SAP Anywhere

A software system designed by SAP.

About SAP Anywhere

The SAP Anywhere solution is a complete front-office solution that helps you manage marketing, sales, e-commerce, and inventory while offering a seamless customer experience. Designed to be mobile, SAP Anywhere enables users to carry out their activities on any device, anywhere, at any time – in the cloud. And your customers can shop or interact with your company any way they prefer.

Get back to what you do best. And let SAP Anywhere do the rest. Designed for companies with up to 500 employees, the solution is affordable and easy to use. And because it’s offered as software as a service, you can deliver a consistent experience to employees and customers

Why Does My Business Need SAP Anywhere?

With a small to midsize business, you face new competitive forces on all fronts. You need a proactive strategy, and that strategy should include digital presence, cloud, and mobile capabilities. To stay competitive, you have to reduce complexity and drive technology costs down by streamlining your business and simplifying your software landscape.

SAP Anywhere runs on the industry’s most powerful in-memory computing platform, SAP HANA®. And because the solution is provided as a service, you access it over the Internet, which frees you from complex and expensive hardware management. In addition, SAP Anywhere is designed so businesses can be up and running within a week.

The solution not only helps you reach your full potential, it also enables you to go up against larger competitors to win and retain customers, grow revenue, and seize opportunities for growth. And as your business grows, you can be sure that your technology solution will grow with you.

With a Complete Front-Office Solution Running in the Cloud, You Can:

  • Integrate core business functions such as marketing, sales, e-commerce, inventory management, order management, and customer service.
  • Eliminate the need to purchase, maintain, upgrade, and build interfaces to solutions from multiple niche vendors.
  • Deliver accurate, real-time data from a single source to all business users, whether they are crafting a targeted market campaign or making a sale.
  • Enable employees to manage and monitor operations from any device at any time, thanks to a mobile-first design.
  • Enhance security with an integrated system.
  • Rely on a software company that has an extensive history developing software for companies of all sizes and has the staying power for the future. SAP can help you manage as you grow.
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