NewViews Accounting Software

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A software system designed by Q. W. Page.

About NewViews Accounting Software

NewViews gives you the ability to custom design an accounting system that fits your business or organization perfectly. NewViews also makes your day to day bookkeeping and accounting functions incredibly quick and easy.

NewViews gives you direct access to your data at all times. No complicated menu structures. No restrictions on when you can perform specific operations. Entering a transaction is as easy as entering a row of data, just like on a spreadsheet. And correcting transactions is just as easy. You never have to worry about making mistakes. Of course, comprehensive audit trails give you and your accountant peace of mind.

NewViews is a fully integrated accounting system. No additional modules are required. You get General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and all other subsidiary ledgers or supporting schedules. You also get complete financial statements, including Statements of Changes in Financial Position. In addition to providing all accounting functions, NewViews lets you put notes everywhere! This allows you to incorporate financial and non-financial information in one integrated business management system.

Product Overview

User Reviews of NewViews Accounting Software

Submitted on February 22nd, 2018 by Denis

This is an accounting software with a design totally different than the others on the market. It has a totally visual approach. There are no modules. All the data can be quickly displayed using all kinds of “Views”. The structure is accessible with a tree which has theses main sections : Account, Journal, Report. The Account section has theses sub-sections: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank, Cost of Goods Sold, Expense, General, Inventory, Sales and Total. All the posting accounts must be created in the appropriate sub-section. That is all. All transactions can be entered directly in the accounts. A journal entry is created automatically. Of couse, transactions can also be entered directly using journals.

The payroll is also included.

An infinite number of reports can be created. The reports are always available on screen with the latest information. It is like a very sophisticated Spreadsheet.

There is a menu system, which always has options related to where you are in the books.

NewViews can be used in a Multi-User environment.

The Good…

All other accounting software have tried to reproduce accounting the way it was before the use of computers, with books and ledgers. The others have very complex menus. the data is hidden until you make some cumbersome choices. They also have to many modules. With NewViews, you are in a different world. Very far away from the approach the others have. When you open the books, the data is presented right away. You can navigate through your data at all times, and the need for the menu items does not come first, but second, as a support to see your data in different “views”.

The Bad…

Printing the reports. The report system is using Excel has an output. I find it odd that a program relies totally on an external software for reporting.