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A web-based multi-module management system designed by Saasu.

About Saasu Online Accounting

Fast, easy and clean online accounting software

Saasu solves problems. Do you use spreadsheets to do your accounting? Maybe you have old style software missing all the convenience of the internet?

Saasu online accounting is web based while also being fast, industrially designed and easy to use. We mind your business so you can build it.

Life is too short to key data, Saasu Bank Feeds and Connectors help solve your time and accounting labour problems.


Saasu provides small to medium businesses with an effective online accounting web application.


Saasu features bank feeds, sales, purchasing, inventory, payroll, point of sale & lots of add-ons.


Life is too short to key data. Saasu’s Bank Feeds, Automated Invoices and Integrations collect data.


We maintain all the infrastructure, software and backups. You just pay a regular subscription fee to use it.

Automated Statements

Look professional, save time and bring forward cashflow. Saasu sends your statements automatically via email on scheduled frequencies.

The Automated Statement Engine does the work for you. Payment reminders, monthly statements, loans/finance tracking, subscription billing, renewal requests and facilitating debtors collection are just a few ways you can use it.

Send Statements to non-zero balance contacts. Even add a few days/weeks grace if you want to cut them some slack. Control the period that the statement relates to – week, fortnight, month or quarter. You can also send a Contact a Statement as a means to highlight your customers activity in much the same way banks, telco’s and utilities send statements.

Bank Feeds

Daily bank reconciliation? Easy. Have your bank account and credit card transactions automatically fed into Saasu, and enjoy knowing the most up-to-date information is close at hand.

  • Get Connected. Saasu downloads your bank data removing tedious data entry.
  • Find the Perfect Match. Create or reconcile transactions against your bank data in a few clicks.
  • Automatic update, no more waiting for the end of month, quarter or year to find out your financial position.
  • Lots of banks are supported and there are more to come.
  • Easy to connect in minutes and no paper forms required. Get connected now.


Run multiple business, project or job budgets

  • Create budgets for your financial year, quarter, month or custom periods you may require.
  • Use Duplicate to quickly create a budget for multiple months. No spreadsheet like table to fill in.
  • Create budgets for Projects, Jobs, Divisions and any other Tags you use in your file.
  • Compare your Budget against the Profit and Loss Summary report.


Create your instant insight

  • Dashboard insight for your business financials.
  • Configure to your own requirements.
  • Monitor your cashflow across all your bank, loan and credit card accounts.
  • Mini Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet widgets to see your financial position at a glance.
  • Accounts Payable/Receivables including Orders – See expected cash flow or chase payments.
  • Keep up to date with new Saasu features and news.
  • Sales and Expenditure tracking with infographics.

Fixed Assets

Track serial/licence/product numbers, warranties, schedule maintenance events and depreciate your assets.

In Saasu you can manage fixed asset activity and transactions. Typically though these are managed by your accountant in their tax software if you are a small to medium business. Each year your accountant would then journal adjust your asset values by their depreciated amounts.

Our suggested approach is to also manage the asset in Saasu so that the business owner has all data in their accounting file including depreciation entries, write-ups, write-downs in Saasu as they occur. These are handled using Journal entries, Activities and Purchases in Saasu. You can easily schedule and track asset management tasks for your assets and/or your customers using saasu Activities.

  • Purchased Assets can have Serial, Product Numbers, Barcodes numbers and other Attributes tracked.
  • Easily create Warranty expiry, repair activities and scheduled maintenance tasks by creating “Maintenance” Activities.
  • Assign Due Dates and Employees to these Asset Management tasks.
  • Journals can write-down, write-up or depreciate asset values. We provide a Duplicate function so you can easily repeat journals without having to recreate them each reporting period. This is very useful if you want to track these monthly instead of yearly.
  • Use Automated purchases to conveniently process recurring payments for debt principal and interest repayments on your assets.


Easy inventory

  • More than just a price list. Track and trade stock on or off balance sheet.
  • Trade in virtual items that have variable volumes.
  • Assemble, kit and bundle with Combo Items.
  • Stock takes.
  • Auto-flag refill levels.
  • Auto purchase from Sales Orders
  • Drop Shipping supported
  • Automatically feed transaction from eBay and TradeMe into Saasu
  • Full connector API for linking to e-commerce sites.
  • Track inventory on balance sheet or treat it as trading stock through the P&L


Comprehensive invoicing workflow

  • Create transactions at each stage of the sales cycle. Opportunity »l; Estimates » Orders » Sales.
  • Simple or sophisticated invoices are easy to produce with or without accompanying payments in a single screen.
  • Easily print or email PDF’s with your logo and details. Regular invoices can be automatically created and emailed.
  • Track the age and volume of your receivables debtors
  • Attach invoices, warranties and other files.
  • Multiple and customizable templates for Invoices, Shipping Slips, Credit Notes and more.
  • General or item (stock or time) layout formats.
  • Apply Tags to transactions for reporting, job tracking
  • Automatically number invoices, orders and quotes
  • Include as many line items as you need.
  • Record single or multiple payments within the invoice screen.
  • Create multiple quotes which are kept as a record separately to your final order and invoice.

Customer lifecycle management from prospect to transaction and payment

  • Pre-sales opportunity tracking. Convert them to quotes, then orders, then sales.
  • Create, schedule and track service tickets using Activities
  • Attach notes, files and other electronic media to Activities and transactions
  • Setup contracts with recurring charges for new customers
  • Create a Loan payment schedule for goods sold on credit and or as a loan sale
  • Create rental sales and track to contract end
  • Track status. Reduce re-keying. Know where you stand all the time.
  • Automated deposit journaling for pre-payment or security deposit type purchases.

Light CRM

Customer Relationship Management

  • You have the accounting information so you are already a step ahead in output and performance reporting.
  • Manage your contact correspondence – attach voicemails, documents, notes and tasks to your Contacts and Transactions.
  • Sales cycle – capture Pre-Sales opportunities and follow them through to Estimate/Quote, Order, Sale and Payment stages. Start to finish.
  • Tag Contacts – classify your contacts and opportunities using Tags. Run your reports using these Tags
  • Campaign Management – use Tags to create classifications for industries, regions and market segments amongst your contacts that can then be exported as lists for use in the e-mail and land mail marketing of your choice.
  • Track service tickets, tasks and file notes using Saasu’s Activities area

Employees, clients, partners, suppliers, partners, prospects & more. Group for automated handling.

  • Manage client & prospect lists in one place.
  • Export to outlook and other formats.
  • Track employees, suppliers, competitors and more.
  • Integrate with major email mailing providers.
  • Create groups of contacts for campaigns

Activities for todo’s, milestones, meetings and ticket tracking "Manage your to dos, meeting minutes, docs and more. "For the boss – do the same for your team. "For the staff – show the boss how much you do every day. "Rack activities at the project, client, tag and even transaction level (complex quotes are now easy). "Use Saasu ‘Catch’ – to quickly capture activities in seconds. Catch those action items. "Track service tickets, milestones and promises you make to people.


Account for 50 different foreign currencies

  • Run and operate foreign currency Accounts.
  • Foreign currency files automatically convert back to your base currency for reporting.
  • Create Sales and Purchases in a foreign currency.
  • Apply payments in foreign and local currency.
  • Automatically source Foreign Exchange (FX) rates daily.
  • Foreign currency Payables and Receivables and foreign currency Gain and Loss Accounting enabled.


Saasu communicates with PayPal via an API. An API is a way for appliations to talk to each other on the internet. PayPal business accounts have an API. It’s easy to connect your Saasu file to PayPal immediately.


Basic Payroll

  • Generate pays, email payslips, entitlements and payments.
  • No extra charges for tax-table updates.
  • Payroll, email payslips, prepare payment summaries.
  • Automatic tax calculation (AU).
  • Deductions such as charity donations and union memberships.
  • Entitlements such as annual and sick leave.
  • Documentation tracking and storage for Human Resource matters

Advanced Payroll

  • Automate employees pays, email payslips, entitlements and payments.
  • Automated feed from time sheets for staff paid based on time.
  • Pay Groups for grouping staff by location or category of employment.
  • Bulk EFT files for processing many pays in a single file you upload to your bank.
  • Pay Officer approval step using access levels called roles.
  • Generate draft bulk pay runs for a group to control total payments and data verification.

Purchasing and Expenses

Purchase Orders, Referral Payments, Remittances and Simple Expenses

  • Service or Inventory type purchases.
  • Attach documents to transactions.
  • Manage Subscriptions sales and other types of recurring revenue.
  • Create Invoices for services, inventory and virtual items.
  • Invoice for things you build, bundle and assemble from inventory items.
  • Create a Purchase automatically from a Sale (drop shipping).
  • Track workflow activities against purchases.

Recurring Billing

Automate your Billing

  • Automatically schedule and generate recurring Sales without having to remember do data entry.
  • Ideal for recurring revenue streams such as subscriptions, regular services income and rent.
  • Automatically capture regularly occurring card charges or bank account debits ready for reconciliation
  • Schedule regular invoices and bills and automatically email them using templates.
  • Create standardised invoices which can be sent to a Contact or a Contact Group on a regular basis.
  • Create recurring Purchase transactions such as phone contracts, car lease payments and other loans
  • Automatically capture regularly occurring expenses ready for reconciliation
  • Match your suppliers billing schedule.


Balance sheet, Profit & Loss, Ledger, Tax Reports and more.

  • Quick filters and advanced filtering.
  • Saasu’s tagging technology when combined with advanced filtering allows you to create 100’s of virtual reports suited to your needs.
  • Flexibility to get what you want. Export or print.
  • Use Tags to create view detailed information about specific aspects of your business.


Time Tracking for staff and your jobs

  • Track time for employees and run list reports by employee for various periods.
  • Pay employee based on time sheets.
  • Log time for others or just yourself, time based payroll with auto option.
  • We recommend advanced timesheeting or job management to use one of our Connector Partner add-ons.

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