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About CorStrategy

Efficiently executing your organization’s corporate strategy and strategic plan is a challenging task. Aligning your day-to-day operational activities with your strategic objectives can be even harder. CorStrategy is a highly functional and scalable way to manage this information within any management framework, or even a combination of frameworks.

Manage Your Objectives.

CorStrategy allows you to easily associate performance measures with individual objectives, score and color-code measures and objectives, cascade objectives throughout your organization, and measure your progress toward objectives by combining the scores of any number of key performance indicators (KPIs).

Manage Your Initiatives.

With CorStrategy, you can link one or more initiatives to any strategic objective, and track and manage the status of all initiatives and subordinate tasks. Plus, CorStrategy lets you leverage your existing project management investments by seamlessly linking to whatever system you have in place.

Support Your Management Methodology.

Balanced Scorecard. Six Sigma. Malcolm Baldrige. Regardless of the framework, the goal is to efficiently align daily activities to your strategic objectives, and execute your enterprise-wide corporate strategy. With interactive scorecards, strategy maps, dashboards, workflows, pre-built reports and views, cause-and-effect modeling, and performance forecasting, our CorStrategy module will make you a strategy-executing hero, regardless of your management framework.

Collect and Consolidate Your Data.

Data collection and consolidation become second nature with CorStrategy. Periodic metric data can be automatically loaded from other corporate information systems, or manually entered via web forms. Plus, automated data-update email reminders to stakeholders ensure that your data is always as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

Control Your Metrics.

CorStrategy provides a central repository for all metrics, calculations, and commentary, allowing for on-demand reporting, as well as historic reporting. With CorStrategy, you can control the weighted contributions of underlying metrics to objectives, as well as view scoring across different frequencies.

Understand Cause-and-Effect.

CorStrategy gets you that much closer to 20/20 foresight for your corporate strategy. View cause-and-effect diagrams to highlight interdependencies, and leverage causal modeling and forecasting for predictive analysis.

Make Your Workflow Work for You.

Your workflow your way. CorStrategy helps you achieve your corporate strategy by automating the manual data update process with reminders and escalations.

Communicate and Collaborate.

CorStrategy enables secure and consistent communication for all corporate strategy and performance management content throughout the organization. Commentary on objectives, measures, initiatives, and actions–and links to supporting documents, hyperlinks, and personal notes–ensures that stakeholders get the supporting details on the information they need when they need it.

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