your investment in professional business management tools should buy you much more.

To a general accounting system, A/R means simply tracking the money your customers owe. But to Pacifica, A/R means client/customer management, order processing, sales and sales analysis linked to inventory control, billing, collecting and cash flow analysis, all in real time.

The customer is king in Pacifica A/R.Customer information is entered only once, and is then available for prospecting lists, labels, orders, invoicing and reports of all kinds. Customer information can be changed any time, and the new information is reflected on all documents,past and future, instantly. Customers may be grouped into categories of your choosing, and viewed and printed in these groups.

Customers can be cash basis, on account, open item or balance forward, in any combination. They can be taxable or non-taxable,with tax rate by customer if you wish. A customer can be assigned a salesperson and a separate ship-to address.

Pricing is controlled by customer, by price code. In addition, each customer can have any number of custom prices for selected items, based on price or price code, and a blanket discount.

Customers will automatically receive the best price to which they are entitled, based upon price code, purchase quantity, sale price and custom price for that customer.

Your customers expect you to have these kinds of controls in place when they do business with you. With Pacifica, you can accommodate their demands simply and automatically. Imagine the errors and tiresome busywork that you’ll avoid with a few simple steps in customer setup.

Your profits are closely tied to a management decision to deliver a product when a customer orders it. This may seem obvious, but if your current system can’t tell you every detail of what’s on order and in stock, and doesn’t allow rapid order processing while dealing with the complex issues of costing and pricing, you can’t serve your customer efficiently.

Creating an order in Pacifica takes only a few seconds. The customer is on file and can be retrieved in an instant, by typing a few characters of the name. You do not need to remember an ID number. At any time during the process you can review all the details of past sales to this customer, payment history, stock levels, quickly and easily, without interrupting the order process.

The order can be fulfilled by one or more sales invoices, or the order may be setup as standing, to issue a recurring customer invoice. A customer may have any number of standing or open orders, invoiced on any schedule you like. Orders can be invoiced individually or as a group. Back orders are tracked automatically.

You don’t need to create an order to invoice a sale. The invoice can be entered directly, and for a point-of-sale environment, Pacifica even offers a complete solution for handling bar codes, cash drawer, pole display and strip printer.

The sales order, order processing and invoice screens are simple and uncluttered. Their layout is thoughtful and streamlined, with productivity and high throughput foremost in mind. Our interface is attractive and efficient.

Order processing is half of the A/R picture. Billing is the other half, and Pacifica really shines here too. The key is detailed, real time data on line. This data can be printed on A/R aging reports, customer activity reports, statements and past-due notices, as well as inventory activity reports, best customer lists, best selling item lists, and many other reports. Reports can be printed for any date span, because all data is always on line.

Accurate customer statements are critical if you expect timely payment without disputes. They must be clear, with enough detail to satisfy, but not confuse the customer.

Pacifica gives you the choice of various formats and levels of detail. Since Pacifica is real time, statements can be printed for any date, even for a past or closed period, in just seconds.

The marketplace of today won’t tolerate poor customer service, and you can’t afford to tolerate it either. Pacifica offers effective A/R management tools for businesses that must move up from general accounting to an affordable, total solution.

Pacifica General Ledger

  • Pacifica is real-time. Every transaction you enter, every change, every bit of data is posted and processed instantly as you enter it. The advantages are obvious:

    • No more end-of-period posting/closing before you can begin the next period.
    • No more inaccurate or incomplete data or reports. - All data is on line all the time.

Most accounting systems purge all current detail every time you post the end-of-period. You can no longer look up an invoice, reproduce a check, print a detailed inventory usage report, or analyze your data in countless other detailed ways necessary for effective management. Pacifica never automatically purges your precious detail.

  • Pacifica follows GAAP and FASB rules.

Although this feature may seem important only to your accountant, Pacifica’s compliance with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practices) and FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) ensures that the methodology and results you obtain with Pacifica are consistent and accurate.

  • Supports any number of companies. With Pacifica, you may set up as many companies as you need. Each company may have the same or similar chart of accounts, or each may be completely different. All data for each company resides in just one file, making maintenance simple. Just the thing for an accountant’s client write-up business.- Hundreds of predefined charts. Quickly set up each new company by selecting a chart of accounts from our complete list of company types, for sole proprietors, partnerships or corporations, in either branching or cascading style. **- Profit/Cost centers.This feature, unique to our General Ledger systems, allows you to set up a division of your company, or a branch, subgroup, process, or even an employee or piece of equipment, as a profit/cost center for powerful data gathering and reporting and simple job costing.- Account numbers up to 20 characters.No more trying to set up complex account/sub account structures with a limit of 7 characters. Each account number can be up to 20 characters long, and may include hyphens to clearly separate the number into sub-groups. In addition, the Profit/Cost Center number can be up to 20 characters, allowing you a generous total of 40 characters.- Alpha-numeric account numbers.Account numbers can optionally include letters, or they may be names, words or even phrases, up to 20 characters long.- Allows percentage allocations.By using Profit/Cost Centers, you may automatically allocate dollars by percent to as many cost centers as you like.- Unlimited open periods.With Pacifica, you never need to close an accounting period before starting another. Reports accurately and automatically adjust, even if the prior period or periods are still open.- Unsurpassed audit trails.**Pacifica never automatically purges any detail. All detail is permanently available for use in reconstructing or reprinting any transaction ever entered, instantly. All transactions may be ID stamped according to the operator who originated the document. The drill-down capability of Pacifica reports allows you to easily follow an audit trail back to its originating transaction. All changes to data, including deletions, voids and all other unusual or exception events, are tracked by an auditable exceptional events log, showing the document both before and after the change.No other accounting system maintains as strong an audit trail as Pacifica.- Powerful budgeting. Pacifica totally automates the tedious task of budgeting, allowing you to create budgets for any section of your chart, including Profit/Cost Centers, over any time period or periods (as short as a day, and even overlapping), based on a previous budget or actuals. Pacifica provides a full complement of budgeting reports, including multi-period comparatives showing actual, budgeted and variance by dollar and percentage - budget reports not found in other systems.
  • Financials like no others. Pacifica covers the spectrum in financial reporting with Balance Sheets, Income Statements, and direct method Cash Flow Statements. And Pacifica offers all of these reports in three remarkably useful formats: standard single period, two period comparative, and multi-period (up to 18 simultaneous periods) comparative. Since Pacifica is real-time, with all transaction data always on-line, each of these powerful reports can be run over any date span; they can cross any month-end or year-end, with no adjustments necessary. You’ll never be locked into monthly/quarterly/annual financials again. Any of the financials can pinpoint a Profit/Cost Center, so you can easily report on your company, division by division.
  • Financial Report Writer. Pacifica features a powerful Financial Report Writer, allowing you to create your own highly customized financial reports. You can consolidate up to 100 separate companies.

With Pacifica General Ledger, you’ll get the closest, fastest and most accurate in-depth look at the heart and health of your business, with the tools and information you need to respond to the future, not just react to the past.

Pacifica Payroll

Every aspect of Pacifica Payroll is simple, obvious and fast. From data gathering to check calculating and printing to printing state and federal reports, each step requires just seconds per employee.

Pacifica optionally supports time tickets for hours, piecerate or miscellaneous dollar amounts, or you can skip the time ticket and post hours, piecerate or dollars directly to the paycheck.

Pacifica even has an electronic timeclock interface, so you can gather the time ticket information for hundreds of employees’ automatically and quickly. For labor contractors with very large or daily payrolls, Pacifica optionally handles payroll by crew and job.

Whether you’re posting from time tickets or entering wage information directly onto the paycheck, Pacifica allows you to track hours, salary, piecework, vacation pay, holiday pay, sick pay, miscellaneous pay, reimbursements and any other type of wage, each with a thorough description.

Any pay may be taxable or exempt, and may be disbursed to any number of expense accounts. Your employees may be a mix of different pay periods and pay states, in any combination.

Pacifica allows you to set up and change tax tables for each state in which you employ, so changes in tax requirements are easily accommodated. After Pacifica calculates each paycheck, all withholdings and net pay are displayed for your approval or modification, before the check is filed.

Pacifica has every payroll report you would expect, including worker. s comp, W2s (paper and magnetic), 941/943, I9s, and state reports, including magnetic.

Here are some of the numerous features of Pacifica Payroll

  • Wages can be entered on time tickets or directly onto the paycheck.
  • Pacifica can gather wage information directly from an electronic timeclock, automatically.
  • Any wages can be either taxable or tax exempt.
  • Wages can be distributed to any number of different expense accounts on one check.
  • Wages can be applied to as many different worker’s comp codes as you want on the same check.
  • Any recurring or miscellaneous deductions, such as a loan repayment, insurance, child support, garnishments or union dues, can be maintained in the employee record and automatically applied to selected paychecks during the month.
  • Deductions can be calculated according to a formula based on wage type or net pay.
  • Deductions, such as loan repayments, can be easily programmed to cut off when fully repaid.
  • All federal and state withholdings are computed as you enter the wages. The gross pay, all withholdings and deductions, and the net pay are displayed before the check is filed.
  • The state and federal tax tables can be maintained by the user, making it easy to keep up with changes in the tax laws.
  • With the high volume option, Pacifica allows you to quickly pay by groups, departments or work crews. You may also pay by wage type (salary or hourly), pay period (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly or annually), or pay state.
  • Pacifica accommodates several different check styles; top stub, bottom stub and laser checks.
  • Pacifica prints a large variety of payroll reports, including paycheck register, employee activity, quarterly activity, worker’s comp, W2s and 941/943. Pacifica also prints state and federal wage reports and W2s on magnetic media.

Dedicated Payroll Programs Costing Thousands of Dollars Simply Can’t Do Your Payroll as Effectively as Pacifica.

Seed Inventory Control

Simple to Set Up, Easy to Maintain and Rich in Features, Pacifica Fully Integrates Seed Inventory Management in a Powerful Financial System, With General Ledger, Payroll, Payables and receivables…

Developed by Seedsmen and written for Windows, Pacifica Seed Inventory Software is by far the most comprehensive solution developed for the seed industry. It addresses all the facets of producing, purchasing, selling and costing seeds, and easily handles the unique challenges of seed companies like yours.

Pacifica tracks sales and inventory by variety, lot and sub-lot. It shows the quantities committed and available, the cost, price, treatment, current status, where the seed came from and everywhere it’s been sold or used.

Instantly, Pacifica provides accurate reporting, comprehensive forecasting and sales performance analysis with profit margins for any product, customer, salesperson or territory, over any time period.

Pacifica properly handles purchases, sales and all adjustments in any unit of measure, including pounds, ounces, kilograms, grams, per seed, per M (thousand seeds), 10M or 100M, per acre or hectare, per bushel, each, or a unit of measure of your own design, with automatic and transparent conversion to any other unit of measure.

Any number of quantity break and price code lines can be set up for each variety or lot to achieve fine control over pricing. In addition, the customer record can have its own list of special exception prices. Costs are maintained at the lot level, and may be accrued against acquisition, freight, production, conditioning and processing, and overhead.

Lots may be split into sub-lots, representing multiple locations, package sizes, treatments, owners, selling prices or costs, all without losing lot identity. Lots may be flagged and reported on in a wide variety of ways, including stock seed, consignments, stopsale/rejected/returned, production, trial/sample, coated, blended, not owned by us and dormant.

Complete test results for germ, purity and performance are permanently maintained in the lot record for as many tests as you want to track.

If you do blends or mixes, you already know what a tedious and time-consuming job it is. Pacifica can mix or blend up to 200 varieties or lots to meet a target quantity and germ automatically and with no calculations… in a split-second!

Print package or bin labels on demand, automatically from purchase invoices, sales orders and sales invoices, in any format and with any content, including mixes and blends, bar codes, and full color photographs.

If you manage your own production, or you need to manage the production for your growers, Pacifica includes a comprehensive production management module, fully integrated with inventory control, to keep you on top of what will be available for the coming season.

If your vendors allocate product to you, or you need to allocate product to your customers, you’ll appreciate Pacifica’s easy-to-use vendor and customer allocations. And we also take care of varieties that require authorization before selling.

Use Pacifica’s powerful trials management subsystem to track and report on in-depth trials results, filtered by any criteria your customer needs to see.

Plant breeders will appreciate Pacifica’s full-featured breeder/pedigree/hybrids subsystem, which tracks and reports all facets of your breeder program, relieving you of the tedious record keeping.

And no other system implements as quickly, typically in less than two weeks, is as economical per user and does as much as Pacifica.

With Pacifica providing solid, thorough solutions to the toughest inventory and accounting problems facing your business… you can relax. Guaranteed!

Whether you’re a big seed company or a small one, discover how Pacifica Research can help you regain control of your inventory.

Check it out… You’ll be glad you did!

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