Para Research Accounting Solutions

An accounting software system designed by Para Research.

About Para Research Accounting Solutions

Para Research accounting solutions are well suited to small and medium sized business accounts.

Since 1972 Para Research has specialized in providing cost effective solutions to the IBM midrange marketplace.

A leader in using new technologies, Para Research was one of the first midrange developers to make a true client/server application available to this marketplace.

Today’s development includes Lotus Domino as well as web based design and integration.

Para Researach Accounts Payable

Handles everything from the time invoices arrive, through the writing and reconciling of returned checks to posting. Reconciliation Report, Complete 1099 Reporting, Distributed vouchers, Voucher templates, Client/Server available.

Accounts Payable is a flexible and complete financial system that enables you to obtain up-to-date information about cash flow requirements and vendor payments. The system handles everything from the time invoices arrive, through the writing and reconciling of returned checks, to General Ledger posting.

The Accounts Payable System goes beyond simply keying in an invoice and writing a check. The system helps control your cash flow, maximizes vendor discounting, and provides complete audit trails to the General Ledger.

Comprehensive vendor information provides for efficient voucher entry and easy 1099 year-end processing. Vendor default information such as expense accounts, payment terms and payment codes streamline voucher entry.

At Voucher Entry time you are allowed multiple processing options including: Distributed Vouchers, Standard Vouchers, Split and Recurring Vouchers.

You can force discounts, review lost discount reports at a key stroke and even use the Discount Date as the Check date.

The Cash Requirements Report, a standard part of the system, allows you to set up user-defined periods and list the vouchers and amounts due for each period.

Para Research’s exclusive AP Reconciliation Report, helps you reconcile your accounts payable to general ledger. This comprehensive report includes all open vouchers in the period and the total balance in Accounts Payable.

Features Include:

  • Complete 1099 Reporting
  • Distributed voucher by multiple GL account
  • Voucher templates by vendor
  • General Ledger reconciliation report
  • Flexible discounting capabilities
  • Voucher and vendor query
  • Ability to post to any period
  • Optional monthly close

Para Research Accounts Receivable

Produces aging, history and customer analysis reports and billing statements. Multiple Billing Cycles and Dunning Notices. Review by customer Average Days to Pay, Overdue Balances and Payments onscreen. Client/Server available.

Accounts Receivable is a flexible and complete distribution system that enables you to produce aging, history and customer analysis reports as well as customer billing statements and gain immediate access to customer account activity.

The system handles every facet of accounts receivable, providing timely and accurate information so you can make informed decisions about credit history, cash flow and billing schedules.

Multiple Billing Cycles, Easy to Read Statements and Comprehensive Dunning Notices help you maintain strong communications with your customers.

Designed to improve Customer Service the on-line inquiry capability lets you review complete customer history. Quickly and easily you can review by customer: Average Days to Pay, Overdue Balances and Payments received.

Payment entry is easy and straight forward and can be either applied to a specific transaction or left unapplied. The system supports both Balance Forward or Open Item accounting by customer and automatically calculates finance charges.

Para Research’s Aged Receivables Report will become an invaluable tool. Either in Summary or Detail, this report allows inquiry for an individual, or any combination of customers. You review your Accounts Receivables by Aging dates or for Balances over any user defined periods.

Para Research’s Accounts Receivable is designed to help you manage your company’s cash flow while helping your customers pay on time.

Features Include:

  • Complete Customer Service
  • On-line account history
  • Fast Payment entry mode
  • Statements on demand
  • Dunning notices
  • Aging report
  • Average days to pay calculation

Para Research General Ledger

Para Research General Ledger

Flexible and complete financial system. Create unlimited budget versions and design unlimited formats for financial statements. Flexible Trend Reporting and several tools for financial analysis. Client/Server available.

General Ledger is a flexible and complete financial system that allows you to enter and maintain journal entries easily and efficiently. Create budgets for predicting activity and design financial statements according to your needs. The system provides comprehensive audit trails and report capabilities as well as several tools for financial analysis.

Easy to use, you can create your own chart of accounts, or modify the chart of accounts provided with the system. Pop-up windows of account names and account numbers make data entry easy and fast.

As with all the reports, Balance Sheet, Income Statement or Trial Balance may be run anytime.

The On-Screen Query feature lets you review individual accounts by summary or detail at a keystroke. You may preview your balance sheet or income statement before printing. Answer questions about last month’s travel and entertainment expenses simply by calling the account on the screen.

Exclusive to the Para Research System, the Standard or User-defined Trend Report lets you see account activity by the range of accounts you want over the period of time you decide. The trend report can uncover relationships which individual income statements alone can’t.

Features Include:

  • User defined trend report
  • Multiple tailoring versions
  • Complete audit trails
  • Budgeting capabilities
  • On-line account review
  • Comparative reporting options
  • Account statistics

Para Research Payroll

Includes user defined benefits and deductions. Magnetic Media Reporting, Automatic Tips and Time Card Processing, Complete Tax Tables, Security, Direct Deposit, Wage Rate Table, Remote Entry. Client/Server available.

The Para Research Payroll System is designed to accommodate a wide range of businesses-from a small office to a busy plant to a service bureau that processes other companies payrolls.

Payroll processing is a complex, time-critical task. Payroll software must be fast, accurate and responsive to changing requirements. The Para Research Payroll System is unique in its completeness and flexibility. As your payroll requirements change, the Payroll System can meet your needs to keep a highly visible accounting function running smoothly.

Time cards may be created automatically for all employees or only salaried or hourly employees. The system references an employee’s record to establish what hours are typically worked and how much he or she should be paid. This is the bulk of the work in payroll processing and the system does it for you. Easily create individual time cards as the need arises, such as when a new employee needs to receive a check in the current check run.

Employee information in the database includes more than just name, addresses, filing status and earning history. The database includes accrued sick, vacation and personal time, the employees title, individual benefits and deductions, skill codes and direct deposit information.

If the employee reports tips, the system automatically calculates the FIT, FICA and state tax on tips as well.

Payroll provides you with detailed reports generated from the database to allow you to better manage and monitor your labor costs.

You can track labor by department to determine a particular departments labor costs. You can list employees by: Skill Code to locate employees with alternate skills; Ethnic Code to help you comply with federal reporting guidelines; Union Codes to group employees by union affiliation. You can better control labor costs by more effective and meaningful payroll and personnel reports.

Features Include:

  • Magnetic Media Reporting
  • Automatic Tips and Time Card Processing
  • Complete up-to-date Tax Tables
  • Security
  • Personalized Benefits and Deductions
  • Direct Deposit
  • Personnel Reporting
  • Wage Rate Table
  • User-Defined Report Writers
  • User-Defined Pay Types

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