CorVu NG

A web-based software system designed by Rocket Software.

About CorVu NG

Understanding your data is critical to making the right business decisions. In order to efficiently operate your business, your data must be immediately available to the people who need it–in a form that is easy to understand and to work with. Rocket CorVu NG has been specifically designed to meet these requirements.

Create and Deploy Reports, Dashboards, and Graphs.

Your data speaks volumes about your business. But you need a modern way to view and analyze it. With CorVu NG, users are given unprecedented access to enterprise data using intuitive and dynamic dashboards and reports. Real-time data access and interactive drill-downs provide the right information–at the moment that it’s needed–to desktop, web, and mobile users.

Realize Real-Time Value and Vision.

You need to understand your data in real-time. CorVu NG allows you to provide your users with dashboards and reports that provide up-to-the-minute data. Fresh information can be concurrently drawn in real-time from across the enterprise–from transactional data sources, data warehouses, or from the content of structured files. Better yet, a built-in processing engine means that a data warehouse is not required to read, merge, tabulate, transform, and analyze data from multiple systems.

Protect Your Data.

With CorVu NG, you can eliminate any worry you might have over the security of your data. Its powerful application security model sits atop your existing database-level security. By connecting to your LDAP/Active Directory or using the built-in security provider, it can control every aspect of a user’s interaction with your organization’s information.

Utilize Flexible Deployment Options.

Easy, flexible business intelligence deployment is now a reality. CorVu NG can be deployed from any Java application server. You can access data via a Web browser or a Java-based desktop application.

Give Power to the People.

Easily access, use, refine, and drill down into available reports, dashboards, and data sets on demand. Power users can use the Web interface for query and report development, as well as a runtime environment for pre-built dashboards. The bottom line: CorVu NG is designed to make your dashboards and reports look dynamic and professional, while quickly getting your users the information they need.

Analyze Data Geographically.

CorVu NG reports and dashboards include support for geospatial maps, allowing designers to chart business data into a geographical view. CorVu NG supports the Open GIS format. Google Maps are also supported when deploying content via Flash.

Mash It Up.

CorVu NG’s dashboards include the ability to directly incorporate content from other Web applications and sites, disparate text files, and other sources. Real-time information can even be incorporated via Web services. CorVu NG dashboards can also be placed within Web pages and third-party Web applications.

User Reviews of CorVu NG

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