TurningPoint Accounting

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An accounting software system designed by Red Wing Software.

About TurningPoint Accounting

Please note that TurningPoint Accounting is no longer available to purchase however, it is still supported by Red Wing Software

Turn to TurningPoint when your expanding small business outgrows its current accounting software, but isn’t yet ready for a complex, high-end system.

Powerful and affordable, TurningPoint is a robust, expandable solution that is designed to grow with your business.

Both Flexible and Expandable

Flexible - No two businesses fit the same mold. Choose from any variation of 10-character accounts you want (up to three segments), set up profit centers - or not, choose cash or accrual, set your own aging periods, print product or service invoices, set up inventory items (even if you don’t use the inventory module) or use descriptions-only, import and export at will.

Set up reminders, personal task lists, links to other files and documents. Crystal Reports gives you custom reports and reporting ease-of-use, including export to numerous popular formats. The list goes on and on. TurningPoint is business-friendly - for just about any business!

Expandable - Start off with the basics and expand the system as your needs change and grow. TurningPoint will work alongside you for years to come. Add new users (scalability) - add modules - implement higher-level features. It’s designed to grow with you.

Easy to Navigate

Using a handy Explorer-style menu, TurningPoint is easy to navigate! If you need more flexibility, you can set up your own custom menu showing just the selections you need to access. For example, if you’re in management, you can set up a menu showing the reports you use to make key business decisions. Leave the data entry and setup selections off your menu, since you’ll never use them. You can even add other reports (from Excel, for example) to your menu! Suddenly it’s a one-step directory to the key tools you need to better run your business.

And It’s From Red Wing

We’re particularly focused on taking care of our customers. After more than 30 years in this business, we know customers want to talk to real people when they need help… Our support programs all promise we’ll have you talking to a real person in a short time (UNDER an hour for most plans). Our technical staff is made up of professionals who want to lay out the Red Carpet for you. We also offer training and many other professional services to help your company get the most out of your accounting software.

System Requirements

TurningPoint runs best on Pentium or similar processor with 1.2 GHz or higher; 256 MB RAM; minimum of 1 GB of hard disk space; VGA or Super VGA monitor (minimum of 800 x 600 screen resolution), 256 colors or higher recommended; Win 2000 or higher; Laser or Inkjet printer.

Standalone and network versions available.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable gives you the information you need to analyze your vendor and purchase activity. From detailed vendor records to customizable aging periods, Accounts Payable offers great flexibility.

In Accounts Payable, you can track the amount you owe your suppliers and the date invoices are due. You’ll enjoy numerous check writing options, including the option to save the printed check in a PDF format for easy reference and reprinting. Easy invoice entry, payment by credit card, 1099 tracking and form printing are at your fingertips.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable gives you complete sales and profitability analysis and manages all invoicing. You can easily adapt it to fit your unique business, keeping the set up simple or taking advantage of wide-ranging options.

TurningPoint provides unlimited payment types, flexible sales tax, sales category, early payment discount, and finance charge options, along with detailed customer records and salesperson commissions.

Invoicing options include the ability to insert both taxable and non-taxable line items on a single invoice, and the flexibility to enter an invoice right away while waiting to record it until you are sure it is correct.

Add speed and efficiency to your billing cycle with the option to mass e-mail invoices and statements to customers.

General Ledger

TurningPoint General Ledger supplies analytical tools to provide the financial reports and comparative graphs that you, your bank or your inventors need to make wise business decisions. The unique Financial Snapshot Report provides a quick, accurate picture of cash balances, receivables and payables, including the effect of any unposted activity from Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

General Ledger allows you to monitor income and expenses by project, with unlimited budgets and ownership percentage tracking by profit center.

Reports powered by Crystal Reports are available for any period or any year. It’s easy to drill down to the original source document for any transaction should you have a question. You’ll choose from numerous Income Statement and Balance Sheet formats.


TurningPoint’s Inventory module is feature-rich, a robust option for the small to mid-range budget.

This module allows you to track inventory by location and/or warehouse and identify top products so you can increase your efficiencies and increase profitability.

Detailed item records include 24-character IDs, long descriptions, aliases, product lines, serial/lot numbers and multiple user-defined fields. Routinely importing price lists from your suppliers or quickly mass updating prices upward or downward will save you time.

Multiple pricing methods are convenient with up to 20 price levels per item (or product line).

TurningPoint Inventory also offers the option to build assemblies, take physical inventory and easily enter mass updates.

Order Entry

Each time you use TurningPoint’s Order Entry module to create a quote or enter a sale, the information is integrated into other TurningPoint modules to efficiently manage your inventory, ship orders or deliver a service, and ultimately invoice the sale to bring valued income to your business.

You’ll enjoy quick access to customer balances and inventory availability. Order Entry allows you to easily transform quotes into orders, and quickly print quotes, orders and packing slips.

A new addition to Order Entry is integration to UPS OnLine WorldShip, which provides accurate tracking for customer orders.

Purchase Orders

The TurningPoint Purchase Orders module allows you to suggest, produce, process, and receive purchase orders for items and/or services. Convenience and efficiency are keys to the management of purchase orders. For that reason, TurningPoint offers the ability to generate purchase orders for easy drop shipment on specific sales orders. Save time and gain efficiency by automatically generating a check to accompany the Purchase Order, and show the prepayment amount in Accounts Payable when the goods/services are delivered.

Based on past demand and by calculating the differences between the current and minimum quantities, TurningPoint Purchase Orders alerts you when it is time to place an order, offers suggestions on how much to order, and even suggests a vendor. You’re free to make changes as needed, and produce the order. Or, create a new order from scratch!

System Manager

In System Manager, key information used throughout TurningPoint is set up and maintained, including company and menu level security. System Manager also allows you to set up bank accounts, units of measure and payment terms. One-time entry ensures consistency and accuracy.

You’ll use System Manager to back up and restore data, import and export files and maintain a simple inventory (if you do not need the full Inventory Suite).

A convenient Mail Merge Wizard adds efficiency to collection processes and customer inquiries. It aids in production of vendor and customer letters such as past due notices, collections, balance inquiries, announcements, etc. You can also create vendor and inventory labels using Microsoft Word and its mail merge capabilities!

System Manager also offers an optional Bank Deposits menu to cut the time it normally takes to reconcile bank statements to the books. It integrates with Bank Reconciliation.

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User Reviews of TurningPoint Accounting

Submitted on March 20th, 2018 by an anonymous TurningPoint Accounting user.

Besides not being able to do a budget and a few too many clicks to get things done, it’s an easy to use program. I’ve used this for over 10 years and haven’t had any issues with it. It ties in with other programs I’m using for inventory.