A web-based software system designed by Rocket Software.

About NXT

Rocket NXT is a complete electronic publishing suite for professional reference publishers in any industry and of any size. Using Rocket NXT, you can store, assemble, secure and distribute content online–on CD/DVD, within your corporate intranet, or to the Internet–with rapid search and intuitive navigation. Whether you’re a commercial publisher looking to increase your revenues and decrease your production costs, or a corporate publisher wanting to reduce your compliance risk and decrease your production costs, Rocket NXT is the right information delivery solution for you.

Lower Your Maintenance Costs.

Rocket NXT reduces your integration, maintenance and support costs by providing integrated technology in a unified package that covers every step of the publishing process, including a data store, a presentation layer with a dynamic table of contents, a search engine, security and access controls, and browser-based publishing applications. That means less complexity, a more unified publishing process, and lower costs for your business.

Streamline and Unify Your Production Process.

With Rocket NXT 4, you use one process to assemble, prepare, and secure your content–then deliver it simultaneously over the Web, on CD or DVD, or into a corporate intranet. Better yet, an incremental update feature allows you to deliver content updates to your CD and DVD titles over the Internet, so you can avoid the time and cost of re-mastering and resending new CDs every time you update your information.

Deliver Information in Its Most Useful Form.

With Rocket NXT, all the information you deliver comes complete with a full-text index and table of contents, proven and advanced search and navigation tools, and an intuitive user interface–improving customer satisfaction, generating repeat business, and setting you apart from your competition.

Improve Reliability, Scalability and Performance.

Information is your customers’ lifeblood, so you simply can’t afford outages, disruptions or downtime. Rocket NXT is built to handle the demands of the world’s largest publishers, so it has enough horsepower to deliver gigabytes of uninterrupted information to thousands of people every day.

Secure and Control Your Intellectual Property.

The Rocket NXT License Management system makes it easy to apply and enforce specific licensing rights to all your information. You can lock content, place limits on the number of concurrent users and specify expiration dates. In addition, Rocket NXT gives your customers new options for activating, extending, or upgrading licenses and subscriptions by email or over the Internet.

Get More From Your Existing Content.

Rocket NXT makes your existing content work harder–with tools that allow you to bring content in different formats together, repackage existing content into new titles, and administer licensing rights over the Internet. Plus, a Software Developer’s Kit gives you the flexibility to integrate Rocket NXT with your existing subscription, billing or access control systems.

Provide a Better Solution for Corporate Intranets.

With Rocket NXT you can package content–complete with access rights–in a form that’s easy to deploy on corporate intranets. Plus, Rocket NXT allows you to create a Content Network that gives your customers access to live, dynamic information hosted on your site. You’ll never have to send updates or install new content on your customers’ intranets.

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