Pro Invoice / Estimate (PI/E)

A invoicing application designed by RLW Concepts for accounting/legal/professional and commercial & service companies.

About Pro Invoice / Estimate (PI/E)

PI/E is a studio management database system designed specifically for Photographers and Representatives and Stock Image Agencies.

PI/E was created as a business management tool for professionals based on the 80:20 rule.

  • 80% of the business comes from 20% of the clients.
  • 80% of the work is performed with 20% of the tools.

PI/E produces a job from the initial contact to final invoice with the requisite forms and reports needed for the day to day business management. PI/E supports multiple advances and invoices for the same Job. Creates various estimate or invoice types required by a photographic business, fax or email estimates and invoices to client. PI/E allows for unlimited billable category entries. Generate talent and property releases, casting, location and production call sheets. Create Delivery Memos for commission, fine art, stock image, film for scan, portfolio, and general deliveries. Manage stock image usage and sales. Manage fine art limited edition consignments and sales. Maintain equipment inventories and schedules. Codify media and equipment charges. Track contact, company and representative sales. Track crew and employee billings. Track and report invoice sales taxes. Track contact and company mailings. Synchronize contacts with a Personal Digital Assistant.

  • Supports any size studio and photographer, representative and stock image agency.
  • Invoices simple or complex photography jobs, associates and studio rentals.
  • Sales tax reports for either accrual or cash based accounting with sales tax options for your state or province and federal government.
  • Tracks currency exchange rates.
  • Tracks client sales and payments.
  • Tracks vendor costs and payments.
  • Tracks representative sales and payments.
  • Tracks stock agency sales and payments.
  • Tracks crew and employee billings and costs.
  • All forms print on your own letterhead or by using the logo type included in the program or your imported graphics.
  • Extensive forms, reports, lists and labels for all phases of job production.
  • Comprehensive on screen help in each module of PI/E.
  • Comes with a PDF user’s guide.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • 1 Year free tech support & updates as they occur.
  • Annual subscription maintenance support with free updates as they occur.
  • Features are identical on both Mac & Windows platforms.
  • Fee based custom tailoring of program.

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